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Healthy FE Kathryn James – Programme Development Manager

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1 Healthy FE Kathryn James – Programme Development Manager

2 What is Healthy FE The Healthy FE Programme aims to improve the health and wellbeing of those who study or work in the further education (FE) and skills sector. It isn't about creating something new: it's about working with FE and skills providers to make the health and welfare of staff and students an integral part of all aspects of FE life.

3 Why we support Healthy FE Health improvement – being able to make informed choices, access and accessibility Addressing health inequalities – learners on benefits, low incomes, with disabilities and limiting health conditions, older learners and second chance learners Quality improvement – ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’, good teaching and learning, promoting success and positive learning outcomes

4 How does it work? Healthy FE Tools – Big College Health Check, Self Review Tool, Recognition, Impact Measures Resources and case studies Regional networks Implementation and Development Group Policy Group

5 Progress 63 FE Colleges have gained Recognition 1 Independent Specialist College, 1 Work-Based Learning provider and 1 Offender Learning Unit Importance of the learner voice Addressing staff health and wellbeing Inclusive approaches

6 Does it work? Challenges ‘More for less’ More and different learners All of the FE and skills sector – work-based learning, adult and community learning, offender learning and Independent Specialist Colleges Tools fit for purpose on a changing context

7 Staff wellbeing Although most staff said they felt happy and appreciated at college, there were significant reporting of negative feelings: 46% were not able to say that they enjoyed their day-to-day activities 45% said they were not able to face up to their problems 29% felt under constant strain 17% were losing self-confidence 13% were feeling unhappy and depressed 23% felt their emotional health was inadequately supported by their employer (5% saying “never supported”) Although staff were mostly aware of college support provided, there was very little take up (mostly below 4%). “Time” was most frequently (44%) given as reason for not using this support.

8 Example of when it works well Barnsley College Health Centre – 2009 Aim to lower levels of teenage pregnancy, reduce alcohol abuse and smoking levels and to address the increased levels of mental health issues facing our young people, particularly in regard to depression, anxiety, stress and the effects of smoking cannabis. Low level mental health - IAPT team started worked in college for 1 day a week and this quickly expanded to 5 days a week across a rota of 5 staff. A cognitive behavioural therapist works in college 2 full days a week and we work closely with CAMHS who work with us at least 1 day a week. The college also employs a full time counsellor so the range of mental health provision in college is extremely robust. Significant rise in retention and achievement and outstanding levels of user satisfaction gathered across a variety of media capturing learner voice.

9 The business case From a staff perspective, healthy college has contributed significantly to reducing staff absenteeism to just over 3%, a saving for Bradford College against any national public sector benchmark of at least £390K. From a student perspective improved diets and eating patterns have helped keep students alert which in turn has contributed to improved success rates, this impact has resulted in a £700K increase in our funding contract’ Finance Director Bradford College

10 What do learners and staff say ? " I have found counselling invaluable and feel it has helped me immensely. Without it I do not believe I would have been able to attend college let alone do as well as I have. ” "Without this service certain issues which have affected me for years may never have been dealt with. The service has helped me to resolve these deep-rooted issues & improve my life at a time when I felt almost as if I could not cope anymore.“ Chesterfield College

11 More details ? Kathryn James

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