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 San Gabriel Mountains  Los Angeles River  Azusa Canyon River  Angeles National Forest.

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2  San Gabriel Mountains  Los Angeles River  Azusa Canyon River  Angeles National Forest

3 Azusa Canyon River  Also known as the San Gabriel River.  This river is about 150 acres long containing water crossings, rocks, dirt roads, and sand hills.  There are only a limited number of people allowed to visit here at one time due to previous incidents.  The rangers for this area are trying to reduce the pollution in this area.

4 San Gabriel Mountains The city of Los Angeles borders the sides of San Gabriel Mountains. The highest peak of San Gabriel is approximately 10,000 feet tall. The whole length of the mountain is about 150 miles long. This is the best view of Los Angeles according to the visitors who have climbed San Gabriel. San Gabriel Mountains

5 Los Angeles River The Los Angeles River drains the Santa Susana Mountains, the San Fernando Valley, and the San Gabriel Mountains The Los Angeles River used to be natural but has been changed and altered many times that it is considered man made. This river goes back to the 1760’s where it provided food and water to the Spanish settlers.

6 Angeles national Forest Was established in 1892. It is 694,187 acres in total. There are about two million visitors per year. There are about 25 lakes ad ponds in the Angeles National Forest. Was the first national forest established I California.

7  Hollywood  Marina Del Rey  Malibu

8  Hollywood is mainly thought where most stars “make it big” these people include Marilyn Monroe, Nicholas Cage, and Bing Crosby.  Located in Hollywood there is the famous Walk of Fame where many famous actors, actresses, and singers have there names printed on stars.  Aside from the fame Hollywood is also known for sightseeing ad shopping.

9  The Marina Del Rey is a popular beach resort about 1.5 miles long in Los Angeles.  The population of the Marina Del Rey is approximately 8,200 people.  The process of building the resort began in 1832 where the company invested $300,000 but went bankrupt years later.  Today the Marina Del Rey is a beautiful resort for all.

10 Malibu Malibu is a beautiful site in Los Angeles where you ca visit the Zuma Beach, Malibu State Beach, Malibu Bluffs Park, and Topanga Canyon. When your in Malibu you can go swimming, sailing, and participate in many other water sports, you ca also go hiking, biking, and horse riding.

11  The main languages spoken in Los Angeles are: English, Spanish, Korean, Filipino, Armenian, and Chinese.

12 Government There is a five-member Board of Supervisors that was created by the state Legislature, this is the main body of the County of Los Angeles. The Board appoints all department heads other than the assessor, district attorney and sheriff. As a subdivision of the state, the County is charged with providing numerous services that affect the lives everyone that lives in Los Angeles, including law enforcement, property, tax collection, health protection, social services, elections and flood control. There are 88 cities within the County, each with its own city council. All of the cities, in varying degrees, contract with the County to provide public services. The Board of Supervisors acts as the "city council" for unincorporated areas. There are separate governing boards for air quality, water, sanitation, transportation, and education. Antonio Villaraigosa is the mayor of Los Angeles.

13  Los Angeles celebrates the holidays that we celebrate including: Christmas, Easter, New Years, Chinese New Year, Halloween (Cinco De Mayo)

14  There are 400,000 jobs available annually with the income of 21 billion dollars in total.  The percentage of unemployment rate I Los Angeles is 9.2%  The sales tax is 8.25%  The future job growth is 27.08%

15 F UN F ACTS The city flower is the Bird of Paradise and the city tree is the Coral Tree. The population in 80 million. Los Angeles has more than 80 stage theaters and 300 museums which is more than any other U.S. city. Some other names for Los Angeles are: L.A., City of Angels, Southland, and Lalaland. Los Angeles’ Airport is the third largest airport in the world.

16 THE END!!!

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