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11 Sycamore Tree Programme. 22 Prison Fellowship – Who we are A Christian organisation across every denomination In England and Wales for 30+ years 2,000.

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1 11 Sycamore Tree Programme

2 22 Prison Fellowship – Who we are A Christian organisation across every denomination In England and Wales for 30+ years 2,000 volunteers Supporting 113 prisons We believe: Every person has value Everyone can change and should be given the opportunity to change We work to counter the negative impact of crime on victims, children and families, those who commit crime and on society

3 33 Prison Fellowship – What we do Angel Tree Family Days Wide-ranging support of Chaplaincy work Letter Writing Sycamore Tree RJ Conferencing Peer Mentoring Support Families Restorative Justice Care for Prisoners

4 44 Sycamore Tree Dimensions Year end 31 March201220132014 Prisoners1,8562,0112,095* Courses114120127* Prisons364247* Total since 1998 20,702 1,353 79 * Estimated to year end Annual spend £582,000 £320,000 NOMS, £65,000 Private Prisons £197,000 donated by private donations from volunteers or trusts 52 tutors, 300+ facilitators 27,000 volunteer hours Supporting network of Local Groups and Regional Coordinators Rigorous training and supervision

5 55 Sycamore Tree: The Journey Exploring Restorative Justice Attitudes to Crime Meeting victims Empathy Forgiveness Restoring relationships Taking responsibility for own crime Making amends Taking practical steps to change Prisoners make a personal response to victims, volunteers and family Ripple effect of crime Excuses Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6

6 66 Sycamore Tree: How it works Inclusive – All faiths or none at all – All ability ranges – All categories of prison – 94% OCN pass rate – 98% completion rate Challenging – Requires commitment – Encourages responsibility – Develops independent thinking – Improved behaviour, engagement and self-determination Volunteer led – Community engagement – Respected role models – Trusted

7 7 Sycamore Tree: Achieves significant results I realised how I had hurt others I want to change I want to take responsibility This course is unique and not like anything else I have done in prison What victims say I take comfort in seeing the changing lives of prisoners I meet on Sycamore Tree I get the chance to explain to prisoners who may never be able to meet their victim how devastating the impact of crime can be The offender has refused to meet me. Sycamore Tree gave me a voice What prisoners say

8 88 Sycamore Tree: Measuring effectiveness External studies: Sheffield Hallam University Study (2009) 5,000+ participants Significant positive attitudinal changes in all psychometric measures Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University (ongoing) Longitudinal study of reoffending rates in 450+ participants Internal data: Governors & staff feedback – consistently positive; waiting lists for attendance Ongoing Measurement – almost 100% of attendees comment very positively on the course; continuing evidence consistent with Sheffield Hallam Study Ofqual & OCNER standards – continuous verification & regular compliance checks On-going research: Justice Data Lab New Philanthropy Capital Psychometric measures General attitude Future offending Victim empathy Is crime worthwhile? Problem inventory

9 Government’s Agenda: Transforming Rehabilitation Transforming Rehabilitation Sycamore Tree Reducing Reoffending Challenges offenders with the impact of their crimes Delivers significant attitudinal change Motivates offenders to engage with wider rehabilitative process Voluntary sector delivery Protecting the public Challenges criminal behaviour Reduces reoffending and fear by bringing offenders and community together Making the system work Track record of working in prisons Established training and delivery structures Accredited course Accesses additional funding sources Able to support individual RJ conferences Implementing Reform Core material and delivery team in place Established reputation Largest provider of restorative justice courses 9

10 Government’s Agenda: Restorative Justice Restorative JusticeSycamore Tree Victim focus: Victims are able to describe their hurt, stress and anxiety Victims are heard and it is on their terms Prisoners are taught the ‘Ripple Effect’ of crime Victims describe hurt, stress & fears they live with Victims explain to offenders the impact of crime Offender expectations: Break the destructive patterns of behaviour Face up to and take responsibility for their actions Forced to confront the full extent of the emotional and physical damage they have caused Face up to their own offence and the damage they have caused Prisoners are taught about: Taking responsibility Restoring what has been broken Apologising and forgiving Preparing for RJ conferencing 10

11 Sycamore Tree: Available to every prisoner who would benefit Continued funding of Sycamore Tree as an integral and essential part of the rehabilitative process in prison Sycamore Tree recognised as an effective and valuable addition to the agenda to provide restorative justice to enable PF to access a share of the £29m allocated for this work Improved data collection to allow robust analysis of programmes Government to recognize and support the success and value of Sycamore Tree to strengthen our bids for private funding 11 What we need: Cost: £1-1.5m pa 3 year plan to deliver full capacity

12 12 Prison Fellowship England & Wales PO Box 68226 London SW1P 9WR Registered Charity No: 1102254. Company limited by guarantee No: 5003795

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