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Intelligence by Measurement Sean Williams. Who’s this guy?

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1 Intelligence by Measurement Sean Williams

2 Who’s this guy?

3 OK, so? Performance against objectives is best measurement Measure at the: – Output (What did we do?) – Outtake (What happened directly?) and – Outcome levels (Business results)(

4 Demonstrating value is important, but How do you set strategy? What’s your process for explaining strategy? How do you handle naysayers? How do you know your strategy is working?

5 Measure for intelligence Test concepts and adjust Experiment at will It’s a strategy, not a straitjacket!

6 You need AMMO Not that kind…

7 You need AMMO Audience Message Method Objective AMO Audience Objective Message Method

8 Think, feel or do

9 Messages What do we have to say, show or demonstrate to attain our objectives? – Be direct – Be clear – Omit needless words (go easy on descriptive words and phrases. See Strunk & White, Elements of Style) Your objective determines the messages!

10 Methods How do we need to deliver those messages? – Memo – Email – Video – Face to face – ? Think Objectives: What does the audience need to think, feel or do?

11 AudienceObjective MethodMessage AMMO Grid

12 Contact Twitter: @CommAMMO LinkedIn: Office: 216-333-1615 Let CommAmmo help you with personal communication coaching as well as strategy, planning, writing, editing, measurement/evaluation, audits and surveys.

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