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Decisive preference shaping in a post- crisis enviroment.

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1 Decisive preference shaping in a post- crisis enviroment

2 longer decision making process rational and logical decisions functional: superior functionality and quality. desire to be successful and demonstrate this to others. ‘smart’ luxury demonstrates importance reward: showcase their achievements. willing to pay a premium: goods express themselves. They enjoy luxury for the way it makes them feel more emotional approach to purchases. self- indulgence.

3  favorite brands, but want them at lower prices  product innovation  cause marketing  Multi-channel relationship  accessible, while retaining a brand's mystique

4 Explore the gap Dilemma of perceived vs. actual value Money value Personal value Rewards Staff is essential Educate customers about the reason behind paying price

5 Customer coaching Quality of staff Styling

6 Create occasions Communicate Offer entry points

7 What kind of promotional strategy? Same, clean look of ads Buzz marketing

8  Preference for e-mailing  Personal reward is important  Personalization of message  Have them attend an event rather than a promotion  Successful retail locations operate on an event-based marketing scheme.  Novelty and innovation need to be communicated

9 Inspire lifestyle Connect to senses – furniture, art, light, music, scent Visibility and character of the signage

10 product Less is more Availability of options is key Did they learn anything new?

11 memorable Staff: brand related. Knowledge. Pleasant. Consultative selling: offer the options. Handle objections. Support the decision. Emotional intelligence: know when and what to say or not.

12 Do it. Do you know what they wish? Do you know what they don’t like about your brand?


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