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MSP430 USART Afonso Ferreira Miguel. Características - Assíncrono.

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1 MSP430 USART Afonso Ferreira Miguel

2 Características - Assíncrono

3 Operação USART In UART mode, the USART transmits and receives characters at a bit rate asynchronous to another device. Timing for each character is based on the selected baud rate of the USART. The transmit and receive functions use the same baud rate frequency.

4 Inicialização Set SWRST (BIS.B #SWRST,&UxCTL) Initialize all USART registers with SWRST = 1 (including UxCTL) Enable USART module via the MEx SFRs (URXEx and/or UTXEx) Clear SWRST via software (BIC.B #SWRST,&UxCTL) Enable interrupts (optional) via the IEx SFRs (URXIEx and/or UTXIEx) Failure to follow this process may result in unpredictable USART behavior.

5 Detecção de erros The USART module automatically detects framing errors, parity errors, overrun errors, and break conditions when receiving characters. The bits FE, PE, OE, and BRK are set when their respective condition is detected. When any of these error flags are set, RXERR is also set. The error conditions are described in Table:

6 Detecção de erros




10 UxBR0, UxBR1 e UxMCTL Ver arquivo Excel de configuração de Baud Rate

11 Byte de recepção

12 Byte de transmissão

13 Habilitação da recepção e transmissão da USART 0

14 Controle de dados enviados e recebidos

15 USART - Exemplo Configuração

16 USART - Exemplo Recebendo e Transmitindo

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