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Don’t you think? By: Ms. Drake

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1 Don’t you think? By: Ms. Drake
Isn’t It Ironic? Don’t you think? By: Ms. Drake

2 Irony The difference between what someone would reasonably expect to happen and what actually does.

3 Situational Irony When one's efforts produces the opposite results of what was expected

4 Verbal Irony A contrast between what is said and what is actually meant

5 Dramatic Irony When the audience knows things the characters do not

6 Which of the following is NOT ironic?
The one time Fiona arrived to school on time, it turned out to be a Saturday. Rusty eagerly reached for the package, unaware it contained five live rattlesnakes. After a hard day at work, Sam collapsed on the couch and fell asleep. Although Anna was afraid of dogs, the friendly puppy kept jumping on her.

7 C is the correct answer. Of course he collapsed on the couch. He was tired. It only makes sense!

8 Which of the following is an example of verbal irony?
There’s nothing like piles of homework to brighten your weekend! If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich! Beth has a friend whose father is a lawyer. Would you like fries with that?

9 A is the correct answer. Nobody really wants piles of homework on the weekend. If you can catch a hint of sarcasm, it’s probably a good example of verbal irony.

10 Which of the following is an example of situational irony?
Jasmine’s strawberry ice cream cone dripped on her new clothes. The criminal replied, “Thanks for sending me on a three month all expense paid vacation to jail.” In all the confusion, Steph slipped on the banana peel that had been meant for Liza. Carrie didn’t know the burgular was hiding in the closet.

11 C is the correct answer. Steph had laid the banana out for someone else to slip on. Therefore, her slipping on her own trap is unexpected and ironic. If you said, B—it is ironic that the prisoner said that, but that is verbal irony, not situational irony.

12 Which of the following is dramatic irony?
Teddy bears sat on every shelf of Teresa’s room. The toddler, thinking he had found a grape, got a rude surprise when he put that which we saw was an olive in his mouth. The old woman answered the door and received a bouquet of flowers. It seemed as if a year had passed before Ryan answered the phone.

13 B is the correct answer. B is dramatic irony because the reader knows that the child is picking up an olive and not a grape; the child has yet to realize it.

14 Homework Response Questions
Write down something you’ve said that was the opposite of what you really meant. Think of cartoons, books, or movies that you’ve seen or read. Choose an example of dramatic irony from one and summarize and explain the irony. Think of a time you’ve experienced or witnessed situational irony. Share what happened and what made it ironic. Which type of irony do you think has the most potential for humor? Why?

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