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Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Solutions for the World’s Toughest Environments.

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1 Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Solutions for the World’s Toughest Environments

2 COMPANY OVERVIEW Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Plasma Ruggedized Solutions, Inc. (‘Plasma’ or the ‘Company’) is an engineering services partner to OEM’s that designs, tests, and applies chemical and mechanical agents to ruggedize PCB’s and electronic assemblies. Summary  Founded in 1990.  Headquartered in San Jose California with a 2 nd facility in Huntington Beach comprising a total of approximately 55,000 sq. ft. with 120 employees.  Over 2000 customers in current operating base covering 14 industries with 400-600 active during any particular month. The largest representing less than 12% of sales.  Rapid historical growth facilitated by compliance with newly implemented environmental regulations (RoHS) and industry trend toward ruggedization.

3 QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Locations Plasma Ruggedized Solutions - Northern CA Plasma Ruggedized Solutions - Southern CA 2284 Ringwood Ave Suite A 5452 Business Drive San Jose, CA 95131 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 AS9100 ITAR IPC RoHS NASA ISO 9001:2008 Registered Registered Complaint 8739.1A Certified


5 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Plasma Ruggedized Solutions We can manage many of your processes to help streamline production: Allowing you to concentrate on your core business Reduce your vendor base Minimize cost of management Reduce lead times

6 Conformal Coating Introduction Improves and extends the working life and reliability of electronic components. Conformal Coats are thin layers of synthetic resins or organic polymers applied to electronic assemblies. Coating protects against environmental, mechanical, thermal, electrical, vibration and chemical challenges. Mitigates manufacturing issues related to RoHS mandated removal of lead from printed circuit board fabrication and printed circuit assembly operations. Coatings are thin and conform to the irregular shape of the boards and their components. Potting Introduction The encapsulating and casting of an electronic device is also a method of coating or sealing circuit board assemblies, cables and harnesses. Unlike Conformal Coating potting does not conform to irregular shapes of components. Potting provides all of the same environmental protection and electrical performance stabilization as coating, but it also provides a security function for protecting a classified device or prevention of reverse engineering attempts. The Potting method uses a custom formed “Pot” or case/shell to put the entire device into, the compound is then introduced and the device sealed. Products & Applications Conformal Coating and Potting Represent 90% of Plasma Revenues Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

7 CONFORMAL COATING Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Commonly Used Conformal Coatings Include Acrylic (AR) Polyurethane (UR) Epoxy (ER) Silicone (SR) Parylene (XY) Nano Coatings

8 Potting & Encapsulation Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Potting / Encapsulation is the process used to protect “ruggedize” electronics. Potting provides protection from extreme environments, against shock and vibration, ensures security of sensitive designs, as well as creates a barrier against moisture, fungus, dust, and corrosion. Potting can also enhance circuit reliability by reducing leakage from high voltage circuits, protecting against voltage arcs and short circuits and by preventing the formation of “tin whiskers.” Potting or Encapsulating a circuit can make it Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant. Because Potting and Encapsulating encloses the entire assembly, the assembly is protected from unauthorized entry, modification and reverse engineering.

9 Security Programs FIPS Compliant Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

10 Corrosion Resistance- EMI / RFI Protection Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Metalized coatings, shielding, coated enclosures

11 Tin Whisker Mitigation and Layered Coating Solutions Plasma Ruggedized Solutions Tin whiskers are not a new phenomenon. Tin whiskers have been noted as early as the 1950s. Tin is only one of several metals that are known to be capable of growing whiskers. Other examples of metals that may form whiskers include Zinc, Cadmium, Indium and Antimony. Tin whiskers are believed to grow in order to relieve mechanical stresses acting within the tin layer. Whiskers grow at a rate of 3-7 angstroms per second and can see an annual growth of 9-10 mm per year. Tin whiskers, as the name implies, are hair-like growths of near perfect single crystalline structures of tin that grow from some electroplated tin surfaces.

12 Private Label Material Development Plasma Ruggedized Solutions The KRYPTOS™ product line is highly adaptable of which KRYPTOS-17 is a filled, RoHS compliant, medium viscosity, self-extinguishing flame retardant, low stress, thermally conductive epoxy casting resin system. As tested by an independent party (UL 94V0), it passes the criteria for a vertical burn rating of 94V-0 at 3mm and 6mm thickness.

13 External Lighting /Shipboard / Blimp Plasma Ruggedized Solutions PCBA’s ruggedized to perform outside in all weather conditions. Ruggedized for flexibility on non- rigid surfaces.

14 Six Sigma Award Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

15 Aviation Week Award Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

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