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JEOPARDY #1 Ch 12-15. POWER TRIP Compromising Positions Senatorial Courtesy Act IJust in CaseNo-nos! 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 JEOPARDY #1 Ch 12-15

2 POWER TRIP Compromising Positions Senatorial Courtesy Act IJust in CaseNo-nos!

3 Power Trip- 100 Term which refers to the expansion of the powers of the modern presidency during the course of the 20 th century

4 Power Trip- 100 What is the IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY?

5 Power Trip It has the major power to create, organize, and disband federal agencies.

6 Power Trip- 200 What is the Congress?

7 Power Trip- 300 It is the Vice Presidents only real legislative power.

8 Power Trip What is the power to break ties in Senate votes?

9 Power Trip It has the power to impeach presidents.

10 Power Trip- 400 What is the House of Representatives

11 Power Trip Although President Clinton used one to restrict tobacco advertising to teenagers and President Bush used one to determine that terrorists are enemy combatants not covered by the Geneva Convention, the presidents power to issue these is NOT mentioned in the Constitution.

12 Power Trip What are EXECUTIVE ORDERS?

13 Compromising Positions Type of federal positions which are NOT appointed by the president

14 Compromising Positions What are CIVIL SERVICE jobs?

15 Compromising Positions He or she presides over the House of Representatives

16 Compromising Positions Who is the Speaker of the House?

17 Compromising Positions The presidents chief of staff, press secretary, and counsel work as a part of this.

18 Compromising Positions What is the White House Office?

19 Compromising Positions The secretary of state, the secretary of defense, the secretary of the treasury, and the attorney general

20 Compromising Positions Who are the members of the presidents inner cabinet?

21 Compromising Positions The presidents national security advisor and National Security Council are a part of this

22 Compromising Positions What is the Executive Office of the President?

23 Senatorial Courtesy A Senator can effectively prevent the Senate from voting on an issue by engaging in this

24 Senatorial Courtesy What is a filibuster?

25 Senatorial Courtesy Unlike his or her counterpart in the House of Representatives, he or she has the top leadership post

26 Senatorial Courtesy Who is the MAJORITY LEADER?

27 Senatorial Courtesy The term senatorial courtesy refers to the fact that the president does not generally nominate anyone for this post within a state without the approval of that states senators

28 Senatorial Courtesy What is federal judge?

29 Senatorial Courtesy signatures & 60 votes (3/5)

30 Senatorial Courtesy The number of signatures required for a cloture petition and the number votes necessary to kill a filabuster by means of cloture

31 Senatorial Courtesy Three important nonlegislative congressional powers and responsibilities which are given exclusively to the Senate

32 Senatorial Courtesy What are the power to 1.Confirm presidential appointmentsConfirm presidential appointments 2.Ratify all treatiesRatify all treaties 3.Try impeached officialsTry impeached officials

33 Act I According to the Presidential Succession Act, the number 2 and 3 in the line of official presidential succession

34 Act I Who are the speaker of the House and the president pro tempore of the Senate?

35 Act I It set the merit system and established the Civil Service Commission

36 Act I What is the Pendleton Act?

37 Act I Within 48 hours; Within 60 days unless congress declares war, okays deploy- ment, or grants a 30-day extension

38 Act I What are the time limits set forth by the War Powers Resolution for notifying Congress of deployment of troops and withdrawal of troops if Congress fails to approve?

39 Act I It checked presidential budgetary authority by establishing the Congressional Budget Office and precluding the sequestering of duly appropriated funds

40 Act I What is the Budget and Impoundment Act of 1974?

41 Act I Passed in 1939, it forbade federal employees from running for public office, raising funds for candidates, or engaging in other party activities.

42 Act I What is the Hatch Act?

43 Just in Case U.S. v. Nixon Nixon v. Fitzgerald, and Clinton v. Jones have restricted and defined it.

44 Just in Case What is executive privilege?

45 Just in Case The 1877 Supreme Court decision in Munn v. Illinois gave significant power to government bureaucracies because it gave them this right

46 Just in Case What is the right to regulate business?

47 Just in Case Wesberry v. Sanders, the one- man, one vote decision addressed this problem, which resulted from demographic changes in the country caused by the industrial revolution

48 Just in Case? What is malapportionment?

49 Just in Case Easley v. Cromartie and Shaw v. Reno are Supreme Court cases which disallow this

50 Just in Case What racial gerrymandering?

51 Just in Case Passed in 1951, the 25 th Amendment prescribes procedures just in case this or that happens.

52 Just in Case What is the president is disabled or a recuperated president wished to reclaim his job?

53 No-nos! A 2/3 vote in each house

54 No-nos- 100 What is required for a veto override?

55 No-nos! Conditions under which a bill which is not vetoed but not signed by the president passes

56 No-nos! What happens to a bill that the president fails to sign within ten days while Congress is in session?

57 No-nos- 300 Its the technique that allows a president to kill legislation without taking the heat for killing the bill

58 No-nos! What is a pocket veto?

59 No-nos- 400 Bills supporting stem-cell research and childrens health insurance

60 No-nos! What has President Bush vetoed?

61 No-nos!- 500 The Supreme Court rejected it as a violation of the principle of separation of powers in Clinton v. City of New York (1997)

62 No-nos!- 500 What is the line-item veto?

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