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INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Global Federated Network Operations Structure (GFNOS) Jim Williams TransPAC2 Principal Investigator

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1 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Global Federated Network Operations Structure (GFNOS) Jim Williams TransPAC2 Principal Investigator

2 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY E-science NOCs Must be prepared to answer end-to-end network infrastructure questions from researchers To answer these questions, NOCs must communicate among themselves

3 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY An example A researcher in Beijing wants to connect computational resources in China to a data store located in France. But, there seems to be a connectivity problem somewhere along the way… Regardless of the location of the problem…the researcher in Beijing will want to talk to the Beijing NOC…and will EXPECT an answer The problem is not in the China network is NOT an acceptable response.

4 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY NOC-NOC Communications How can we facilitate the NOC-to-NOC interaction required to provide this service? I propose several communications mechanisms –Better video communications –Improved Trouble Ticket interchange –Enhanced E2E measurement capabilities –More closely integrated security services

5 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Better video communications I propose a NOC--NOC video link based on a private spin-off development of the access grid technology. This will enable a always-on video connection among all participating NOCs. See the following web site:

6 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Access Grid can be built for groups…


8 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Improved Trouble Ticket Interchange Today the APAN NOC and engineering staff can access GRNOC TTs via the GRNOC FootPrints TT system. Today the iGOC at IU and the USCMS Support Center at FermiLab have an elementary, e-mail based TT update/exchange operational. We need a better, lightweight TT interchange or viewing process.

9 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Enhanced E2E Measurement Capabilities Interoperability of NOC-to-NOC measurement tools and procedures are crucial to the success of the GFNOS. Efforts are underway to coordinate measurement activities on a global scale. –Matthew Zekauskas ( of Internet2 and Matt Mathis ( of PSC are working to implement a global measurement environment for the NSF funded IRNC –John Hicks from IU and Takatoshi Ikeda from the KDDI APAN NOC have been cooperating on development of measurement codes including bwclt, owamp, and netflow flow-tools. These projects are designed to develop common procedures and metrics in order to qualitatively compare measurement data. More education and outreach is needed. TransPAC2, APAN and Internet2 are planning to offer a Network Performance Workshop at the 21 st APAN meeting in Tokyo.

10 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY More closely integrated security services Effort to develop more uniform policies –Baseline level of collected information in similar formats Develop trust relationships in order to securely exchange information. –PGP encryption of NOC-NOC communications –List of trusted security contacts (I have an example) Develop global view of security incidents to effectively coordinate actions and reduce response time.

11 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY An Umbrella Organization to Facilitate this Interaction Global [international] Federated [no hierarchy] Network Operations [business focus] Structure [not an organization] Global Federated Network Operations Structure (GFNOS)

12 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Feedback… Is the GFNOS needed? How can we move forward? IU/NSF is willing to host an exploratory meeting at the GRNOC in Indianapolis. Another alternative would be preceding (or following) the APAN meeting in Tokyo. Is there an opportunity to test some measurement and video tools at the iGRID2005 and SC2005 demonstrations?

13 INDIANAUNIVERSITYINDIANAUNIVERSITY Questions?? Jim Williams TransPAC2 Principal Investigator

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