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ClickITnigeria Inform.Educate.Empower || Contact Person :Edward Popoola Nigeria’s IT Youth Ambassador

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1 clickITnigeria Inform.Educate.Empower || Contact Person :Edward Popoola Nigeria’s IT Youth Ambassador

2 Introduction Nigeria : The Population Advantage Challenges to the Youth Immediate Concern

3 Vision & Mission To raise a new generation of youth equipped with IT Skills, informed about the emerging Information Society and are armed with tools and resources to face the challenges this new society brings. To develop the mind of the Nigerian Child/Youth in taking part in local action, regional collaboration and global initiatives. Strategy:: ++Organizing Catch them young program in Secondary schools. ++Partnership with other ICT4D initiatives.

4 What we do We Inform young people about the Information Society, the emerging trends and challenges, which include ongoing efforts to bring about an equitable Information Society and the need to be involved in this new dynamic. We also inform them on how countries worldwide are using information technology(IT) as a major tool for development. We Educate young people on Information Technology and its components of People, Procedure, Computers, Data/Information and Communication. We also teach them how IT is impacting virtually all the fundamental aspects of human life.

5 We empower youth with IT skills and prepare them for the global marketplace and the needs of their immediate environment. This includes computer appreciation and web development. We also encourage personal development as a panacea to the shortage of IT skills and a form of self empowerment. What we do(contd.)

6 Structure & Membership clickITnigeria is a non-governmental organisation with youth focused and community oriented projects. Its membership is open to as many people that believe in what we do and will like to be associated with positive change. Those that are registered will benefit from our online information system that features IT related news and events. They can also partake in our projects. To be associated with us and f or more information please visit our website:::>>

7 Where you come in: Partnership Sponsorship Participation

8 Conclusion The challenges of scale, of speed, of new ways of doing business and of finance are enormous.Yet our understanding of these challenges, the tools at hand and our resolve give us confidence that, together,we can use this vehicle,clickITnigeria, to create opportunities out of the Digital Divide in making a lasting impression in the lives of millions of Nigerian Youth. All we need to make it happen is the resources. Lets click IT together in Nigeria For more information please visit

9 Thank You

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