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Mount Royal Staff Association Create Your Own MRU Experience.

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1 Mount Royal Staff Association Create Your Own MRU Experience

2 MRSA Vision Statement “ Fostering an organizational culture of ongoing recognition and respect as an equal partner within the MRU community."

3 How The MRSA Fits In… Our Students MRSA MRFA SAMRU MRU a complex system

4 How MRSA and MRU Fit In… Our Students MRSA MRFA SAMRU MRU a complex system Other PSE Market Conditions Donors External Forces Government

5 How Do You Fit In? a complex system Our Students MRSA MRFA SAMRU MRU

6 “…Employment relationship is a human relationship, not just a contractual or economic one. Human relationships that function well and effectively are based on mutual trust, confidence and fair dealing..." Margaret Wilson Minster of Labour – New Zealand

7 MRSA Mission Statement “The Mount Royal Staff Association endeavours to maintain a mutual and respectful relationship between the Staff and Mount Royal University. The MRSA has the responsibility of ensuring fair and equitable working conditions for Staff and strives to uphold a constant communication link between the Staff and the University. We recognize and promote important contributions and continued efforts of our Staff. In a collaborative effort, the MRSA and Staff build the foundation of strength upon which the University rests."

8 Kathy HomerAdministrative AssistantMRSA Baset Zarrug (2014-16)PresidentITS Maureen Bedard (2014-15)Vice President 2Library Karen Hiebert (2014-2016)Vice President 1School of Nursing/Midwifery Rona Reitsema (2013-15)TreasurerChild & Youth Studies Sarah Hamilton (2013-15)Board of Governors RepEnrolment Services Kirsten Garcia (2014-2016)Director at LargeConservatory Nadine Conklin (2014-2016)Director at LargeResidence Services Charissa Hovdebo (2014-2016)Director at LargeContinuing Education Whitney Struthers (2014-2016)Director at LargeUniversity Advancement Jhoseling Garcia (2014-2015)Director at LargeLab Resource Centre Cheryl Melatdoost (2014-2015)Director at LargeScience & Technology Kelsey Mullen (2014-2015)Director at LargeEnrolment Services Elaine Ori (2014-2015)Director at LargeContinuing Education Executives 2014/2015

9 MRSA Organizational Chart and Committees MRSA Membership 650 Executives Audit & Finance Negotiation Social Engagement & Communication Labour Relations Education Development and Training (EDT) Governance DTL PD Day Executive Assistant

10 What Does The MRSA Do For Me? Negotiates the Collective Agreement and answers any questions you may have Meets with HR weekly to discuss labour relations Meets with the other 3 Presidents (Dr. Docherty, MRFA and SAMRU) and attends MRU meetings to stay informed

11 What Does The MRSA Do For Me? Holds an AGM and General Meeting to keep you fully informed Distributes the monthly MRSAY! Newsletter Hosts a Professional Development Day on May 14, 2015 at the Zoo

12 How Do We Contribute to Our MRU? Established the MRSA scholarship and bursary  for our students Contributes financially to various MRU community initiatives:  Employee Activity Day (EAD) (May)  Big Bob’s BBQ – Picnic in the Park (June)  Season of Caring Christmas Fund (Dec)

13 Strategic Planning Budget Advisory Alumni Advisory Effective Team Award Search Committees DaycareDiversity New Employee Orientation How Are We Engaged At MRU? We participate in committee work… Transportation

14 Coalition Monthly Meetings Negotiation Meetings Search Committees Caucus for Budget Advisory Committee How Are We Engaged with the MRFA and SAMRU? Collaboration

15 O Executive positions P MRSA committee work P MRU committee work O Professional Development Days R Search committees T Negotiations U Social event planning N MRSAY! Newsletter I Attend MRSA Town Halls T Attend Monthly Informal Meetings with the MRU President Y Connect with your MRSA colleagues and Exec Board

16 How To Create Your Own MRU Experience…  Love to plan events, crunch numbers, network and create relationships or develop communication materials?  Is there a skill you’ve always hoped to build?  Want to grow professionally and personally as an effective leader? The MRSA and MRU have something for you!

17 Professional Development Funding  Apply for funding for courses on-line.  All EDT information can be found  Email account

18 How Can I Add Value? One person advocating change will get creamed Two people can commiserate Three people can start a revolution Get involved: Peter M. Senge, The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization (New York, NY: Currency Doubleday, 2006), p. 129

19 Benefits and Rewards of Being Involved Tapping into the experience of Colleagues Influence the growth and direction of MRSA and MRU Working with others to make a meaningful contribution to better MRU and MRSA communities Important in sustaining a healthy and vibrant MRSA and MRU communities

20 Communication is Key!  Visit the website:  Read the MRSAY! Newsletter published monthly  Attend the AGM (half hour release time): November 26, 2014  Attend the GM (half hour release time): June 2015  Attend MRSA Town Halls for specific details  Contact the MRSA office for information

21 Contact Us Office : W301 Phone : #5993 Email : Website :

22 What our Employees say about MRU… “We soar above all by exceeding the personal and professional dreams of our community by creating a supportive balanced life style that feeds the heart and soul and not the pocket and ego” Unnamed, Interview by AI Learning Team, Attracting and Recruiting Potential New Employees: Through the Lens of Appreciative Inquiry, Calgary, AB, December 2007

23 Thank you & Welcome to MRU!

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