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Gjerpen ungdomsskole Gjerpen Junior High School 2008.

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1 Gjerpen ungdomsskole Gjerpen Junior High School 2008

2 Facts about Gjerpen ungdomsskole (Gjerpen Junior High School) - 2 kilometers outside the center of Skien - 346 pupils - 12 classes - Finished renovated in the autumn of 2006 - Every room in the old school is rebuilt and we have got a new building for the administration and physical education


4 Platform of the school Vision: - We have to act ACCORDING TO THE SAME RULES - common routines - decisions - information Culture for sharing good ideas and helping each other The leaders have routines for ”walking the school” We are often discussing how to do things in common, and reflect upon our practice

5 Describe how to treat pupils and how to behave as a teacher. E. g.: ”We are going to meet each other with a smile and act according to the same rules. The pupils are going to experience both subjects and social matters in a positive way”. Vision:

6 Contents of the teacher’s manual: 1.Vision 2.Calendar 3.School development 4.Working hours 5.Economy 6.Instructions, rules and regulations 7.School policy 8. Exam – Assessment 9. Cooperation with parents 10. Project work 11. Computer technology 12. Curriculums 13. Names of pupils and groups

7 We have a new national curriculum. Why? - Pupils do not know enough about how to learn - Do not have enough learning strategies - Low scores in mathematics (compared to international scores) - There is too much gossip – too little learning in the classrooms - Norwegian teachers and leaders need to learn more about these issues

8 What about the new curriculum in our school? Systematically focus on what to learn Special project with the theme: Mathematic teaching The pupils have lessons where the aim is to find the right type of education Beside English they have one more foreign language. Our pupils can choose between German, French and Spanish Focus on good behavior. Both for pupils and grown ups Systematic cooperation with the parents

9 GUS and : Learning strategies: Our school have worked systematically with this for 5 years Learning styles: Have started, but we have to systematize the material we have produced Howard Gardner’s theories about Multiple Intelligences. The idea is: Everyone is good at something. They have to find out what their strengths are Both pupils and parents have to know what we expect them to learn

10 New and better rules for behavior Three focus areas: 1.Responsibility 2.Care 3.Respect

11 Other activities: - New lunch room - Physical activities for the pupils during the day - Every year we set up a musical. Last year about 150 pupils took part in a production of Grease.

12 Challenges: Prepare the pupils for the right choice of college/high school More systematic assessment Decrease social differences, closer cooperation with parents.

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