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The Big I's Don R. Simmons, Ph.D. dentify nform nvite nvest.

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1 The Big I's Don R. Simmons, Ph.D. dentify nform nvite nvest

2 Identify In order to ENGAGE UNPAID STAFF, a leader must first be able to IDENTIFY POTENTIAL Unpaid Staff. How do YOU do this?

3 Identify In order to catch fish, you must first go to the POND. Go where people are SERVING.

4 Build Relationships

5 People want to serve with people they KNOW, and people serve LONGEST once they have established FRIENDSHIPS and BUILD COMMUNITY.

6 Ripples of Impact Broader Impact

7 Process Maintain a List of Potential Unpaid Staff Pray for them Build Relationships Be AWARE of Timing

8 Inform Leaders often confuse INFORMATION with INVITATION

9 Inform Use Stories


11 Inform Values Mission Vision

12 Inform Results Transformed Lives

13 Inform Honest, accurate Ministry Descriptions On your website, church office, all church media

14 Elements of a Volunteer Position Description 1.Compelling Title 2.Duties 3.Supervisor/Leader 4.Location and Schedule 5.Commitment (Daily? Weekly? How long?) 6.Skills Needed 7.Training Provided 8.Benefits

15 Do NOT minimize Service JUST

16 Tell the Truth about Service, and engage Honestly and Authentically.

17 Invite

18 Your Language should reflect your Culture! Volunteer Recruit Supervise Performance Review Job Retention Tasks Unpaid Staff/Partner/Minister Invite/Cultivate/Engage Support Performance Measurement Role/Position/Ministry Sustainability Service

19 Jesus never “Recruited”

20 Coaches recruit stars, Leaders invite Servants.

21 Invitation Personal Based on relationships Engages the heart/head/hands

22 Invitation includes Information Position Descriptio n

23 With You!

24 If you anticipate a large event, ENGAGE MORE INVITERS

25 Invest

26 7% * Percentage of Americans identified with a Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment as “Self Initiators.” * People who “self-select” IN, can also self-select OUT.

27 Investment takes Time

28 Investment takes YOU

29 Investment takes a PLAN for discipleship and personal growth

30 Investment requires Tracking

31 Investment requires a TEAM

32 Investment requires SACRIFICE John 5:30 1 Thessalonians 2:8


34 Resources

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