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2/2010 Parent Contacts Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project.

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1 2/2010 Parent Contacts Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project

2 2/2010 EI Parent Leadership Project The EI Parent Leadership Project was designed to: –promote parent leadership, –encourage family participation in all aspects of the Early Intervention system, –assist parents in the development of effective parent networks.

3 2/2010 EI Parent Leadership Project Consists of a statewide team: –All who work for the project have had a child in EI –Communications Coordinator –Focused Monitoring Parent Coordinator –Collaboration and Outreach Coordinator –Training Coordinator

4 2/2010 EI PLP Resources Website E-mail Newsletter The Parent Perspective Parent Contact Binder

5 2/2010

6 Who is a Parent Contact? A family member who is currently receiving Early Intervention services for their child and family. A person who is willing to receive information from the Parent Leadership Project and share it with other families. A parent who wants to become actively involved in the Early Intervention system.

7 2/2010 Benefits to becoming a Parent Contact To become part of a dynamic regional and statewide parent network It’s a win-win situation for parents, other EI families, and your EI program! The Parent Contact receives exciting information from the Parent Leadership Project to share with other families.

8 2/2010 Benefits of becoming a Parent Contact The Parent Contact informs other families about the multiple ways to get involved in the Early Intervention system on the local, regional, statewide and the national level. Families receive first-hand information about training opportunities, workshops, and meetings that help them become better advocates for their children. To receive free registration & hotel accommodations at the annual Massachusetts Early Intervention Consortium conference held in April

9 2/2010 What have Parent Contacts done? Participating in a PAC Starting a PAC Working with the Parent Liaison at the EI Program Staff Appreciation Lunches Family Fun Nights

10 2/2010 Parent Contact Network Listserv Newsletter information sharing Other Skill building opportunities

11 2/2010 MEIC

12 2/2010 MEIC What is MEIC Provider Organization for EI staff Organization conference DPH is one of many sponsors

13 2/2010 Department of Public Health (DPH) The Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project through funding from the Massachusetts DPH is able to send one parent from each early intervention program to the MEIC conference each year Registration, room accommodations and the parent dinner is funded in this method.

14 2/2010 MEIC Conference Conference Goals can be found in the brochure you received The PLP has the goals that you will –Have an opportunity to meet other parents –Attend workshops collaboratively with providers and parents –Share successes and challenges –Gain important information about the EI system

15 2/2010 Conference Planning Planning this conference is a collaborative effort between many involved in the EI system –Program Directors –Program Staff –RCP staff –Parents –Others involved with training

16 2/2010 Who Attends MEIC? Early Intervention Program Directors Early Intervention Program Staff MA DPH State Staff Parents of children currently in the EI system and those of children who have graduated

17 2/2010 MEIC Conference What have you received so far What to bring What to expect The parent dinner

18 2/2010 What others think I left MEIC with a sense of empowerment that I could accomplish anything for my children. I took away a knowledge of all the different ways I could be involved in Early Intervention and it led me to possibilities I may not have seen before I attended All for one, and one for all !!

19 2/2010 Next Steps What kinds of things would you like to do as a parent contact?

20 2/2010 Thank you Look forward to seeing you at the conference Tuesday April 13 and Wednesday April 14. If you have any other questions please call the EI Parent Leadership Project at 1-877-353-4757.

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