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Correlator3D™ Software Overview

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1 Correlator3D™ Software Overview
IMAGE Maxime Deraspe Sales & Marketing Director SimActive Inc.

2 Agenda SimActive: Innovation to marketplace Mission Statement
Partial List of Our Valued Customers Mission Statement Growing Challenges Design Criterion: Keep it Simple! SimActive Positioning Correlator3D™ Input & Output Modules Workflow Examples Processing Time and Output Quality Benefits in a Nutshell Contact us

3 SimActive: Innovation to Marketplace
Company was founded in 2003 to develop and market innovative geospatial technologies SimActive’s products result from several years of R&D and usability testing Technology builds on advanced computer vision algorithms that differ from traditional techniques 3

4 Partial List of Our Valued Customers

5 Generate geospatial data from Long, complex and expensive process
Mission Statement Generate geospatial data from aerial imagery YOUR OBJECTIVE Long, complex and expensive process YOUR REALITY Correlator3D™ THE SOLUTION SimActive’s mission is to constantly develop and market cutting-edge technologies that simplify and enhance geospatial data production 5

6 Growing Challenges Expensive Not User-Friendly
Only 30% project costs for data acquisition, remaining 70% associated with production Not User-Friendly Complex software tools Geospatial Data Production Skills and Knowledge Highly-trained personnel required Long Process Several months usually required for data delivery 6

7 Design Criterion: Keep it Simple!
Competitor Product Example Correlator3D™ 7

8 SimActive Positioning
Raw Data Core Data Higher-level Data Images GPS / IMU data DSM DTM Orthophotos 3D Changes Mosaics Polygonal 3D models Etc. Correlator3D™ 8

9 Correlator3D™ Aerial images (overlapping) Refined ext. orientation
INPUT Aerial images (overlapping) OUTPUT Color, panchromatic, infrared Refined ext. orientation Orientation Parameters Logiciel Correlator3D DSM Exterior: GPS/IMU data DTM Interior: focal length, pixel size, distortion parameters Orthophotos 3D Changes Coarse DEM CDED, DTED, SRTM 9

10 Exterior Orientation Refinement
Correlator3D™ Modules Exterior Orientation Refinement DSM Generation DTM Extraction Ortho- rectification 3D Change Detection 10

11 Correlator3D™ – Automatic Processing
Workflow Prepare Input Data Camera calibration (ASCII file) Exterior orientation (ASCII file) Selection of a coarse DEM Specification of output characteristics 1 Correlator3D™ – Automatic Processing Images are processed individually or pair-by-pair No human intervention required Runs on standard PC with 3D graphics card 2 Visualize / use data Data produced in standard formats 3 11

12 Example #1 – Urban Area 1m 1m 20cm

13 Example #2 – Rural Area 20cm 1m 1m

14 Example #3 – New Building
40cm (Jul. 2006) 5cm (Oct. 2000) Detected Changes 3m 1m

15 Example #4 – Demolished Building
40cm (Jul. 2006) 5cm (Oct. 2000) Detected Changes 3m 1m

16 Processing Time & Output Quality
Statistics for 250 large format images (100MP) at 20cm covering 400 km2 Task Processing Time Data Quality Preparation 10 min EO Refinement 30 min 20cm H. Accuracy DSM Generation 250 x 1min./image = 250 min 1m H. Resolution / 20cm V. Accuracy DTM Extraction 20 min Orthorectification Total 9 hours 16

17 Benefits in a Nutshell FASTER...
Up to 60 times faster than currently available tools Data production can be performed in parallel on multiple machines Software designed to quickly process thousands of images EASIER… Minimal software and data manipulation requirements Highly-trained personnel are no longer required, virtually no parameters to set Easy integration into any third-party workflow BETTER... Better geospatial data at the fraction of the cost Uses advanced computer vision algorithms Produced data are ready-to-use Cost-effective alternative to LIDAR data 17

18 Contact us Maxime Deraspe Sales & Marketing Director SimActive Inc.
Tel.: ext. 24 Fax: Cel.:

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