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Heart of the matter. Lets see what you already know? Basic concepts in PE.

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1 Heart of the matter


3 Lets see what you already know? Basic concepts in PE

4 Discussion Qs What issues are brought out by this song? Do you personally identify with this song in any way? How would you feel about your class if you were a right fielder What changes could we make to a softball lesson where one S is always in right field? How can we make right fielders enjoy PA for a lifetime? How often does this scenario play out in real life?

5 What is meant by inclusive practices? How can you make your classroom a positive place for learning and connections with physical activity (Right fielders, p.5)

6 Acknowledge and address the developmental levels and individual differences within and among learners in a class or age group of students or participants. Provide activities that guarantee successful experiences for all students or participants and provide individual challenges for the athletically gifted, the below average, as well as the average learner.

7 The three principles of DAA Acknowledge and Address Individual Differences Ensure success and provide challenges Utilize developmentally appropriated equipment

8 Activity experiences should be appropriate for the developmental level of all students. Differentiated instruction – adjusting task or language for low and high performers including students with disabilities The less physically educated are more of our focus. Why? This can be challenging for us

9 Age appropriate Equipment sized and weighted for success One ball for every child

10 Should 24 students wait to share one pencil?

11 Academic Learning Time in Physical Education Academic is a bit confusing Basically it looks at what percentage of time students spend in various categories (not really segments of a lesson) What might some of the categories be?

12 Example assignment Know each of the codes and what they stand for

13 To insure increased ALT-PE: 1) Eliminate elimination 2) Maximize opportunities for skill performance [touches] 3) Utilize developmentally appropriate equipment and tasks 4) Ensure a high success rate in a developmentally appropriate task relative to skill levels When students are provided with simply time on task it may actually be a counter- productive period of time and/or activity.

14 Opportunities to respond Why is this more accurate than simply measuring activity time? Hierarchy OTLs/OTRs ALT-PE Time on task

15 Who sets the standard for what is quality physical education? NASPE – check out their website in detail Appropriate Practices (ES, MS, HS)ESMSHS H&PE Standards Lots more

16 Important to provide feedback to students regarding what they are doing well and/or may need to improve. This includes motivational comments Later at WCU, the type and amount will be closely monitored What might you say to this student?student


18 Teacher Centered – teacher runs the show, students duplicate or mimic the teachers understandings 1. Command 2. Practice (includes task, stations) 3. Reciprocal 4. Self-Check 5. Self-Selection

19 Student Centered – students have more control and choice in class. Students create their understandings. 6. Guided Discovery (includes convergent) 7. Problem Solving (divergent, exploration) 8. Individual Program Summary Document

20 Teacher should adjust activities so that task is not too easy (boredom) or too hard (frustration) Challenge progresses or builds from previous learning

21 NASPE standard 5 Again, the environment in class ties into our ability to promote lifetime physical activity. It should be a positive place regardless of ability or other factors Tools: Hellisons Model (not on exam) Hellisons Model Level of involvement scale (not on exam) Level of involvement scale

22 What were some successful teaching strategies the teacher employed? Write your answers down Video

23 Observation of Teaching Rubric Graded on a sliding scale for your peer teaching assignment

24 Athletics Physical Education

25 Local & national businesses Fitness centers Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs Community centers Hospitals, clinics Churches, synagogues City Parks and Rec Depts.

26 Being a professional means continually evolving and improving Whats HOT! Mountain Biking Tae Bo

27 Inappropriate activities made appropriate by you! Inappropriate activities made appropriate by you!

28 National Organization – American Allicance for Health, PE, Recreation, and Dance, Organization – American Allicance for Health, PE, Recreation, and Dance, (AAHPERD) NASPE (National Association for Sport and Physical Education) AAPAR (American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation) AAHE (American Association for Health Education) NDA (National Dance Association) NAGWS (National Association for Girls and Women in Sports) District Organization (6), Eastern District of AAHPERD State Organization (50)

29 Standards Appropriate Practices (ES, MS, HS)ESMSHS PE Teacher Evaluation Tool Teachers Toolbox Position Statements Much more


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