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No Smoking Day 2014 Developing the theme Cecilia Farren 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101.

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1 No Smoking Day 2014 Developing the theme Cecilia Farren 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

2 No Smoking Day 2014 V is for Very successful Validated Victorious Vivid Vast …VICTORY 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

3 V for Victory Word ‘Victory’, - success, conquest, triumph, battle, vanquish over addiction Two fingers, strong non-verbal gesture – V for Victory – Crushing cig packet – Finger and hand gestures Letter V …. Crushed cigarette pack – Photo opps – Plain packaging campaign – Challenges BHF ‘Fight for every heart beat’ links with ‘Victory’ 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

4 Victory (from Latin victoria) 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101 Strong feelings of elation and celebration Victory of good over evil is a recurring theme in mythology and fairy tales. Applied to warfare and success achieved in combat, after military operations or, by extension, in competition

5 NSD: Aim Stop smoking advice Stalls and displays Events and activities Media coverage and (broadcast, print, social media, newsletters) Helping people who want to stop smoking 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

6 Use No Smoking Day to promote stop smoking services Turn this …. ……...into this VICTORY! 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

7 Adapt well known Victory slogans Quit smoking; Your Country and Kids Need You Quit for Victory 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

8 Victory over Nicotine ‘Victory’ in promotional and testimonial copy. – Battle, war, campaign, fight, damage, destroy, winning, rallying troops, advance, action, allies, ambush, ammunition, attack, booby trap, command, conquer, infantry, struggle. 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

9 Smoking’s History, Quitting’s Victory 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

10 Testimonials Quit Story into Victory (Quit Stories into Victories) Promote services with quit stories and photo opportunities....... 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

11 Stalls: V for Victory V for Victory with scissors cutting cigs Giant cut out V painted red Style stall & staff in white, red and black Put leaflets in V 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

12 Quit for Victory 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101 in cigarettes and crushed packets............

13 Stall - Smoking’s History, Quitting’s Victory Cigarette posters from the 1940s on black back ground and a 3D or framed version of the Victory poster. 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

14 V for Victory or ‘Blitz on Quitz’ stall 1940s outfits and styling 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

15 CO Vict-or-meter Breath CO monitor is the key resource to attract and motivate smokers to your event. 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

16 Victory - A picture speaks a 1,000 words...... Ex-smokers crushing cig packets making the V for Victory Ex-smokers standing to form a giant V 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

17 Victorious – We crushed the habit This is where you come in! Tie up a foam ciggie or stress pack 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

18 Victory over Big Cig and Puff Ciggy 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101 Big Cig sent away Big Cig stepped on ex-smokers making the Victory sign Puff Ciggy being knocked out!

19 V Celebrates Victory Victory of celebrating quitting Arms raised in a V Fingers raised in a V Gold medallions on ribbons that form a V shape V shape is very celebratory. 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

20 Victory as winning Sporting and physical challenges Football, cycle, fun runs Give Tobacco the Sack races Ciggie skittles/Puff Ciggies Knocking over crushed cigarette packs (like coconut shy) Throw a crushed packet through a giant V shape 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

21 Event: Blitz the Cigz Party or Fashion Show 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

22 Articles, blogs, handouts, for smokers Tips to Quit for Victory List your reasons to wage war on tobacco Plan your campaign Decide your V for Victory day List risky times when cravings attack Plan a campaign strategy to combat cravings Get extra troops to support your efforts Select arms to fight the enemy – NRT or Champix or cold turkey Draw up battle lines for ensuring success Wake ready for the fight, confident of victory 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

23 Tips to Quit finger/hand gestures See the risks Phone a helpline Listen to advice Self belief List your reasons Make a promise Get support Stub it out Use NRT Drink sips of water Wait 3 minutes,let cravings pass Keep hands busy Keep active Walk away from smoky situations Eat healthy snacks Save the money Reward yourself Success! 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

24 Reasons to Quit with hand gestures Money Heart Throat Lungs Mouth Smell Protect children 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

25 Reasons/Tips/Benefits/ V is for Victory and … Vanquish addiction Vitality and more energy Verve and longer life Vigour and strength Vanity - looks, fewer wrinkles Virility – reduced risk of impotence Visits to far away people and places Voice box – cancer of throat Vast wealth saved Value children’s health Valour and courage to quit Velocity – run faster! Vault – leap for joy and pride Veto tobacco industry wooing Veracity – face the truth Vision – prevent eye damage View – see the world more positively Virtuous – self esteem VIP - exclusive club of ex-smokers Vocabulary –No thanks, I don’t smoke or I’m an Ex-smoker Vanguard – first to win victory Vehicle of your dreams Versatile, able to tackle anything Vogue – cash to buy and look good in latest fashions Voracious appetite for life Vow to stay off smoking forever Volunteer to tell their story 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

26 ‘Victory’ hijacked by tobacco 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

27 Fingers and risk Gangrenous fingers, yellow tar coated fingers – Lungs, legs and larynxes Fingers and quit ads Fingers dialling quitlines Smoking and impotence – 2 fingers walking holding a cigarette with drooping ash which drop off! – See YouTube 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

28 Smoking is ‘V’ery risk y Arteries Lungs 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

29 V for Victory – Talks, class plans Health risks using warrior wording Smoking attacks our bodies and invades our defences “Smoking invades our bodies as it advances into the mouth and lungs. It then attacks the body organs as the chemical weapons go marauding through the body. It can cause damage even as the chemicals retreat from the body via excretion. 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

30 GASP wishes you Victory in your No Smoking Day 2014 Events Contact: 15/12/ +44(0)117 955 0101

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