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The Uses of this Codex This codex can be used in two ways: firstly, it can be used to add additional heavy armour units to a normal Tau army, or it can.

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2 The Uses of this Codex This codex can be used in two ways: firstly, it can be used to add additional heavy armour units to a normal Tau army, or it can be used to make a pure Tau Heavy Armour Cadre. This will be a very specialised force, and not one for a beginner. As the name suggests, a Tau Heavy Armour Cadre contains loads of tanks! If this appeals to your crush all beneath my iron tracks side, then this is the army list for you. You will be able to field a lot of tanks, walkers etc. But this comes at a price. You can be outmanoeuvred by a faster foe, due to your lack of infantry and light vehicles. You will need to use the few faster units you do have to the best of your ability. However, do this, and you will have one of the most potent forces in Warhammer 40,000. 1

3 The Army List This is a Force Organisation Chart, showing how many choices you can make from each section of the army list. A grey coloured box indicates that a choice can be made of this type, whereas a darker box shows a compulsory choice-a choice must be made from that category. Note: You must possess a copy of Codex: Tau Empire in order to use this Codex 2

4 HQ Ethereal Command Tau Heavy Armour Cadres do not usually contain many battlesuits or battlesuited commanders and so are instead led by a medium to high ranking Ethereal. This has a positive effect, making the troops under the Ethereal more stubborn. WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv High Ethereal Ethereal Honour Guard 5 4 3 4 3 3 4 10 4+ 4 3 3 3 2 3 3 10 -- 85 pts 50 pts 10 pts 2 3 3 3 1 2 1 7 4+ Unit: the unit consists of 1 Ethereal or High Ethereal and 6- 12 Honour Guard. Wargear: The Ethereal carries a pair of staffs of office (+1 attack) which may be exchanged for honour blade (10pts,)which confers +2 S. The Honour guard carry pulse rifles or pulse carbines. May be given a Devilfish transport chosen from Codex Tau. Special Rules: see Codex Tau 3

5 Elites 0-1 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team Sometimes, instead of using a Carp light recon skimmer, a Heavy Armoured Cadre will use a small team of Crisis battlesuits for recon duties. However, not many of these are assigned to this type of Cadre. 1-3 Crisis Battlesuits chosen from Codex Tau Empire Hammerhead Gunship The Taus formidable medium tank, the Hammerhead is a perfect balance of manoeuvrability, protection and firepower. Armed with an incredibly powerful railgun, or a more versatile Ion Cannon, this gunship can annihilate enemy tanks at long range, and even worry larger heavies and super-heavies. 1 Hammerhead Gunship chosen from Codex Tau Empire or Imperial Armour 3 4

6 Troops Attack Devilfish Instead of using them as battlefield taxis like other units, HACs use Devilfish as useful assault tanks. They make ideal anti infantry weapons, and, being fitted with extra armour, can take on anti tanks units that are endangering other units in the Cadre. Armour Front Side Rear BS Devilfish- 100 pts12 12 12 3 Weapons: The Devilfish is armed with a burst cannon and smart missile system, and has landing gear. However, due to the increased armour, it cannot transport any models. For other rules see codex Tau Empire. 0-2 Fire Warrior Teams Usually a Tau Heavy Cadre is provided with a few Fire Warrior teams for close support and anti tank work. However most of the fire warrior squads are sent to Mobile Infantry Cadres, meaning that the Heavy Cadres value the few teams they do get above all else. 6-12 Fire warriors chosen from Codex Tau Type: Tank, skimmer 5

7 Fast Attack Carp Skimmer Team Carp skimmers are an invaluable element of heavy Tau formations, using their speed to fulfil roles which the slower tanks cannot. They protect the flanks of the Cadre and engage faster enemies. The Tau would be sorely lacking in manoeuvrability if not armed with these skimmers. Front Side Rear BS Armour Carp- 80pts 11 11 10 3 Type: Skimmer, fast The team consists of 1-4 Carp Skimmers Weapons: Each Carp is armed with a twin linked long barrelled Plasma rifle. It has the following profile: Range Str AP Type 36 6 3 assault 2 Carps can take any of the Tau vehicle upgrades except for the following: seeker missile, multi tracker. 6

8 Gun Drone Squadron Gun drones are used to provide close range support fire for tanks that would otherwise be lacking in this region. A large gun drone squadron can provide a hail of plasma that any foes wishing to approach a tank will have to wade through. 4-8 Gun drones chosen from codex Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings Renowned across the Tau sphere as excellent fast response units, Vespid Stingwings can move across the battlefield in the blink of an eye. There neutron blasters can be used to deadly effect against heavy infantry, complementing the tanks. Strain leader and 3-10 Stingwings chosen from codex Tau Empire 7

9 Heavy Support Nautilus Heavy Gunship The Nautilus is the main battle tank of all the Tau heavy Formations and is heavily armed, and kitted out with a huge variety of guns, including the deadly rapid firing Photon Accelerator. However, it is not the fastest vehicle and needs support from infantry. But used to best effect, this tank can take on entire companies of enemy tanks and emerge victorious. Front Side Rear BS Nautilus-275 pts14 13 13 3 Type: tank, skimmer Weapons: The nautilus is armed with a Photon Accelerator with a co-axial heavy burst cannon, a smart missile system, a gun drone (BS 3), and a twin linked Fusion Cannon.. These have the following profiles: WeaponRange Str AP Type Photon Accelerator Smart Missile System Heavy Burst Cannon Fusion Cannon 60" 10 2 Heavy 3 24" 5 5 Heavy 4 24" 6 5 Heavy 3 24" 8 1 Heavy 2, melta The Nautilus may select any upgrades from the Tau armoury. A diagram of the Nautilus can be found on page 11. 8

10 Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship Unsurpassed as a missile toting tank destroyer, the Sky Ray can also engage air targets, or provide heavy support fire for fire warriors, who lack their own heavy weapons. This is enhanced by the capabilities of Markerlight carrying Pathfinders, thought in Tau armoured Cadres the Sky Ray usually has to rely on its own aiming to hit with its seeker missiles. 1 Sky Ray Chosen from Codex Tau Empire

11 SM System Light Fusion Cannon Co-axial Heavy Burst cannon Internally controlled Gun Drone Turret Heavy Photon Accelerator A Nautilus heavy gunship, replete with missiles and burst cannons. A deadly foe to all enemies of the Greater Good, this tank has claimed many victims among the Imperial Guards tank companies.

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