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Presented By Lynne McCoy Bryan County School District

2 An export template provides a quick export function for a selected group of students using previously defined fields. The template provides an expedient method of saving exports which are run on a frequent or routine basis. To Create an Export Template PowerSchool Start Page>Special Functions>Importing & Exporting 1. Under Exporting click Templates for Exporting

3 Click New

4 Define the template you want to create

5 Name – use this field to identify a clear purpose, this will be available for all PowerSchool users with access to export Export from this table – Select the data source table; you may choose from Students, Courses, Student Schedules, Staff and Historical Grades Delimited or fixed-field length? Select delimited for a variable field length (accepts the data in the field regardless of length); Select Fixed to define the acceptable length for each field; Default is delimited Field delimiter (ignored for fixed-field length) - select tab, comma or other; if you select other, define the delimiter in the adjacent box; default is tab Check box to surround field values with quotes – use this if you are exporting data from a comment box End-of-line (record) delimiter – select from CR (Carriage return); CRLF (Carriage return and line feed); LF (Line feed); Other (enter the delimiter in the blank field); default is CR Column Titles – check box to put column titles on first row; recommended Mime Type (leave blank for default) default is txt/plain If you use Firefox, you can set your browser preferences to open .text files in Excel. (Tools > Options > Applications, then search for text file types) Click Submit.

6 This takes you back to the screen which will list the report templates
This takes you back to the screen which will list the report templates. The new report template just created should appear in this list. This screen shows four columns – Template Name, Export From, #columns and Width Your newly created template shows 0 in the “# Columns” . Click the 0 Click New

7 7. The screen opens for you to create field parameters for each column, one at a time.

8 New Column Parameters Title/Heading – should be the name you want for your column heading – in particular if you have checked the box, to put column titles on the first row. Data to Export (fields) – the fields list is linked and you can select any field in the student table If blank, Export This – allows you to enter or data that will appear in the place of the previous field, if the previous field is blank. Column Number – leave it blank and columns will be placed in order they are added. If you want to go back and rearranged your columns, you will change the number here, to make this data appear in a different order in the file. Width in Characters - If you selected “Fixed width” in the template setup, you will need to define the length of the field here. Alignment – is used here only if you selected fixed width in the template setup. Click Submit. Continue creating a column for each field/data element you want pulled for your export.

9 Allows the use of decode statements
One great feature about the export template is the ability to use some decode statements for a column of data. For example: to pull homeroom teacher name from the schedule:

10 To pull only the last four digits of the social security number
To a column for the title, for which you have no data, so you want to pull an empty column:

11 Examples of Export Field List
Versatrans Retained/EOY Data Ck Nutrikids Student_Number Last_Name ^(first_name;substring=1,20) ^(middle_name;substring=1,1) Grade_level Schoolid ~(Street;allbefore= ) [street hse number] ~(Street;allafter= ) [street name] City State Zip DOB Home_Phone Emerg_Phone_1 Emerg_phone_2 Emerg_3_Phone Emerg_Contact_1 Emerg_Contact_2 Gender ^(decode;~(ga_sped_pae); ;N;Y) ~(decode;1;1;"~(Alert_Medical)";) lastfirst grade_level GA_StudentStatus GA_9th_EntryDate EntryDate EntryCode ^(*credit_hours) Sched_Scheduled Sched_Nextyeargrade Next_school Student_number First_name Last_name Street ^(home_room;substring=1,10) guardian home_phone ^(ssn;substring=6,4)

12 ONE CALL EXPT -Title PowerSchool IF Blank, Expt Student ID First Name Last Name Home-Primary Phone 2-Mother Cell Phone 3 Phone 4 Phone 5 Phone 6 1 2 Mother 3 4 5 Grade Language X First_Name Student_Number Last_Name Home_phone Cnt1_cphone ^(decode;1;X;;) ^(decode;1;X;;) ^(decode;1;X;;) ^(decode;1;X;;) Guardian cnt1_ ^(decode;1;X;;) ^(decode;1;X;;) ^(decode;1;X;;) Grade_Level ^(decode;1;X;;) ^(decode;1;X;;) Father Cell Cnt2_cphone Father cnt2_

13 These are other examples of decode statements:
^(decode;^(GA_Residential_Environ);3;Homeless;4;Unac Youth) ^(decode;^(GA_HomelessPrimaryShelter);2;Doubled-Up;3;Unsheltered;4;Hotel/Motel) ^(decode;^(Enroll_Status);0;Active;2;Inactive;"";;^(Enroll_Status)) ^([39]Abbreviation) - To pull school abbreviation rather than school code Download a copy of the Data Access Tag Supplement document from PowerSource for many other tags you can use in exports and object reports : Articles #57748; 55742; and 5236.

14 Conference Announcement
Attendees: Please use your bandwidth wisely, and please do not download or stream large files while at GAETC. Everyone is invited to attend the GaETC Opening Session with Keynote Speaker Kevin Honeycutt. The topic is Trends, Tools and Tactics for 21st Century Learning Everyone is also invited to visit the Exhibit Hall.


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