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“May God’s love shine in our lives as we care, share and learn together.”

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1 “May God’s love shine in our lives as we care, share and learn together.”

2 Aspiration Outstanding Learning Culture Curriculum

3 Inspection Outcome Grade 3 - Requires improvement A school that requires improvement is not yet a good school, but it is not inadequate. This school will receive a full inspection within 24 months from the date of this inspection.

4 Ofsted Report Quote In order that all groups of pupils achieve well, improve the quality of teaching so that a high proportion is good or better by: ensuring all lessons are precisely planned with clear learning objectives that challenge pupils according to their different abilities and support the effective learning and good progress of all pupils setting pupils targets for English and mathematics aimed at raising attainment to the next level, ensuring pupils are kept constantly aware of their targets bringing consistency across the school to marking pupils’ work so that they have good advice on improving their work and achieving their targets.

5 Key Point 1 To improve the quality of teaching by: Ensuring learning objectives are clear Improving the setting of pupil targets for English and mathematics Consistent marking

6 Key Point 1 – Action Introduced learning objective guidance to staff to act as the first focus for planning and monitoring. New consistent target policy guidance in pupils writing and maths books. Introduction of morning marking reflection time for all pupils in Key Stage 1 & 2

7 Ofsted Report Quote Raise the standard of pupils’ writing across the school by: raising the expectations set for the most-able pupils ensuring they are appropriately challenged and a high proportion make more than the expected progress broadening the opportunities across subjects for writing so that pupils experience a wider variety of and purposes for writing.

8 Key Point 2 To raise the standard of pupils’ writing by: Raising the expectations set for the most able pupils Broadening the opportunities across all subjects

9 Key Point 2 – Action Whole School - Big Write Friday’s Tighter marking assessment to set specific writing targets for pupils Challenging learning objective for more able pupils

10 Key Point 2 – Action Challenge writing groups in upper Key Stage 2 Review of curriculum and cross curricular writing opportunities (new DFE curriculum Sept 2014)

11 Ofsted Report Quote Strengthen leadership and management through improving leaders’ skills in assessing the quality of teaching and increasing the rigour with which teaching is checked.

12 Key Point 3 Strengthen leadership by; improving skills in assessing the quality of teaching increasing rigour

13 Key Point 3 – Action Clear monitoring timetable in place with built in coaching sessions Work with LA on the 3 judgement lesson observation format Restructure of the responsibilities of the senior leadership team

14 Ofsted Report Quote – Key Point 4 An external review of governance should be undertaken in order to assess how this aspect of leadership and management may be improved.

15 Key Point 4 – Action Build on existing good practice External review supported by the Local Authority.

16 Where Next? 4 Key Areas for Improvement Outstanding “Good enough, is not good enough.” Consistency and clarity in the St Raphael’s approach

17 Positives in the report... “Pupils enjoy school, feel safe and well cared for and supported by staff.” “Pupils’ behaviour is good.” “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good.”

18 Positives in the report... “Teachers and assistants have a good relationship with pupils and know them well.” “There is always a special eye kept on those known to need extra support. As a result, all pupils get on well with their teachers, feel well supported and enjoy learning.”

19 Positives in the report... “Leaders, governors and staff have raised their expectations and are improving the school.” “ The head teacher has raised expectations.” “Teachers are being given good guidance on teaching English and Mathematics.”

20 Positives in the report... “Morale is good and there is capacity to sustain the improvements underway.”

21 Ofsted – recognised strengths Unity Wide curriculum – to develop range of talents. Curriculum makes significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

22 Ofsted – recognised strengths Culture – we live our school values Behaviour Progress - better provision EYFS/ KS1 L2 up/ Improved end of KS2 outcomes 2013 Phonics and Phonics Screening 2012 55% (2012 National 58%) 2013 83%

23 End of Key Stage 1 End of Year 2 Level 2c+Level 2b+Level 2a+Level 3+ 20122013201220132012201320122013 Read88%92%69%78%42%61%23%22% Write73%87%54%61%23%22%8%4% Maths92%87%73%74%42%65%15%26%

24 End of Key Stage 1 End of Year 2Level 2c+Level 2b+Level 2a+Level 3+ NationalSchoolNationalSchoolNationalSchoolNationalSchool Read8792%7678%5361%2722% Write8387%6461%3522%144% Maths9187%7674%4965%2226%

25 Key Stage 2 Results L4+L5ExpectedExceeded Reading School82%45%85%25% National86%48%90%35% Writing School86%32%100%35% National81%28%90%28% Maths School91%50%100%35% National84%39%87%28%

26 Reflection and Questions

27 “Go, do not be afraid, and serve”.

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