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Ruggedized Protection For Navy Fleet Services PRS Proprietary.

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1 Ruggedized Protection For Navy Fleet Services PRS Proprietary

2 Environmental Protection- An Engineered Solution for Electronic and Mechanical Assemblies PRS Proprietary

3 Situational Awareness and Threat Environments Todays “in-theatre” shipboard needs demand C5ISR Systems to be fully operational 100% of the time. Complicating these needs are: Asymmetrical threats, High demand mission cycle times with limited intervals for maintenance and support activities, evolving environmental conditions and COTS/RoHS products in use for Military applications. Reality is that C5ISR systems are expected to operate in real time “come as you are” status with 100% reliability regardless of threat or environmental conditions. Given the varying and dynamic nature of Mission requirements, growing complexity of electronic systems and the need to operate in smaller packages in increasingly hostile environments, electronics must be ruggedized at the component and PCB level. PRS Proprietary

4 Response/Engineering Solutions The Security services of the U.S. have been mandated to use COTS componentry in all electronic (including C5ISR) systems. The reliability and certainty of mission success may be put in jeopardy as COTS products were never intended for military application or environments. Couple this with RoHS/lead free material and reliability of system performance (and thus Mission effectivity) may be subject to further degradation. To better insure survivability and performance any PCB’s (and probably some mechanical product) associated with Communications, EW, Fire Control and any other Mission critical electronics must be coated or encapsulated with mil-rated materials. PRS Proprietary

5 Forward Looking Proactive Action To insure mission success from the outset it is necessary to spec into any RFQ or RFI an environmental requirement so that the design integrates an environmental solution with the overall system. Too many times a design passes a well thought out Qualification testing process only to find out in the LRIP or Preproduction phase that tin whiskers or corrosion or an EMI/RFI issue has arisen that was unaccounted for. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions has worked with various A&D Tier 1 and Tier 2 firms for more than 23 years creating lifecycle cost-savings applications to insure high MTBF mission critical performance. Featuring more than 2.5K types of coatings and encapsulates PRS engineering designs and creates custom ruggedized solutions for specific threat environments. In the following set of charts we will discuss engineered approaches for dealing with various threat environments that electronic and mechanical systems face in theater. PRS Proprietary

6 Cleaning and Unit Preparation DI Water Wash Some Hardware; Water Soluble Fluxes Aqueous Cleaning (water + chemicals) Optimal for Hardware; Most Fluxes including No Clean Solvent Cleaning Optimal for Hardware; RMA, Rosin, No Clean Fluxes, Oils Ultrasonic Increase Effectiveness of Standard Methods Mechanical – brushing & wiping PRS Proprietary

7 Plasma Treatment and Surface Activation Dry Process Environmentally Friendly High Efficiency Reduced Waste Stream Removal of Contaminants Modify Surface Energy Increased Material Substrate Options Teflon, Plastics Increased Adhesion and Wettability PRS Proprietary

8 Application Methodology CVD-Chemical Vapor Deposition Truly Conformal Dip coating Spray Multi faceted approach Increased Efficiency Layered approach Optimized Material Performance Example: Parylene with Urethane Overcoat PRS Proprietary

9 Preferred Materials Conformal Coating for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance PRS Proprietary

10 Parylene Excellent Chemical Resistance Excellent Electrical and Mechanical Properties Protection from Corrosion Low Stress Thin Film PRS Proprietary

11 Epoxy and Polyurethane Great Material Compatibility Good to Excellent Chemical Resistance Ideal for harsh environments Moisture, Fluids, Corrosive Gases Good to Excellent Abrasion Resistance Thermo-mechanical Stability Tunable Mix Ratios, Additives/Fillers Greater Control of Physical and Electrical Properties PRS Proprietary

12 Acrylics & Silicones Low Stress Good RF compatibility (Low Dielectric K) Ideal material for antenna Reduced Process Complexity Easily Reworked /repairable PRS Proprietary

13 Nano Technology Inorganic Coatings (ASG) High Operating Temperature Limits Thin Film PRS Proprietary

14 Potting & Encapsulation Potting / Encapsulation is the process used to protect “ruggedize” electronics. Potting provides protection from extreme environments, against shock and vibration, ensures security of sensitive designs, as well as creates a barrier against moisture, fungus, dust, and corrosion. Potting can also enhance circuit reliability by reducing leakage from high voltage circuits, protecting against voltage arcs and short circuits and by preventing the formation of “tin whiskers.” Potting or Encapsulating a circuit can make it Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant. Because Potting and Encapsulating encloses the entire assembly, the assembly is protected from unauthorized entry, modification and reverse engineering. PRS Proprietary

15 Security Programs FIPS Compliant PRS Proprietary

16 Material Development - Kryptos Plasma Ruggedized Solutions recently began developing new materials in-house for our conformal coating, potting, encapsulating, and other processes. Certain applications can be carried out perfectly with standard materials, but others require something more specialized. Our materials development processes give us a unique ability to create the perfect/tailored material to match your project's exact specifications. The KRYPTOS™ product line is highly adaptable, of which KRYPTOS-17™ is a filled, RoHS compliant, medium viscosity, self-extinguishing flame retardant, low stress, thermally conductive epoxy casting resin system. This material is UL 94V0 rated and was designed to meet the physical security requirements of FIPS 140-2, and FIPS140-3 for an encapsulating material. The materials inherent nature offers excellent Tin-whisker mitigation properties. It provides very good resistance to water, salt spray, inorganic acids, bases and most organic solvents. The material is intended for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. PRS Proprietary

17 Rating Scale 1 (Highest) to 4 AcrylicPolyurethaneEpoxySiliconeParylene (XY) (AR)(UR)(ER)(SR)CDN Humidity Resistance 2121221 Humidity Resistance (Extended Periods) 2132221 Abrasion Resistance 3214111 Mechanical Strength 3112111 Temperature Resistance 2331221 Acid Resistance 3112111 Alkali Resistance 3112111 Organic Solvent Resistance 4112111 Dielectric Constant (1MHz @ 23°C) 2.2 - 3.24.2- 5.23.3 - 4.02.6 - Outgassing 3234111 Electrical Impedance 2432--- Optical Clarity 4312222 Electrical Insulation 1-2 2221 Reworkability 1332444 VOC’s 1-32-3 1-2111 Thermal Stability 1-222 111 Thermal Conductivity 2-31-3 2-3333 Adhesion 2-31-2 1-3222 Material Selection Table PRS Proprietary

18 EMI RFI Shielding PRS Proprietary

19 Conductive Coatings Coatings are typically applied to hardware or electronics through spray application or CNC dispensing.  Excellent EMI RFI shielding  High Attenuation  Adaptable material properties PRS Proprietary

20 EMI RFI Shielding  Other solutions apply a conductive coating over the CCA itself effectively creating a Faraday Cage around the CCA eliminating the need for an enclosure. (This requires a pre-coating to seal the assembly and prevent shorts.)  Wrapping an assembly in a conductive material and then potting around it also creates the RF barrier and provides structural support as well. PRS Proprietary

21 FORM-IN-PLACE conductive gaskets offer effective EMI RFI shielding, ESD control and environmental seal.  Multi-Axis CNC dispensing for precise, repeatable, high reliability sealing.  Capable of mitigating Internally or Externally radiated interference.  Can be applied to nearly all conductive surfaces where a seal is required including conductive coated or metallized composites. FIPG (Form-In-Place Gasket) PRS Proprietary

22 Nano Technology Optically Clear Material Solutions Available Ideal for Lighting Solutions (LED) Can Replace ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Applied Easily Using Conventional Methodologies Spray Dip PRS Proprietary

23 QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS Locations Plasma Ruggedized Solutions - Northern CA Plasma Ruggedized Solutions - Southern CA 2284 Ringwood Ave Suite A 5452 Business Drive San Jose, CA 95131 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 AS9100 ITAR IPC RoHS COMSEC NASA ISO 9001:2008 Registered Registered Complaint Registered 8739.1A Certified PRS Proprietary

24 COMPANY OVERVIEW Plasma Ruggedized Solutions, Inc. (‘Plasma’ or the ‘Company’) is an engineering services partner to OEM’s that designs, tests, and applies chemical and mechanical agents/devices to ruggedize and encrypt (mechanically) odd geometry/asymmetric PCB’s and electronic assemblies. Summary  Founded in 1990.  California subchapter ‘S’ Corporation.  Shareholders are Institutional Capital and Management.  Headquartered in San Jose California with a 2 nd facility in Huntington Beach comprising a total of approximately 55,000 sq. ft. 120 employees.  Over 2,000 customers in current operating base covering 14 industries with 400-600 active during any particular month. The largest representing less than 12% of sales.  Rapid historical growth facilitated by compliance with newly implemented environmental regulations (RoHS) and industry trend toward ruggedization.  Multi-industry orientation with primary applications in A&D, Medical, Automotive, Robotics and Communications sectors. PRS Proprietary

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