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We present you: MOL. Mol is situated in the North of Belgium.

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1 We present you: MOL

2 Mol is situated in the North of Belgium

3 The last decades our village Mol has become a leading municipality in the Campine, with a colourfull touristic, cultural, sportminded and social-economic appeal.

4 Each year over one million people visit Mol for shopping or for spending their free time biking in Nature, near by the Lake District. Others come to concerts in the Cultural Center, “ ’t Getouw ”

5 or visit the “Jakob Smits Museum” or the abbey of Postel.

6 In Summertime you feel yourself in a big garden in Mol. Beautifull red and pink flowers colour the Shoppingstreets and the border of the river “Nete”.

7 Why should you visit Mol, beside for shopping? Mol is famous for digging white sand. In the past it was used for producing glass for bottles, then it was used for glass panels for windows and cars. Now they use the sand for microships and the display of your mobilephone is maid with white sand from Mol.

8 Because of the digging of this sand, Mol got a Lake District, more then 860 ha wide.

9 This Lake District gives us the opportunity to have hundreds of kilometres for walking and biking, place to swim, sail, surf and water- skiing.

10 Last year a brand new marina “Port Aventura” was created in Mol

11 . It is situated near by the lake “Zilvermeer”. Here you can stay at a wonderfull trailer and caravan park.

12 In this neighbourhood you also find the holiday resort “Sun Parks Kempense Meren”, a resort where about three thousand persons can spend their holidays in bungalows.

13 The most famous Nature Park is “De Maat”, here you can find very unique plants and animals. You can see the very rare kingfisher and blue bird. There is also a very rare population of dragon flies. Walking through the park you can see Scottish Highland Cows.

14 Beside this park there are other beautifull places of Nature: Den Diel, Klein Verkallen, wonderfull heath,… about 150 ha of nature.

15 If you want to visit Mol you can use the “Story Teller”. This GPS-system can be fixed on your bike. Guided by lyrics, music and information the GPS will bring you near by the must wonderfull places in Mol.

16 If you need more information go to go to

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