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Security and Stockpile

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1 Security and Stockpile
Management of MANPADS (Man-Portable Air Defence Systems)

2 Scope Of Presentation Introduction Overview of Policy
Storage Area Security Measures Storage Area Security Controls Stockpile Accountability Measures MANPADS Transportation Security Security of MANPADS in operations

3 Introduction Singapore Armed Forces takes the stockpile management and security of its MANPADS very seriously. We have in place strict control measures to safeguard our MANPADS. Our measures meet the APEC guidelines on controls and security of MANPADS.

4 Policy Storage Weapon system components & missile are managed by serial number Receipt, Bring on Charge, Accounting, Expenditure, Disposal, Inventory Holding Separate storage of weapon system firing mechanism & missiles Strict physical security measures Within base fence-line, Field Defence Squadron, Depot security Force MINDEF Security Dept cleared personnel Strict access control Authorised personnel only Entry to storage with at least 2 authorized persons

5 Policy Operations Release Control
Two parties (Ops Dept + Log Dept) approval for release for missile Release instruction through computerised stock control system only Pre-authorised names of collection party Transportation Armed escort outside ammunition base for missiles Disposal Comply with End User Certification (EUC) requirement for disposal

6 Storage Area Security Measures

7 Storage Area Security Measures
Perimeter Defences Dedicated fence-line sited within main base (second layer) Intruder Detection System Reinforcements at critical areas - double fencing layer and concertina wires.

8 Storage Area Security Measures
Perimeter Defences Protective structures - road-blocks Watch towers, CCTV & Fibre Optics Netting Alarm System

9 Storage Area Security Measures
Security Force Dedicated Depot Security Section (DSS) - over and above airbase security force. 24/7 manning by armed Regimental Police (RP). Conduct security checks on personnel and vehicle. Conduct mobile and foot patrols Enhancing patrols with dog patrols by airbase security forces. Escorting of visitors.

10 Storage Area Security Controls

11 Storage Area Security Controls
Access Control into Storage Area Only Depot personnel allowed access daily Must be cleared by MINDEF Security Department (MSD) Visitors granted access only on approval by MSD and Base Security Officer (S2) and Depot Commanding Officer Entry into Depot - pass exchange for authentication of ALL personnel 100% body search for ALL personnel entering Depot Double-locked system Limit visitors from entering Depot Entry to site requires at least 2 authorised personnel

12 Storage Area Security Controls
MANPADS firing mechanism stored separate from missiles Storehouse Controls Locked at all times - keys controlled by Depot Security Section. Booking in/out of keys only by authorised Depot personnel. Missiles in sealed containers.

13 Stockpile Accountability Measures

14 Stockpile Accountability Measures
5 Tier Stock Check Bi-annual 100% stock checks. Bi-annual Depot Commanding Officer checks 3-monthly Flight OC stock check 3-monthly Inter-Depot Stock check On average, each missile is accounted for 5 times in a year.

15 Stockpile Accountability Measures
Issuance Controls (Operations) Only approved Units allowed to submit request on computerised stock control system. ‘Two Signature’ system - approval only by Head Logistics and Head Operations at Service HQ. Only authenticated personnel from approved Units allowed to collect missile from Depot.

16 Security of MANPADS during Transportation

17 Security of MANPADS during Transportation
Transportation Controls Approved explosives movement orders Mandatory accompaniment by armed escorts Use of approved routes only Missiles and firing mechanisms transported in separated containers Movement monitored by Depot Ops Room Comms maintained with Depot Ops Room at all times

18 Security of MANPAD in Operation

19 Security of MANPADS in Operation
Collection of Missiles MANPADS Storage at Unit Field Deployment

20 Collection of Missiles
Security Control Measures (MANPADS Collection) Collection team led by authorised officer Movement monitored by Unit Ops Room Communication maintained with Unit Ops Room at all times Reporting of locations by collection team Armed escorts Escort vehicle

21 MANPADS Storage at Unit
Security Control Measures (Storage at Unit) MANPADS stored in strong room Strong metal doors with double locks IDS protection Daily accounting and documentation Only authorised personnel can book out keys Unit is manned 24 hrs Checks carried out by Duty Officer during silent hours Camp is guarded 24 hrs

22 Field Deployment Security Control Measures (Field Deployment)
Ops Order Move out in convoy Armed protection during movement of MANPADS Access control during deployment 24 hrs sentry

23 Summary Security of stocks - a key mission imperative of SAF.
Security measures and controls in place to safeguard our MANPADS. Strict accountability regulations ensure zero discrepancies in stock.

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