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Building an inside sales team in a Mature industry By Ronan Whelan Head of Sales.

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1 Building an inside sales team in a Mature industry By Ronan Whelan Head of Sales

2 New World Companies & Mature Companies International companies selling across large multiple territories National companies selling in a local territory New World

3 The Money Ball Moment

4 Inside Sales is ….

5 Why Laya Healthcare are introducing an inside sales approach Controlled Customer Engagement Hit targets Cost Reduce Travel

6 What I will Take you through Where I come from Pre Planning for an inside sales team Market Analysis The 5 fundamentals of building an inside sales team Forecasting & budgeting approach My tips on building an inside sales team

7 Where I Come From Strategic Selling background The target market is very clear You know the competitor account managers Intuitive & high emotional intelligence Selling Entertainment & networking resources are high. You know the customers like friends What I have had to Change Personal Investment in becoming more analytical The answers are in the

8 Pre Planning an Inside Sales Team Getting your company to understand what your talking about Knowing your weaknesses You cant do it without CRM Understanding the Cultural Challenge This is a change This is not TELE SALES by another name Understanding

9 Market Analysis Invest In the Right customer databases Understanding the Opportunity Segmentation approach Sectors / Locations / Size Agreeing the Buying Cycle for Selected Segments How the competitors do it

10 5 Fundamentals of achieving revenue goals Pipeline... People Planning Process Performance

11 People “Great Sales People are like Stallions” We need to move them to Ironman Man & Machine in perfect Harmony Hiring the right people Having on board programme On going coaching and training Relationship Management

12 Planning & Process Planning Questions: Who can we turn into Customers What will we do to find them How do we transfer the opportunity Process: CSO insight reports that the vast majority of companies are still when it comes to formalising, reviewing and measuring their sales process Implement a formal process that matches to your customers buying cycle

13 Pipeline... Answers all sales leaders should know Driving pipeline growth before you see revenue growth 3x times pipeline coverage? What’s your win rate? Inside sales person capacity? What is the benchmarking levels for similar industries ?

14 Performance Analysing Performance against your Plan TasksAssumption Actual Performance Quote Per Rep100,00050,000 Average Deal Size10,000 Deals Won Per Rep105 Opportunities Per Rep2530 Win Rate40%18% Creating the Analysis Function is Key Are your marketing team are creating opportunities… Can you ISR team handle this level of calls? Is there quality of call challenge?

15 Capacity & Budgeting Do you have enough ISR’s? Is marketing challenged to create leads ? Have they a target? Do you have enough outbound prospects ? How much time to do they spend prospecting ? How much of a budget do you need?

16 Summary Don’t become Redundant Technology is driving Its all about the Persevere with CRM Build Ironmen not Stallions Make it FUN… Show them the Money

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