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The Role of the Oromo Evangelical Churches toward uplifting Oromumma and Oromo Unity. Rev. Gemechu Olana, Th. Dr.

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1 The Role of the Oromo Evangelical Churches toward uplifting Oromumma and Oromo Unity. Rev. Gemechu Olana, Th. Dr

2 There is no doubt that religion, any form of religion, has a solid contribution to societys wellbeing and worldview. Generally Religion gives : 1. Meaning system 2. Integrating factor 3. Prevent socially disruptive actions In doing so, shapes attitudes, values and norms of individuals, and the adherent community in general

3 Religion in Oromia and in Ethiopia has been a dominant at factor in shaping both personal behavior and societal relationship Religious-political dynamic Category One. - EOC prime integrating force of Ethiopian Empire, force of assimilation ( caries ethnic ideology) Category Two- Islam and Evangelical Christianity, widely accepted among the Oromo and other people as a protest religion, or alternative to EOC and traditional religions

4 Since 19 th century widely expanding among the Oromo people and southern people Mainly because of : 1. Its provision of alternative meaning system 2. Its alternative empowering character to that of the dominate religion The Evangelical movement in Ethiopia initially developed in interaction with an Orthodox Christian experience. It was to some extent indigenized from the very beginning. The movement identified with the people at the periphery and become an expression of love and the dignity of women and men. The witness implied came to be taken as dissent against prevailing structure of society. In the long run the movement came to transform the periphery and become a matter of serious concern of the centre Eide, Øyvind M, Revolution and Religion in Ethiopia, 1996/ 2000

5 In most Oromo region, where Evangelical Christianity get influence, they become medium of : 1.Modernity and independence, in terms of 1. Introduction of modern education and development 2. Restoration and development of Oromo language 3. Providing hope and future, in the middle of immense social, political crisis and economic miseries created by the oppressive regimes Good example is the work and history of Rufo Christian Ludwig, Onesimos Nasib, Aster Ganno, Rev. Gudina Tumsa, and Rev. Dafa Jammo, and the current EECMY Oromo literacy and Gospel literature works 2. Cultural transformation and renaissance 1. through indignation and enculturation process of Christian faith, the flourishing of songs and services in Oromo traditional tunes. 2.Against traditional authoritarian relationship, its strong option for participatory form of system has an empowering and democratizing effect.

6 Being tendency of indifferent to the social implication of the Gospel, among some evangelical churches. How can we explains? 1. Dogmatic Problem: Dualistic, apocalyptic and pessimistic world view inherent in Pentecostal doctrine: [it locate social-political problems not in history, but in a spiritual world] 2. Social – political disappointments and increasing deploring overall wellbeing of people and society because the oppressive systems. 3. Religious illiteracy and misguidance of political centralistic preachers.

7 1.Critical solidarity in unmasking all evil and invite for a possible radical transformation This includes: 1. Protesting against all disempowering elements in our society 2. continue in developing a relevant and critical hermeneutics that empowers and inspires 2. Fostering Spirit of militant optimisms 2. Continue being disquieting entity, promote hope 3. Continue challenging all beliefs that confines hope whine the memory of histories of departure.

8 1. Promote reconciliatory love in our community 2. Enable our divide community for reconcilability 3. Disapprove false ideology of reconciliation, which undermine true transformation

9 1. Radical commitment to our cause, justice peace and reconciliation 2. Divergent and conflicting political ideologies, should be resolved through open and rational public discourse, and persuasion 3. Promote unity in diversity, and a common unifying national goal that is realistic and achivable 4. Work and project on longstanding Oromo/Oromia strategic national interest that inspires all for action. NOW !! 5. Our actions and discourse shall promote progressive civic culture, not a mere reactionary ideologies of fear and fatalism.

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