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J Text to: 37607 A: 261493B: 261496C: 318725 D: 318726E: 318741.

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1 j Text to: 37607 A: 261493B: 261496C: 318725 D: 318726E: 318741

2 April 18 & 23, 2012 Quiz #24 1.The quiz is being passed out 2.Please wait for my instructions before turning over the quiz 3.You have 3 minutes and 45 seconds to complete the quiz 4.Stop immediately when I tell you 5.You can use your notes on the quiz 6.You are NOT penalized for guessing 7.Please circle the correct answer on your quiz

3 Daily Prayer Lord God, we humbly pray, that we may always walk with Jesus, the Light of the World. Remove any darkness from my heart that I may always walk as a child of the Light. Amen.

4 Tony Dungees Take on the AP Exam If we did what we were supposed to doin the off-season, in training camp, and in the regular season the playoffs would take care of themselves.

5 Homework Read p. 300-309 Study for Exam 4B (POTUS) 11 multiple choice questions

6 Which branch are we on?

7 5 Important POTUS Vocab Words Senatorial Courtesy Executive Order Executive Privilege Executive Agreement Political Appointees

8 Senatorial Courtesy Before POTUS makes an appointment, consults the senators from that state to get their approval Informal action

9 Executive Order Presidential rule/regulation that has force of law Do NOT need congressional approval Supreme Court can strike them down FDR & Japanese-American Internment (WWII)

10 Executive Privilege Right of Prez to not divulge conversations between himself and advisers Need advisers to be straightforward Abused using National Security defense U.S. v. Nixon (1974) – No Executive Privilege in criminal cases

11 Executive Agreement Deals between Prez and head of another nation Unlike treaties, dont require Senate ratification Chart-Treaties and Executive Agreements – Whats the trend?

12 Political Appointees Presidential appointments for office As opposed to Civil Service employees – Competitive exams

13 POTUS Vocab Pictionary 30 seconds to draw Class has one guess about which vocab word is being shown

14 Congress v. POTUS Congress declares war (formal power) POTUS is commander-in-chief (formal power) We have not officially declared war since WWII Vietnam War and Watergate – Congress wanted to reassert its authority – Led to War Powers Resolution

15 War Powers Resolution (1973) POTUS can send troops overseas without formal declaration of war if… Notify Congress within 48 hours Withdraw troops after 60 days – 30 day extension Consult Congress if engage in combat Congress can pass resolution to withdraw troops

16 j

17 The Imperial Presidency (1973) Arthur Schlesinger book The argument that the President is becoming too powerful President as emperor Not consulting Congress

18 Activity #15 Do you agree or disagree with the premise of The Imperial Presidency that the POTUS is becoming too powerful? Why or why not?

19 Presidential Support Staff White House Office/Staff OMB NSC Cabinet

20 White House Staff Day-to-Day contact in West Wing Appointed by POTUS Most do NOT require Senate consent LOYALTY!!!

21 White House Staff

22 Office of Management and Budget Prepare annual budget Coordinate agency requests

23 National Security Council POTUS and VPOTUS Secretary of State and Defense Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Director of CIA

24 Cabinet Example: Secretary of State / State Dpt. Appointed by POTUS w/Senate consent Size Presidents reliance on Cabinet heads ~10% politically appointed – Revolving Door: In-N-Out between Public and Private sector 90% civil service employees

25 POTUS Exam Practice Create 3 practice multiple-choice exam questions Only material from executive branch Try to stump your partner

26 Class Discussion Do you think you are doing what it takes to pass the AP exam? If not, why not? What do you need to improve on? What is the first step in making that improvement? What do we need more of in this class? What do we need less of in this class? How can Coach Kenney better help you to pass the AP exam?

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