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3 Close to the Belgian-Dutch border The Silver Lake (Zilvermeer) might be the most known tourist attraction in the whole area of The Kempen. Since 1959, local and foreign tourists come here every summer to enjoy the sparkling white sand beaches. The domain can be found in a beautiful, wooded scenery. Except for the beach and the swimming lake, the domain has all modern conveniences. Silverlake Mol H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013

4 Ride-outs Bikermarket Bikeshow Musicbands Acts

5 BENELUX RALLY 2013 Antwerp Eindhoven Breda Silver Lake Liege

6 H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013 Very accessible Wooded area

7 H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013 Several lakes are risen by the digging for white sand.


9 The domain has all the benefits to organize a perfect Benelux Rally

10 H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013 Natural and peaceful environment

11 H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013 A very spacious white beach and swimming lake. Modern accommodation.

12 H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013 Terraces Walking trails Jogging on a special Finnish trail Beachvolley Sailing Kayak Surfing

13 Real campers will be very happy with the Silver Lake. The camping is known for its familiar character and is granted a five-star camping rating H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013

14 Who would like a little more comfort during the stay, can choose one of the 26 log cabins. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013 4-6 persons

15 H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013 Sheltered camping in a wooded area

16 Five catering businesses and modern sanitary conveniences insure a pleasant stay. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013

17 Atlantis. The Atlantis centre is the centre for all divers and watersporters at the Silver Lake. The find all modern accommodation and a cosy cafeteria with view on the magnificent watersportlake. The beach bar Icebird is opened every day during the touristic season. Useful for a quick bite or a cool drink next to the beach! The small harbour. In the centre, you can also enjoy a drink or a snack.

18 Silver Forest can be found next to the camping. This tavern is the meeting point of all guests! Daily tourist, walker or biker, family, school or company, the Silver Bird has a formula for every ones wish. Winter or summer, week or weekend, always at every ones service!

19 Camping sight

20 For participants who like a very comfortable stay, deals can be made with the close bungalow park Sunparks. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013

21 This park in Mol can be found at the biggest lake of Flanders and is the largest park of the Sunparks group. The park has 596 bungalows and 50 hotel rooms who are rented to persons and companies. The park can be found next to the Silver Lake, who is risen by the gaining of white sand. 1 km off site




25 On the canals around the Provincial Domain of the Silver Lake, its possible to make a trip on the 'Zander'. Its an easy way to get a different view on the green area around the lakes, and the whole Kempen-area. While having a great view on the 85 ha- sized lake, its a great way to enjoy a cold or hot drink or even a snack on the terrace, while watching surfers or sailors exercise their favorite hobby. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013


27 Homey way to have a drink or a snack. Choice of more then 260 different types of pancakes! 9 km off site H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013

28 'De Kleppende Klipper' is a maritime tavern, with a nice looking terrace, restaurant and a spacious ballroom. 1 km off site H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013

29 On the territory of Dessel, on the level of lock (Sas) 4, 3 canals cross: Bocholt-Herentals, Dessel- Schoten and Dessel-Kwaadmechelen. Because this is a unique thing in Europe, a watch tower was placed at the scene. The sas 4 tower is 37 metres high and gives a briljant view. When the sky is clear, it gives a view over several kilometres. The tower counts 217 steps, but is easily accessible. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013


31 The Sahara of Lommel is a sand and dune area with a size of 193 ha in the town of Lommel. In the middle, theres a lake surrounded by conifers. This scenery is part of the Regional Scenerys of the Lower Kempen. The Sahara of Lommel can be found in the direct surroundings of the Kempen Canal. A pedestrian bridge guaranties the access to this sandy area. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013


33 The abbey of the Norbertines in Postel is one of the most attractive touristic attractions in the Antwerp Kempen. It can be found in the middle of a great natural area and there a lot of touristic conveniences (read: consumption tents). A large parking gives the opportunity to park the bikes for a whole day. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013


35 Kasterlee is a village of pumpkin paste eaters. Each October, the pumpkin madness strikes. A whole month, the village is under the spell of the enormous orange fruit. Everywhere pumpkin events are organized. H.O.G. BENELUX RALLY 2013


37 Silver Lake Mol

38 With special thanks to the previous organizers of the Benelux Rallys H.O.G. RALLY 2013



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