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Mission Viejo High School At Risk Freshman Parent Night Building Student Success All things are difficult before they are easy. The individual who believes.

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1 Mission Viejo High School At Risk Freshman Parent Night Building Student Success All things are difficult before they are easy. The individual who believes they can do something is probably right, and so is the person who believes they can’t

2 SVUSD Graduation Requirements Complete 220 credits –165 Required (English, Math, Science, History) –55 Elective (Art, Drama, Band, etc.) 4 Years of English 3 Years of Social Science (History) 3 Years of Math 3 Years of Science 2 Years of PE (4 semesters) 1 Year of Foreign Language/Fine Art/Tech. Art 1 Semester of Health 9 th Grade = 60 Credits 10 th Grade = 60 Credits 11 th Grade = 60 Credits 12 th Grade = 50 Credits

3 S.V.U.S.D. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 1. Complete 220 credits: 165 required, 55 electives 2. Earn a minimum of 1.75 G.P.A. 3. Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) 4. Demonstrate grade level writing proficiency 5. Submit verification of a minimum of 8 hours of community service

4 Grading Information To pass a class a student must earn a D- or higher. Middle School had 3 trimester grades. High School has two semester grades that count for graduation. Fall semester (January) & Spring semester (June).

5 How to … Make up Credits Summer School Adult School ROP Classes Monitor Progress Online grades Communication with teachers

6 SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Employers want you to be able to………….. Organize time, people and materials to complete tasks Work as part of a team Locate, interpret, evaluate and process information Read critically and effectively Listen carefully Perform computations and calculations Make decisions based on reasoning, think creatively, solve problems, adapt to change Be punctual, sociable, respect others and have excellent attendance.

7 SURVEY ABOVE 2.5 GPA Students: I am responsible for my success or failure. Totally AgreeMildly AgreeDisagree 76% 15% 9% Parents: I am at least partially responsible for my students success or failure. 83% 11% 6% BELOW 2.0 GPA Students: 8% 59% 33% Parents: 17% 42% 41%

8 STUDENTS Go to school Create a good impression Do your homework every day Focus on things you like; play the game with things you don’t Realize you make your own fate

9 PARENTS Teach them to love reading Make school a top priority from Monday through Friday Create a learning environment Never enable Make them teach you Include them in discussion of world issues

10 HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL Believe in yourself (yes you can do it) Get organized (use planner) Self management (when do you study) Take notes Classroom Success (adapt to teachers) Scan, Read, Review (subtitles, bold, comp Study Smart (learning style) Get help if needed

11 HOW DO STUDENTS LEARN Listening 10% Writing Activity70% Teaching Another Person90% STUDY SMART Visual Learner - Flash Cards Auditory Learner – Read Aloud Kinesthetic Learner – Role Play

12 Early Intervention is Key! F Prevention is the goal It’s okay not to be an A student It’s not okay to be an F student C’s or above is a realistic and worthwhile goal Graduation and College Entry Career Preparation

13 The Killer Be’s Be Here – Attendance! Be Prepared – Organization, Materials, Planner, Books, Notebook and Folders Behave! – Avoid disciplinary issues and negative image Be Productive – Attentive, Do classwork, Do homework Be Involved – Participate and connect BE SUCCESSFUL!

14 Grades online Check student current grades & assignments online at:

15 Saddleback Valley Unified School District Family Portal


17 Select current student

18 Current teacher’s gradebook & classroom assignments; select Gradebook under Grades tab


20 For current grading period select grades under Grade tab


22 School Interventions Planner Use – A crucial tool! –Teachers sign planner Daily Tutorial Period – 30 minutes Mandatory Tutorials assigned Connection to a caring adult Tutor Resources at school - NHS

23 Home Interventions Regular Study Time – regardless of homework or not! Visible Study Location – where parent can monitor Reliance on Planner – monitor daily completion of the planner Initiate Teacher Signature on Planner – use if needed until self-monitoring

24 Home Interventions Monitor Electronic Gradebook with student - Nightly Empty the Backback – Nightly – check for organization Help with planning use of Tutorial time – use teacher signature if needed Email communication with teachers as needed

25 Home Interventions Use consequences/loss of privileges –For defined periods time –Until the specific problem is corrected –ie: no missing assignments for two weeks –ie: no missed recording of assignments in planner for one week Use positive rewards for sustanied effort and/or improvement

26 Tutorial Meets every day from 9:57 to 10:28 Students can choose the class Students can be assigned a mandatory tutorial You are never a loser until you quit trying

27 Student Tutor List Mission Viejo H.S. student tutor lists are available in the Guidance Office –Subjects offered: Foreign Language Science Mathematics

28 Saddleback Valley U.S.D. Tutor List Visit the website to find adult tutors for a nominal fee: The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach

29 National Honor Society Student Tutors Days: Mondays and Thursdays At tutorial in room 207 At lunch in the Library

30 Family Resources Family Resource Center –Family counseling –Specific mini-courses City of Mission Viejo –Parent seminars OC Sheriff –Pepperdine Counseling Program (PRYDE)

31 Mission Viejo City Library –949-830-7100 ext. 5105 Chemistry Tutors: –Mondays 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm & 7:30 pm -8:30 pm Higher Math Tutors: Alg 2 - Calculus –Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm & –7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Algebra Tutors: –Wednesdays 6:30 pm- 7:30pm & 7:30 – 8:30 *First come first serve, call in advance

32 MVHS Contacts Counselors Academic Issues, College & Career Planning, Personal Issues & Course Level Changes Mrs. Gerri Evans Last Names A—K ext. 5120 Grades 9—12 Mr. Steve Uthus Last Names L—Z ext. 5121 Grades 9—12 Student Services Technicians Scheduling & Registration, General Guidance Issues Mrs. Mary Ann Brady Last Names A—D ext. 5125 Mrs. Dina Treibel Last Names E-K ext. 5126 Mrs. Jennifer Boucher Last Names L—Q ext. 5128 Mrs. Mary Stack Last Names R—Z ext. 5127

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