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Supporting the Struggling Writer Cindy Nankee Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative June 19, 2006.

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1 Supporting the Struggling Writer Cindy Nankee Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative June 19, 2006

2 WATI Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative Consultant Local & State Training Loan Library Materials Special Buys

3 Review Discussion Student/classroom Assessment AAC Reading Successes Need Help? Materials Use

4 Student Summary Assignment What assessment you used Pre and post test progress (if writing, did it increase quantity/ number of words, quality/ reduced errors etc., ) Video What AT you implemented Classroom implementation Students progress

5 AT for Writing Purpose/Goals of this session Learn about tools and software that promote success and confidence in our struggling writers using low, mid and high tech tools and strategies.

6 Assistive Technology Device Any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of children with disabilities. 602 (1) (A) *EXCEPTION- The term does not include a medical device that is surgically implanted, or the replacement of such device. 602 (1) (B) Any service that directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device.

7 Agenda Strategies for Selection of AT Low Tech Tools Mid & High Tech Tools UDL Windows Accessibility/Microsoft Word Tools Alternative Keyboards Talking word processor Word Prediction Voice Recognition Alternative presentation modes Greg Stefanich Science

8 Responding Differently to Writers and Writing by Julie Jochum Survey of young writers Writers below age 8 feel that they are writers Writers above age 8 dont feel they are writers Early writers have learned that their writing is judged by penmanship and spelling not what is said

9 Make no mistake, if handwriting has a poor appearance, the writer is judged poorly by our culture. In spite of the high quality of his ideas and information, the writer will bear a lifelong burden. Donald Graves

10 Handwriting phases, fads and popularity Penmanship associated with social status Today's emphasis is on composition Penmanship instruction goes through 3 rd grade Technology is not the demise of handwriting

11 Many schools have abandoned organized handwriting instruction to make time for standardized test preparation, computer training and, ironically, more reading and language instruction. International Pen Association (IPA)

12 Writing is Difficult Writing mechanics, letter formation spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, idea generation, organization, sequencing, prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, deadlines, commitment to paper what you do and do not know

13 Writing is Complex Writing is a complex process that involves both the motor aspects of handwriting and the cognitive component of creating or composing written material.

14 Motor Aspects of Writing Positioning Proximal Stability Upper extremity coordination Perceptual skills Motor Planning Attention Organization Access

15 Composing Written Material Idea generation Background knowledge Word choice/spelling Grammar/sentence structure Punctuation Organization/sequencing

16 Strategies for Selection of Appropriate Technology ASNAT WATI AT Checklist/Wheel WATI Information Guide Stages

17 AT Checklist Computer Access Writing Motor Aspects of Writing Composing Written Material Communication Reading Studying Math Recreation & Leisure Activities of Daily Living Mobility Positioning and Seating Vision Hearing

18 AT Consideration Wheel

19 STAGES Assistive Technology Inc., $795 The Stages framework consists of seven stages designed to serve as an informal, technology-based measurement tool for learners with developmental language and cognitive challenges, and also as an alternative to standardized assessments.

20 Writing Strategies Daily Opportunities Journal time Writers Workshop Writing Center Motivational strategies Intervention strategies

21 Todays Writing Center Pencils, crayons, markers, stamps, paper, word processor, graphic organizer software, word prediction, talking word processor, picture supported word processor, scanning software, voice recognition software, pre-made template, word wall, dictionary/thesaurus, writers rubrics

22 Motivation Background knowledge/personal interest Explicit model Opportunity to interact socially Appropriate incentives Success Multimedia Visiting author Publishing


24 Low Tech Tips Positioning Pencil Grips Papers Peach Handout

25 Mid Tech Tools Using a Computer UDL Accessibility features Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Word Blue Handout

26 Why Technology Works Produce legible text Eases physical demands Revisions without tedious recopying Direct the writing process Increase fluent production of sentences Encourage elaboration Self monitoring (auditory feedback) Motivating Produce a product that enhances student self image

27 Keyboarding This site listed keyboarding software KidKeys Video on adapted one handed keyboarding FrogPad – 1 handed keyboarding

28 Computer Access Alternate Keyboards Intellikeys BigKeys OnScreen Keyboard Handwriting Recognition Handhelds

29 Portable Word Processors Alpha Smart Dana Neo Handheld Computers

30 Picture Supported Text PixWriter Clicker 5 IntelliTalk 3

31 Clicker 5 is a writing support and media tool. Create simple whole word writing activities using words, pictures, sounds, onscreen keyboard and word bank. Create quizzes and worksheets using pop- ups Create multimedia presentations using video

32 Word Prediction WordQ Word Bar Co-Writer

33 Premier Accessibility Suite Grant Information Universal Reader with talking Pointer Talking Checkbook Ultimate Talking Dictionary Text Cloner Pro Scan and View PDF Magic Pro Talking Word Processor Text to Audio

34 Premier Key to Access Flash USB Drive A portable USB MP3 Player Digital Voice Recorder 512 MB storage space for documents or audio books Contains 8 different tools Same as the Accessibility Suite

35 Graphic Organizers Inspiration Kidspiration Draftbuilder Solo Report Writer

36 Web Resources for Writing

37 Voice Recognition Dragon NaturallySpeaking v.9 SpeakQ Microsoft Office iListen ViaVoice Windows Vista

38 Writing AT into the IEP

39 Implementation Support Principal Letter Email me Call me 608-822-3276 x 268 Use the state loan library Use the CESA #3 SEIMC In-service support

40 Questions on Assignment? Thank You

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