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Creating the Future Pierre and Marie Curie University.

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1 Creating the Future Pierre and Marie Curie University

2 Every day, UPMC demonstrates how education and research create important synergies. Located in the heart of the Paris, UPMC embodies French excellence in higher education and research. Facts and Figures ‣ 34,000 students of which 6,900 are international ‣ 10,100 in staff, of which 8,400 are in research units ‣ 100 research laboratories ‣ 8,000 publications per year (approx. 11% of the publication in France) ‣ Ranked the top universities in France by the Shanghai ratings ‣ Members of the European innovation networks: Climate KIC and the EIT ICT Labs UPMC: the Leading French Scientific and Medical University

3 Award-Winning Faculty and Researchers UPMC’s faculty brings research directly into the classroom. The University co-sponsors its research teams with the French national scientific research center (CNRS) and the national health and medical research institute (Inserm). Faculty & Researcher Awards ‣ Nobel Prize for Physics in 1997 and 2012 ‣ Henri Poincaré Prize in 2012 ‣ Fields Medal in 1994, 2010 and 2014 ‣ CNRS Gold Medals in 1996, 1998 and 2009, and numerous CNRS Silver Medals ‣ INSERM Grand Prize in 2007 ‣ Irène Joliot Curie Prize in 2007 and 2011 ‣ 16 ERC grants from 2008 to 2012 ‣ More than a quarter of the members of the French Academies of Science and of Medicine are UPMC faculty.

4 UPMC: Part of Sorbonne University Sorbonne University is one of the most comprehensive university centers in the country. This regrouping of five establishments and four research centers was awarded the “Excellence Initiative” from the French government, and represents an important change in French higher education by covering a complete range of academic domains. Sorbonne University Members ‣ Pierre and Marie Curie (science & medicine) ‣ Paris-Sorbonne (humanities) ‣ Compiègne University of Technology ‣ Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (science) ‣ INSEAD Business School ‣ Four French national research agencies (CNRS, Inserm, IRD, Inria)

5 Ground-Breaking Research

6 Research in All Major Scientific Domains UPMC has a full range of sciences and medicine, offering research capabilities to find original solutions to complex problems. As the largest university of its kind in France, UPMC has the critical mass to conduct cutting-edge research. World-renowned Capabilities ‣ Internationally recognized in mathematics, cross-disciplinary modeling and engineering. ‣ Research at the forefront of nanoscience, quantum and particle physics, and astrophysics. ‣ Demonstrated expertise in large, complex modeling of Earth and the environment, integrated biology/ecology, and material and Earth sciences. ‣ High-level integration of fundamental, clinical and translational research with the country’s largest medical university complex.

7 Research Policy for the 21 st Century UPMC explores the major issues of sustainable development, including health, climate change, water, biodiversity, energy, and communications. Recent Notable Achievements ‣ Identification of the gene responsible for night blindness, at the Vision Institute. ‣ World’s first induced puberty by autologous cryopreserved ovarian tissue. ‣ Participated in the identification of the Higgs Boson ‣ Participation in the “Curiosity” rover on Mars

8 The Largest Medical Complex in France Working at the crossroads of research, patient care and education, UPMC has outstanding institutes in the fields of vision, neurosciences, degenerative diseases, cardio-metabolism, immunology & infectious diseases, cancer and public health. Complete Healthcare Studies ‣ More than 730 faculty physicians ‣ 11,700 students ‣ 1000 interns ‣ 6 principal teaching hospitals ‣ Additional paramedical programs in speech therapy, psychomotor education and orthoptics ‣ A School of Midwifery ‣ Associated Nursing Institutes

9 Research within Sorbonne University Sorbonne University research is particularly focused on multidisciplinary approaches to boost innovation potential. An exceptional number of projects for laboratories, equipment, biotechnology and institutes were identified as Excellence Initiatives by the French government Excellence Initiatives ‣ 3 Excellence Institutes in vision, cardio-metabolism and diseases of the nervous system ‣ 15 Laboratories of Excellence ‣ 5 Equipment of Excellence programs ‣ 4 Biotechnology & Bioinformatics projects ‣ 1 Low-Carbon Energy Initiative ‣ 2 Science-to-Business Transfer Establishments

10 UPMC prepares its doctoral candidates not only for careers in research, but also for high-level executive positions. At UPMC, a doctoral project is research as a first professional employment, with a recruitment process and a salary. Additional training is adapted to each candidate’s professional project and career goals. Doctoral Success Creating Researchers ‣ 3,200 doctoral candidates ‣ 800 doctorates awarded each year ‣ 19 doctoral schools supporting doctoral training ‣ International doctoral programs

11 The Sorbonne Doctoral College Sorbonne University offers innovative doctoral programs for emerging job profiles that combine science or medicine with social sciences For example:  A PhD/MBA in science/management or a PhD/MBA in science/industrial strategy  An Executive MBA offered in partnership with industry Sorbonne Doctoral College ‣ Interdisciplinary Seminars: to learn different approaches in other domains ‣ Additional Courses: across all disciplines ‣ Joint Doctoral Programs ‣ International Doctorates

12 Exceptional Education

13 An Enriching Student Experience UPMC students come from all over France and more than 20 percent are international. Students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds are united by academic excellence, in the center of Paris. Campus life at UPMC reflects this vibrant community. Campus Life ‣ Student representation in the UPMC administration ‣ More than 80 student associations ‣ More than 35 entertainment and cultural activities ‣ 3,500 students participate in sports, some in world-class competitions ‣ Services for the handicapped including exam support

14 Supporting Student Goals Students find their personal form of excellence at UPMC. UPMC offers programs adapted to a diverse student body. Students can choose a bachelor’s degree in a single area of study, a major/minor program, or a reinforce/ double major. Extended Major/Minor Bachelor’s Programs at Sorbonne University Sorbonne University has the major/minor approach to the bachelor’s degree designed for emerging professions with an even broader set of disciplines, such as: ‣ Physics & Musicology ‣ Chemistry & Art History ‣ Engineering and Economics

15 Highly Specialized Master’s Degrees Targeted Master’s programs prepare students for specific professions. A UPMC master’s degree has three components:  Specialization in a research domain  Practical Experience  Career Guidance International Master’s at UPMC ‣ Such as: mathematics, biomedical imaging, computer sciences, materials and nano sciences, marine and cell biology, brain and mind sciences, bioinformatics, and molecular development ‣ University partnerships in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa

16 Five-Year Engineering Programs The University Master’s of Engineering  Electronic or mechanical specialties  Preparing for public or private research  Geared for international careers Polytech’Paris-UPMC  Multidisciplinary, with seven specializations in innovative fields  In close collaboration with industry  90% of students hired within six months of graduation

17 Actively Contributing to Society Universities are at the heart of the knowledge- and innovation-based global economy developing around us. UPMC is a key player in this development. Science Outreach The University has a diverse range of programs to help the public understand the impact and challenges in science, and to be a leading scientific voice in responding to society’s concerns. Life-long Learning UPMC offers courses specifically designed to help adults renew, redefine, and refocus their skills and employability. End-to-End Technology Transfer UPMC supports research results with SATT LUTECH to mature technology, Agoranov to incubate startups and Quadrivium for venture capital

18 UPMC is active in the development of EU policy and reinforces the European Research Area's priorities. UPMC participates in EU networks, (LERU, EUA, and others), to establish and apply standardized higher education and research practices. Part of the European University Community Supporting UPMC Researchers ‣ A dedicated Office of European Affairs ‣ Scientific, judicial, financial and communications support for research proposals ‣ Project coordination

19 International Strategy Sorbonne University is establishing:  A limited number of strategic university partnerships  In seven regions – India, China, Brazil, South Africa, North America, Singapore at Abu Dhabi  Bilateral exchanges in both research and education to expose our students to other countries, cultures and economies  Trans-disciplinary programs that build on established cooperation

20 Thank you

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