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TS7700 User Day, Nov. 11 Welcome Marco Ceresoli, DP&R Sales leader, Europe

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1 TS7700 User Day, Nov. 11 Welcome Marco Ceresoli, DP&R Sales leader, Europe

2 DP&R, A changing landscape Backup Back-office Structured Data center Data only 300 GB Initial SANs 1 + Options C-level focus + Unstructured + Edge Data and image Multi-TBs - PBs Multi-approach Performance Consolidation Unified Mgmt In the Past … Today …In the Future … Cloud / Hybrid as-a-Service ++ Objects ++ Endpoints Convergence Petabytes Reuse freedom Physical Virtual

3 Where are we Today IBM is the only provider with all of the components BaR is decentralized Each ecosystem is individually managed Big Data environments need a new method of BaR ILMs Flash Copy Manager Elastic Storage Client connectivity

4 Where is the industry going Future Components operationally integrated BaR Consolidated Centralized Back-up target Continuous data protection Flash Copy management for Big data ILMs Flash Copy Manager Elastic Storage Client connectivity

5 The Elastic Storage Solution Distributed Operations Content Management Portal Network Connectivity Object Oriented Elastic Storage Backup/Recovery Tiered Retention Off-Premise Customer environments Universal connectivity Federated Transactional Data Storage and Management Continuous Transactional BaR Tiered Persistent Storage CLOUD Based Storage icStore Cloud Archive

6 Tape, Disk and Flash working together in BaR Industry Reference:1*IBM GSS storage analysis vs traditional multiple copy Elastic Storage Server as a Back-up target Reduction or elimination of back-up windows Up to 30% faster disaster recovery 60% less Back-up storage with integrated Deduplication Automated recovery from Hardware failures 80% less storage management* Traditional BaR with Disk and Tape HSM management Using LTFS SSAM Archive enablement – Information Governance Flash Copy Management

7 Virtual Tape Market: IBM VTS Share #1 Source: IDC Branded Tape Pivot Table 4QCY13 and IDC WW Fac-Out Midrange Drives CQ11-2H13 Virtual Tape (z/OS attach) share of shipment (Jul 2012 – Dec 2013)  Market leader based on the following attributes: Replication: Grid access to all data independent of where it exists Performance: 8Gb FICON link speed at ~475 MB/s Simplicity: Automated and Informative System Management

8 Agenda StartAgendaSprecher 09:30Eintreffen der Teilnehmer 10:00Begrüßung / KeynoteMarco Ceresoli 10:10TS7700 R3.2 ÜberblickStefan Neff 10:55Kaffee-Pause 11:15TS7720T Use Cases OverviewThorsten Altmannsberger 11:30TS7700 Cache ManagementThorsten Altmannsberger 12:15Mittagspause 13:05Cache Management in der TS7720TThorsten Altmannsberger 14:05Beta Test ReportThorsten Altmannsberger 14:10Kaffee-Pause 14:30Construct ManagementThorsten Altmannsberger 14:40Mixed code level, out-of-scratch conditionThorsten Altmannsberger 14:45Remote support ohne ModemJoachim Müller 15:05TS7700 Field StatusPatrick Wolf 15:15Kaffee-Pause 15:25Bits & PiecesStefan Neff Thorsten Altmannsberger 15:45"Tape is back": IBM TS4500 und IBM TS1150Josef Weingand 16:15RoadmapMarco Ceresoli 16:35AbschlussdiskussionAlle

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