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Operation Services Overview 10/4/2005. Organization Director of OPS -Ken Mannon Building Systems and Energy Mgmt Steve Strickland Real Estate Services.

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1 Operation Services Overview 10/4/2005

2 Organization Director of OPS -Ken Mannon Building Systems and Energy Mgmt Steve Strickland Real Estate Services Helen Matson Dept Admin Leora Spence Project Management, Planning & Design Maint. & Repairs – Fleet / Facilities Tracy Ochsner Deputy OPS Director –Jared Interholzinger

3 Project Management Project Design P M P D

4 P M P D STAFF Steve Seefeld, CDT Ron Kechter, P.E. Steve White David Yee Facilities Project Managers Architect / Designer

5 Mission To provide quality project management, planning & design services to all City Departments, in which projects are completed within budget, within the milestone schedule, and with customer satisfaction being at the utmost importance

6 Responsibilities

7 Provide Project Management, Planning and Design for all above ground (buildings) structures, including new buildings and all remodel work

8 Projects follow the Guidance of the Capital Projects Procedures Manual Conceptual Design Phase Preliminary Design Phase Final Design Phase Right-of-Way Acquisition Bidding Phase Construction Phase Close Out Phase

9 Current Projects Project Management Design Support Furniture Design and Layout

10 Budget: 3.9 Million Project: Northside Atzlan Center Phase: Design

11 Budget: $32 Million Project: Police Services Phase: Design

12 Budget: $2.47 Million Project: Vehicle & Equipment Storage Phase: Closeout

13 Budget: $2.43 Million Project: Sand and De-icing Facility at Streets Phase: Final Design

14 Budget: $2.43 Million Project: Sand and Deicing Facility at Streets Phase: Final Design

15 Budget: $9.13 Million Project: CSU Transit Center Phase: Phase 2 Design

16 Budget: $400,000 Project: Compressed Natural Gas / H 2 Station Phase: Completed

17 Budget: $400,000 Project: Compressed Natural Gas / H 2 Station Phase: Completed

18 Budget: $134,500 Project: Franz- Smith Cabin at Musuem Phase: Closeout

19 Budget: $10.5 M Project: Civic Center Parking Structure Phase: Completed

20 Parks Maintenance Downtown Shop Lincoln Center HVAC Replacement 281 North College HVAC Replacement Other Projects Mulberry Pool and Water Playground Backup Natural Gas Compressor

21 Dept Administration

22 LeOra Spence, Admin Support Supervisor Staff Carol Rankin, Admin Clerk II Annie Houston, Accounts Payable rep Jan Watson, Accounts Payable Rep Kayla Ballard, Admin Clerk

23 Responsibilities

24 Department Office Support Personnel Support Services Travel / Training / Reception Reports Vehicle Rentals Financial Accounting Accts Payable Budget Analysis Expenditure Tracking Billing

25 Facility Maintenance

26 Maintenance. & Repairs –Facilities Tracy Ochsner Maintenance Supervisor Bruce Byrne 4 Technicians Custodial Services Joan Barrie 1 Scheduler/ Technician

27 Responsibilities

28 Maintenance of 75 Buildings 1 Million Square Feet + Over 4,600 Work orders each year

29 Coordinate Contractors Preventative Maintenance Building Inspections General Building Maintenance Small Remodel Projects Custodial Services Electrical Systems

30 Fleet Maintenance

31 Maintenance. & Repairs –Fleet Tracy Ochsner 1 Shop Supervisor Dave Leicester 4 - Team Leaders 11 Technicians 2-Hourly Assistants 3 Buscleaners 5 Hourly Fuelers 3 Part Assistants 1 Scheduler Parts Supervisor Shane Armfield

32 Responsibilities

33 4 Shops 906 Vine Street (vacant) 835 Wood Street Streets Shop Transfort Shop

34 Wood Street Shop Photo Here 906 Vine Shop Currently Vacant

35 906 Vine Shop Photo Here 835 Wood Street 1 Shop Supervisor 2 Team Leaders 6 Mechanics 1 Service Writer 1 Parts Assistant 2 Hourly Helpers

36 Transfort Shop 1 Shop Supervisor 2 Team Leaders 3 Mechanics 1 Parts Assistant 3 Bus Cleaners 5 Bus Fuelers

37 Streets Shop Photo Here Streets Shop 1 Team Leader 1.5 Mechanics.5 Parts Assistant

38 Parts 3 Locations over $500,000 Inventory 6,000 Different types of parts $1.15 Million of volume annually

39 Fuel 4 Sites Transfort Wood Street Park Shop Collindale Fossil Creek Park

40 2004 Totals Unleaded512,982 Gallons Diesel437,315 Gallons Propane 23,048 Gallons Natural Gas 1,390+ Gallons BioDiesel(2005) 51,741 Gallons

41 Fleet Profile Buses49 Cars 296 Pickups/ Vans 380 Trucks 202 Motorcycles 14 Mowers 112 Sweepers 11 Tractors/ Backhoes / graders82 Trailers178 Large Construction Equip 26 Small Construction Equip 291 Utility Trucksters65 Misc.152 Total 1,858 Units

42 Energy Services/ HVAC Maintenenace Steve Strickland EMCS and Access Control Systems 1 HVAC Team Leader 3 Technicians 1 Controls Specialist

43 Real Estate Services

44 Real Estate Manager - Helen Matson 1 Real Estate Specialist 3 Real Estate Specialist II 1 Real Estate Specialist III

45 Current Project Highlights Purchasing land /conversation easements for Natural Areas Acquiring Land / easements for the Dry Creek Project Acquiring Land / easements Timberline Road Widening Project Acquiring Land / easements Prospect Road Widening Project 190 total active projects

46 The services we provide include: Property Research Site Selection Real Estate Appraisals and Valuations Land Negotiations and Acquisitions Right-of-Way Acquisitions Property Management Property Disposal Strategic Space Planning Eminent Domain Acquisition

47 Affordable HousingCLRSCity Attorneys Office City Managers OfficeEngineering Light & Power Operation ServicesPlanning and Zoning Police ServicesPoudre Fire AuthorityNatural Resources Water & Wastewater Real Estate Services works with a wide variety of City departments including:

48 Natural Areas

49 Facility Sites

50 Trail Easements

51 Engineering Projects

52 Streets

53 The scope of our work ranges from voluntary agreements to the condemnation of land through eminent domain.

54 In any negotiation, it is our policy to ensure that property owners are treated fairly and that tax payers money is appropriately spent

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