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Welcome To The Class of 2017’s Parent Meeting Courage, Honour, Strength.

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1 Welcome To The Class of 2017’s Parent Meeting Courage, Honour, Strength

2 Community Services School Social Workers Student Support Workers YouthHealth Centre YMCA Newcomer Youth Services Educational/Learning Support Learning Centre, Resource, ESL School Psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist SLD (Severe Learning Disabilities) teacher APSEA (Hearing and Visual Impairments) Guidance Services Student Services

3 Guidance Services The Counsellors: Courage, Honour, Strength A - F  Ms. Smith G – M plus Mac  Ms. Borden N – Z plus Mc  Ms. MacLean

4 Career & Academic Counselling Confidential Personal Counselling Connections to School & Community Services Virtual Guidance Office (the VGO) Guidance Services

5 Registration & Course Selection How High School Works Programs Choosing Courses Credit Types Meeting Graduation Requirements Academic Planning Timing

6 How High School Works Semesters 1st semester Sept. to Jan. – write exams 2nd semester Feb. to June – write exams Grade 10 8 courses (credits) (4 per semester) Grade 11 7 courses – one study period Grade 12 6 courses – two study periods 21 courses (credits) in 3 years

7 Day by day - Schedule 4 courses every day ( 75 min.) 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon

8 Period Monday Days (A,F) Tuesday Days (B,G) Wednesday Days (C,H) Thursday Days (D,I) Friday Days (E,J) 1 (9:00 - 10:15) Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4Course 1 2 (10:20 - 11:35) Course 2Course 1Course 4Course 3Course 2 11:40 - 12:30 LUNCH 3 (12:40 - 1:50) Course 3Course 4Course 1Course 2Course 3 4 (1:55 - 3:10) Course 4Course 3Course 2Course 1Course 4 Daily Schedule

9 International Baccalaureate - IB Options and Opportunities - O2 French Immersion English Program Programs

10 Choosing Your Courses Students should discuss course selection with parents/guardians and the junior high guidance counsellor. Consider academic ability when selecting courses and credit types. Ensure course selections meet Nova Scotia High School graduation requirements. Consider post secondary goals -university, community college, etc. - when selecting courses. Grade 10 students are required to register for 8 credits.

11 Credit Types There are 4 credit types: Advanced: Advanced Math 11 Academic: Academic English 11 Open: Yoga 11 Graduation: English Communications 11

12 Graduation Requirements 18 credits are required to graduate from High School 13 are compulsory credits 5 are elective credits Maximum 7 grade 10 coded credits Minimum 5 grade 12 coded credits

13 13 Compulsory Credits 3 English 2 Math 2 Science 2 Technology, Math or Science 1 Arts Education (Drama, Art, Music or Dance) 1 Physical Education (Phys Ed, PAL, Dance or Yoga) 1 Canadian History 1 Global Studies

14 Compulsory Credits ~English~ 3 credits required, one from each grade level All grade 10 students take: English 10 (Academic)

15 Compulsory Credits ~Mathematics~ 2 required credits from different grade levels All grade 10 students should take either: Math 10 (Academic, 2 Credits) Math at Work 10 (Graduation, 1 Credit) Math Essentials 10 (Graduation,1 Credit)

16 Compulsory Credits ~Science~ 2 required credits 1 first science 1 other science Science 10 or Sciences 10F satisfy first science credit.

17 Compulsory Credits ~Technology (Math/Science)~ 2 required credits from either: Technology Math – in addition to the 2 required compulsory math credits Science – in addition to the 2 required compulsory science credits

18 Compulsory Credits ~Arts Education~ 1 required credit from either: Art Music Drama or Arts Dramatiques Dance Grade 10 students take a fine arts credit.

19 Compulsory Credits ~Physical Education ~ Grade 10 students should choose from: Physical Education 10, Physically Active Living 11 Mode de Vie Actif 11 Dance 11 Yoga 11

20 Compulsory Credits ~Canadian History~ One required credit from either: Mi’kmaq Studies 10 Canadian History 11 or Histoire du Canada 11F African Canadian Studies 11 Gaelic Studies 11 Grade 10 students may choose Mi’kmaq Studies 10 or Gaelic Studies 11.

21 Compulsory Credits ~Global Studies~ 1 required credit from either: Global History 12 Global Geography 12 or Géographie Planétaire 12F The Global Studies credit is completed in the student’s Grade 12 year.

22 Elective Courses for Grade 10 Construction Tech 10 Exploring Tech 10 Business Tech 11 Communication Tech 11 Design 11 History 10 / Histoire 10F Core French 10 Français 10F Spanish 10 Gaelic 10 Family Studies 10 Career Development 10(02)

23 Academic Support Citadel High offers a number of academic supports for students: Resource (non-credit): For students who require adaptations to meet course outcomes Learning Center (non-credit): For students who require a program plan with individualized outcomes

24 Academic Planning Students can explore career and post-secondary options by: Talking with parents and guardians Visiting their guidance counsellor Accessing the Virtual Guidance Office (the VGO) – eg. Career Cruising Exploring other Internet and print resources

25 Options & Opportunities Options & Opportunities O2 students complete Nova Scotia graduation requirements and participate in a number of out of school learning opportunities including some volunteer projects. Small class of 20, application/interview 25% of 02 classes are cohort Strengths in portfolio and career planning Completing 02 awards priority seating at NSCC 02 student can also apply to university Dedicated, hardworking person who likes to explore all options of career and education.

26 IB IB provides a rigorous academic program for grade 11 and 12 students. Grade 10 students who are interested in IB can take three pre-IB courses: French, History and Math. Along with course work, IB students complete CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Extended Essay Students can choose to complete the full IB program or complete a certificate in one subject such as IB Higher Level Music, IB Theatre or IB Visual Art.

27 Students must complete at least 9 French Immersion credits, a minimum of two each year. French Immersion students must complete the following courses: Français 10 – Grade 10 Français 11 – Grade 11 Français 12 – Grade 12 French Immersion

28 Compulsory Credits for French Immersion Students Grade 10 French Immersion students should take the following courses: Sciences 10F Histoire 10F Arts Dramatiques 10F Mode de Vie Actif 11 François 10

29 Gaelic Language: Gaelic 10 Gaelic 11 Gaelic 12 Canadian History: Gaelic Studies 11 Gaelic at Citadel High Ms. MacEachern & Ms. Shaw

30 What Happens Next… High School Counsellors visit Junior High classes January. Parents/Guardians review the selections and course selection with their student. Junior High Counsellors assist each student in completing their formal course selection sheet which will then be sent home sometime in March for parental/guardian approval and signature. Grade 9 Math teachers will make recommendations regarding placement for next year. Students will receive their timetables on their first day at Citadel High.

31 Citadel Open House Wednesday February 26 th 6-8pm


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