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Atlantic Hall Alumni 2011. Atlantic Hall Alumni Official Launch June 2011.

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1 Atlantic Hall Alumni 2011

2 Atlantic Hall Alumni Official Launch June 2011

3 Vision To become a key resource for past and future graduates

4 Alumni Strategic Aims  To professionally and effectively manage, develop and steward relationships with alumni, donors, honorary fellows and other stakeholders.  To create social and professional networking opportunities for past and future alumni

5 Alumni Strategic Aims  To provide opportunities for mentoring and supporting the student body  To act as a student recruitment tool  To attract and secure funds and build mutually-beneficial partnerships for the school’s strategic priorities

6 Alumni Committee 2011 The alumni will be run by a committee made up of 12 members  President  Vice President  Secretary  Finance Officer  International Liaison Officer

7 Alumni Committee 2011  Legal Officer  Social Secretary (x3)  A-Hall Principal  A-Hall Staff Representative  Electronic Media Officer  Alumni Magazine Editor

8 A-Hall Alumni Magazine  A bi-annual electronic magazine  Contributions from alumni all over the world  Information on on-going activities in the school, upcoming events and fund raising activities  Advertising slots to globalise business links and opportunities

9 Alumni Website  The alumni website is being developed as part of the School’s website. The aim is to achieve both a social and professional networking site  It will contain a worldwide database of alumni and be used to help alumni members stay in touch with each other and informed on the school’s activities

10 The Alumni Pin  We intend to celebrate our association with the alumni with the development of an Atlantic Hall Alumni’s “Pin”  Pins will be available for purchase from the school in due course

11 Showing support  For over 20 years Atlantic Hall has strived to pursue learning and teaching of international distinction and impact.  Today, we can look with pride upon its achievements and progress which have brought a wide range of benefits to individuals and societies all over the world.

12 Showing support  The generosity of the alumni will play a key role in sustaining Atlantic Hall’s excellence and gifts to the school can range from small individual contributions to large donations from corporate sources.  Each gift received represents an act of support for which the students will be extremely grateful

13 Thank You

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