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Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (PT RNI Group) 4th Czech-Asian Business Forum Praque.

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1 Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (PT RNI Group) 4th Czech-Asian Business Forum Praque

2 Background 1964-19851986-19982001-20032004-20072008- Present Business Consolidated Business Expansion Selective Development Product Diversification Optimization and Stabilization  Internal business improvement  Rehabilitation of production machinery  Restructuring business unit  Expansion coverage (outside Java) Non-operating holding Refocusing business unit Creating value-add By-product Development Strengthening competitive advantage Financial restructuring Enlarging business performance Milestones Vision & Mission Vision To be the best company in agro-industry, pharmaceuticals-health care and trading business that prepare for the challenges and high competition Mission To achieve best improving performance through the creation of synergy among the three line of group business of agro-industry, pharmaceuticals-health care and trading. To become professionally managed company based on high quality of product and excellent customer services as the reliable work place for the employee to perform, grow and develop to meet the stakeholders expectations. To build competence and innovative companies to outperform in the era of competition To become a company with high commitment to environmental sustainability

3 Business Portfolios & Strategy Agro Industry Sugar cane CPO Tea Rubber industry Agro Industry Sugar cane CPO Tea Rubber industry Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Healthcare Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Healthcare Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plastic industry Leathers Others Manufacturing Plastic industry Leathers Others Trading & Distribution 42 branches over Indonesia Trading & Distribution 42 branches over Indonesia Corporate Strategy Sustainable Growth Core Competence Financial & Resource Improvement Financial Policy Generate internal return State-owned financial institutions Local / overseas banks

4 Business UnitCurrentFuture Agro -Bulk Sugar and molasses- Revitalization, enlargement, and diversification (ethanol, retail) - CPO and Palm Kernel- Enlargement and diversification (organic fertilizer, fatty-acid industry) - Green tea and black teaProduct diversification (Tea packaged and Extract green tea) Pharmaceutical and healthcare - Local market (Indonesia)- Regional market (ASEAN and Australia) - National standard (c-GMP)- Regional standard approval (ASEAN Harmonization Policies) - Focus products portfolio (ethical, OTC, generic & agro medicine, condom & disposable syringe) - Focus products portfolio(ethical, OTC, Food suplement, healthcare, and especially agro medicine) Trading & Distribution - Trading: commodities composition -> 70% from internal products, 30% from external products - Increasing external products composition with selective and prospective principals - Distribution: pharmaceutical, healthcare, and consumer goods -Development coverage area, services, good trading practice -Regional player Corporate Objective

5 CompanyFactory, LocationProductCapacity Profile PT PG Rajawali I2 Factories (East java) PG Krebet Baru (Malang) PG Rejo Agung Baru (Madiun) Sugar, Mollases,16.500 TCD PT PG Rajawali II6 Factories (West java): PG Sindang Laut, PG Karang Suwung, PG Tersana Baru, PG Jatitujuh, PG Subang. Sugar, Mollases,14.000 TCD PSA PalimananEthanol, Arak30 KLPD PT PG Candi BaruPG Candi Baru (Sidoarjo)Sugar, Mollases2.500 TCD PTP Mitra Ogan2 Factories (Palembang/South Sumatra) CPO, Palm KernelTwo Factories CPO, areal plantation 26.452 Ha RubberExisting areal plantation 983 Ha, additional areal in 2010 more/less 1.000 Ha PT Mitra KerinciKerinci, Padang/West Sumatra Green Tea, Black TeaExisting areal plantation 1.500 Ha Agro Industry Profile

6 CompanyFactory, LocationProductMarket Profile PT Rajawali Mitra BanjaranBandung, West JavaCondom, Disposible syringe Local and export market PT Phapros TbkSemarang, Central javaEthical, OTC, generic & agro medicine Local (Hospital, Pharmacies and institution) PT Rajawali NusindoJakarta (42 branches around Indonesia) Pharmaceutical, Healthcare,consumer Goods And Agro Products Local (Modern and Tra PT GIEBBaliConsumer goodsBali area (modern market & traditional market) PT Rajawali TanjungsariSidoarjo, East javaLeatherLocal and Export PT Rajawali CitramassMojokerto, East javaPlastic sackCaptive market group RNI (sugar industry & others) and non-captive market Manufacturing, Trading & Distribution Profile

7 Business UnitOpportunity Agro  Sugar Cane Industry (revitalization to optimizing capacity, Co-generation, Bioethanol and Building New Factory with 6.000 TCD at East Java)  Crude palm oil ( areal expansion, Bio-Energy and new factory)  Rubber ( area and factory expansion) Pharmaceutical and healthcare  Pharmaceutical product (Co-marketing,co- branding and licensing)  Diagnostic reagent(Product acquisition and licensing) Trading & Distribution Warehousing Product licensing New principle Commodity trading (sugar & CPO) Business Opportunities with PT RNI Some of the potential business opportunities for the next two years.

8 2010 Process improvement -Infrastructure improvement (drainage and irrigation) -effisiencies - Strategic Partnership 2011 Finansial restructuring & Process standardisation - Standardisasi on farm & off farm - Debt Equity Conversion - Selective investment - Finance Resources Development 2012 Process optimation - Best Practices Application - Innovative Product Development (bioethanol, cogeneration,dll) - Improving Productivity - Improving Competitiveness 2013 Revitalization - Land and resources expantion - Product and process inovation - Market penetration - Cost efficiencies and effectivity - Improving product portfolio to ritel market 2014 Excellent Company with Professionally Managed Value Creation - Business Sustainability - Improving economic of scale - Business enlargement SUGAR INDUSTRY ROADMAP OF RNI GROUP

9 Thank You

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