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Pushing Up Performance for Everyone Matt Mathis 7-Dec-99.

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1 Pushing Up Performance for Everyone Matt Mathis 7-Dec-99

2 Why do so few people get good network performance? Context and history Architectural origins Approaches

3 The Wizard Gap

4 Past Performance Evolution Wizards wrote standards –Standard TCP could not go fast (1988) Wizards enhanced systems –Stock systems could not go fast (1995) Gurus tune systems (today) –Fast TCP is present –Badly misstuned by default

5 Ongoing Performance Evolution More disciples tune and debug (tomorrow) –All netadmins and sysadmins? Systems are tuned by default (future) –Web100..… Debugging will become “easy” (?)

6 Architecture The Good news –TCP hides the net from the application The Bad news –TCP hides the net

7 Architecture The Good news –TCP hides the net from the application The Bad news –TCP hides the net ……. including ALL bugs everywhere. The only legal symptom is less than expected performance

8 You get poor performance if: –The application is inefficient –TCP is buggy –TCP is misstuned –The path is buggy –The path is congested –Routing is suboptimal Especially on a long path. –Think: weakest link of an invisible chain

9 Closing the Wizard gap Share the expertise –Train more disciples Require less expertise –Systems should tune themselves Better observability –Focused and efficient debugging Documentation –Show that the world is improving

10 Share the expertise Joint Techs meetings TCP Tuning –In depth presentation by Matt Mathis DAST Application tutorials –See:

11 Require less expertise TCP Autotuning –Presentation by Matt Mathis Web100 –Presentation be Basil Irwin Online TCP debugging resources –See

12 Better Observability (Instrumentation) Network Instrumentation and Visualization –Presentation by Mark Gates Trace Analysis and Auto-Diagnosis –Presentation by Kathy Benninger Better TCP instrumentation (Web-100) –Just ask TCP why it is slow

13 Better Observability (Debugging methods) Sweden - Pittsburgh path –Presentation by Greg Miller & Jerry Sobieski iPerf tool –Presentation by Mark Gates Existing tools and tool repositories –See: Still insufficient

14 Better Observability (Measurement) Measurements from Seattle I2 Meeting –Presentation by Matt Zekauskas Advanced Research and Engineering Atlas –Presentation by John Jamison Many distributed measurement efforts –AMP, Surveyor, NIMI, etc

15 Documentation vBNS stats and measurement –Tutorial by Rick Wilder NLANR MOAT vBNS traffic on NAI –See: Many benchmark efforts –Surveyor, AMP, NIMI, Web100…… HPC host census(?)

16 Conclusion We need to find every bug that TCP hides –Now and always We need to eliminate all irrelevant controls –Autotune TCP (and RED, etc)

17 Debugging flowchart Look at a trace and click to study symptoms Ongoing evolution

18 Testrig kit "Fool proof" TCP diagnosis starter kit with: –Simple diagnostic application –TCP trace collection tools –Visualization tools –Pointer to the debugging flowchart With wrapper scripts around everything

19 TCP Debugging In-depth Draft done at CAIDA this summer Future NCNE On-site –1, 2.5 and 5 hour versions Basis for the debugging flowchart Update from flowchart as it evolves Interactive - Uses magicpoint/xplot

20 Trace Analysis and Auto-Diagnosis (TAAD) Scan GigaPop traffic for misstuned TCP connections –that fail to meet the model rate = (MSS/RTT) * (C/sqrt(p)) Running prototype Use to direct other resources

21 Autotuning Make TCP “do the right thing” by default No unneeded user controls

22 Generate data points (AMP) Nearly 100 systems already Kernel TCP bug –Need to upgrade to freeBSD 3.3 Easy to create 100x1 data points Can create 100x100 data points Opportunity for NIMI

23 Generate OC-12 data points Max Okumoto working at PSC for SDSC Will start tuning selected paths

24 HPC Host Census Use existing data from MCI OC-Xmon Patterned after HWB big flow detection Measure the number of fast hosts Words needed to generalize to all of JET

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