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A Complete Mapping Solution for Directly Georeferenced High Resolution Airborne Imagery.

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1 A Complete Mapping Solution for Directly Georeferenced High Resolution Airborne Imagery.

2 5 cm GSD, 1600 ft AGL, 60 mm VIS lens, Japan

3 20 cm, Madrid, Spain

4 Mining Area, Mount Arthur, Australia

5 30 cm GSD, 8500 ft AGL, 60 mm CIR lens, USA

6 DSS Image from NOAA, Coastal Mapping, Miguel Bay, USA


8 POS AV GNSS-INS Direct Georeferencing POSTrack Flight Management System INPHO Photogrammetry Image Processing, Information Extraction, and Orthomap Generation Trimble Metric Camera 80, 60, 39 MP Medium-Format, Interchangeable lenses Automatic Azimuth Mount Integrated Electronics Unit, Environmentally Controlled, 500 GB Drive x 2 Digital Sensor System. Aerial Mapping Solution. Directly Georeferenced. Turn-Key, Ready-to-Use System. Integrated Trimble Components. Medium-Format, Airborne Digital Camera System. Full-Support, Worldwide, from the Trimble Family.

9 The Trimble DSS aerial imaging solution was designed to produce orthomaps to increase productivity, achieving a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of flying time vs. processing time, without compromising accuracy. NOAA NGS Division uses the DSS for the Coastal Mapping Program. 3 cm GSD, DSS VIS image, Richmond Hill, ON. DSS CIR image, Stouffville, ON. DSS VIS image, Japan. Image courtesy of PASCO.

10 Productive Photogrammetric Mapping. A mission could be flown one day, and the map could be delivered the next day*. The DSS’ direct georeferencing reduces or eliminates the hassle of ground control points and Aerial triangulation. 6 in. GSD. Image courtesy of Cornerstone Mapping. 32 cm GSD orthomosaic. Image courtesy of ESRI Collection.20 cm GSD, Toronto, ON.

11 Suited for Roads, Highway and Railway Mapping. 20 cm GSD Orthomosaic, Toronto, ON. DSS Image courtesy of Ohio DOT. DSS Image courtesy of PhotoScience.DSS Image courtesy of Tuck Mapping. The flexibility of interchangeable lenses allow you to capture the corridor swaths (or wide area coverage) that you need for increased productivity.

12 Rapid Response Applications: Disaster assessment and management Law enforcement and security surveillance Critical infrastructure mapping Military tactical reconnaissance Insurance mapping Emergency GIS support DSS coastal image in preparation for hurricane emergency response, 2008. courtesy of NOAA.

13 The Trimble DSS is currently being used in the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, supplying NATO soldiers with high-accuracy orthomaps. The DSS RapidOrtho produces maps at near real-time (1:1 flying: processing ratio). Soldiers depend on updated map information to plan missions that preserve their lives.

14 Compact. Flexible. Rapid Deployment. DSS installed in a Cessna 206.Image courtesy of Tuck Mapping

15 Increase Productivity. - Orthophoto production can be completed in hours; not months, not weeks, not days -Automated workflow -Reduces the risk of placing personnel in dangerous environments No Ground Control Points required No Aero-Triangulation required Video Direct Georeferencing POS AV GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System

16 Flight Management System Combined FMS and POS AV Mission Planning Pilot Guidance Airborne Sensor Control Data Archiving Direct Georeferencing Automatic Mount Control

17 Aerial Cameras and Imaging Systems Trimble Aerial Camera (TAC) Digital, Medium-Format, Metric Camera Purpose-built for Aerial mapping Interchangeable Lenses 39 Megapixel, 6.8 μm (7228 x 5428 pixels) 60 Megapixel, 6.0 μm (8924 x 6732 pixels) 80 Megapixel, 5.2 μm (10328 x 7760 pixels) Lenses Available: DSS 480/460(COLOR ONLY): For Wide-Angle Coverage:35 mm For Corridor or Orthophoto: 50 mm DSS 439 (VIS AND CIR): 40 mm, 60 mm, 210 mm TAC (Camera Only): 35 mm, 50mm, 60 mm, 72 mm, 100 mm

18 Aerial Cameras and Imaging Systems Wide Area Coverage: Camera Area Footprints

19 Santo Domingo, 30 cm, 60 mm lens, Dominican Republic

20 Hurricane Katrina, 60 mm, New Orleans, USA

21 Canada-USA Border, 60 mm

22 United Nations Refugee Camp, 20 cm, Nairobi, Kenya

23 Ernest Yap +1 416 723 7582 +1 289 695 6036 Account Manager, Airborne Solutions-Americas Trimble Navigation Ltd., Geospatial Division Richmond Hill Office: 85 Leek Crescent, Richmond Hill, ON Canada

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