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Global Education Industry Building a Smarter Classroom Investing in Education to Stimulate and Sustain the Economy IBM Global Education Industry © Copyright.

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1 Global Education Industry Building a Smarter Classroom Investing in Education to Stimulate and Sustain the Economy IBM Global Education Industry © Copyright IBM © Getty Images Rights-managed

2 Global Education Industry Agenda New Economic Environment and Education Stimulus Investments for Long Term Economic Sustainability The Education Continuum – A more integrated approach Smarter Classroom

3 Global Education Industry The global economy is in a different kind of downturn Traditional responses will not suffice Long and Difficult Unprecedented constraints on access to capital Decreasing consumer spending and property values leading to reduced revenues and operational funds Disruptions in supply chains reducing the number of viable vendors Increasing demand for public services as private sector alternatives become unaffordable Transformative Industries will be restructured New regulatory regimes requiring greater reporting and accountability Activist government will be engaged in local decision making Infrastructure investments to support transformation Typical cost management will NOT be enough Education institutions must rethink key processes to both improve student performance, as well as reduce costs – we need smarter approaches

4 Global Education Industry Succeeding in the New Economic Environment: Why Invest in Education? Education is recognized as a Critical Element to Economic Recovery … Economists have long recognized that the skills of the workforce are an important source of economic growth… policies that lead to broad investments in education and training can help reduce inequality while expanding economic opportunity. (Bernanke, 2007). Economic Stimulus Packages around the globe have targeted investments in Education : United States: $100B in learning, technology and school modernization European Union: $300B includes investments in education and retraining France: $33B in public sector including higher education Sweden: $1B in economic stimulus measures for the labor market and education Israel: $5.4B investments include education China: $586B, 2-year stimulus package. 4.4B to improve school buildings and add teaching facilities in central and western China. Australia: $1.1B investment in education source: IBM MI Data on Economic Stimulus 12/15/08

5 Global Education Industry 5 GMV 2H08: Education Investments in Education must be made Smarter Investing to Improve Quality –Improving student performance measures –Increasing research capability and reputation –Differentiating the institution Investing to Increase Access –Increasing student access to quality resources –Reducing gaps across learner segments –Increasing educational opportunity –Improving services to constituents –Enhancing information to parents and the community Investing to Reduce Costs –Becoming more efficient at administrative processes –Doing more with less

6 Global Education Industry 6 An Educational Continuum: Removing traditional boundaries and building a student-centric industry. Elementary Middle School College Employment High School A Student/Citizen/Employee View The Educational Continuum

7 Global Education Industry 7 Economic Stimulus for Education from IBM Smarter Classroom Increase insight to student performance Simplify management and lower costs Replace PCs with thin clients and hosted desktops Use open source tools and content for learning Research Innovation Invest in high performance computation to create intellectual capital Integrate HPC into a comprehensive education and economic development strategy Smart Administration Deploy modern systems to lower costs and improve services Increase insight and control of operations Leverage shared services to lower operational costs A new industry paradigm Integrated processes Aligned data Shared Services Enabled through Cloud Computing A Student/Citizen/Employee View The Educational Continuum

8 Global Education Industry 8 Smarter Classroom for a Smarter Planet 8

9 Global Education Industry 9 GMV 2H08: Education Traditionally, close to 50% of Technology Investments in Education have been directed to PCs Source: IBM MI Global Data 2H08 PCs are the most underutilized and the most difficult to manage IT assets in an institution. High systems management costs Low resource utilization Software compliance risks Supporting heterogeneous devices and operating system 47% 45%

10 Global Education Industry 10 IBMs Smarter Planet: A response to four critical questions Smart Work Smart Work Green & Beyond New Intelligence How can we work smarter supported by flexible and dynamic processes attuned to how students want and need to learn? How can we take advantage of performance data and the wealth of open materials to directly support student achievement? Does technology improve student outcomes? How do we create more flexible learning processes Our resources are limited I Need Insight I Need to Work Smart I Need Efficiency Dynamic Infrastructure How do we create an infrastructure that drives down cost, is intelligent and secure, and is dynamic to the learning needs of the institution? My infrastructure is inflexible and costly I need to respond quickly How do we drive greater efficiencies, deliver broader access to more students, and by take action now on energy, the environment, and sustainability? 10

11 Global Education Industry Centralized Infrastructure Network Services provide high speed connectivity between thin clients and servers Integrated Portal provides consolidated access to applications and content VIRTUALIZED DESKTOP SERVICES Students, Faculty, Teachers and Staff Public Infrastructure IBM Public Clouds Legacy Desktop Services Open Education Resources Web Services from IBM and others for collaboration and productivity Classrooms, labs and mobile access built around virtual desktops Thin Clients and Mobile Devices allow every user to access services easily Virtualized Cloud Services centrally supports a distributed set of campuses and classrooms IBM hosted delivery as an option Open Source eLearning & ePortfolios Courseware, Content and Services Business Intelligence provides insights on student performance Virtualized computer resources of legacy desktop applications and services, using Open Source to lower costs. A Smarter Classroom leverages 21 st Century technology to improve quality, increase access and lower costs. On Demand Workplace INFORMATION ON DEMAND BROADBAND INFRASTRUCTURE Industry Standard Framework Administrative Services provide for management of resources and assets to support learning

12 Global Education Industry Centralized Infrastructure VIRTUALIZED DESKTOP SERVICES Students, Faculty, Teachers and Staff Public Infrastructure IBM Public Clouds Legacy Desktop Services Open Education Resources A Smarter Classroom leverages 21 st Century technology from IBM and our Partners On Demand Workplace INFORMATION ON DEMAND BROADBAND INFRASTRUCTURE IBMs Virtual Infrastructure Access & Virtual Client Solution IBM Servers & Storage Industry Standard Framework Consumer devices, thin clients IBM Managed Services

13 Global Education Industry 13 SMARTER CLASSROOM: New Intelligence for Student Success Burke County Board of Education Fact: The amount of data related to student performance has doubled over the past decade. 13 Whats smart? Tie together multiple data sources of student performance for a better understanding of results Understand student attendance patterns and create intervention strategies to address issues Smarter Educational Outcomes A full picture of student progress through the year Early identification of students at risk and proactive steps to remedy the situation Burke County Public Schools serves K-12 students in rural Georgia

14 Global Education Industry Educational Performance Management with Cognos: Invisible (Data) to Visible (Relevant Information) METRICS DASHBOARDS ANALYTICS MANAGED REPORTING Student Information System Learning Mgmt. System Financial Management Human Resources Special Education Curriculum Food Services Housing Library SMARTER CLASSROOM: New Intelligence for Student Success

15 Global Education Industry 15 Fact: Enrollment in higher education is increasing at a rate of 4M per year Whats smart? Enterprise Information Portal to facilitate collaboration Leverage Web 2.0 technology in academic programs Smarter Educational Outcomes Role-based, personalized services to all students to increase access to learning and resources SMARTER CLASSROOM: Work Smart to deliver Accessible Learning Singapore Polytechnic University 15 Singapore Polytechnic has produced 145,000 graduates since it opened in 1954 as first national technology university

16 Global Education Industry Work with your students: connect teams, learners, teachers Address personal and team needs: with components that empower and foster innovation Use an engaging and interactive user experience: through Web 2.0 Leverage open source tools for learning: Desktop applications and environments Courseware platforms and tools Content and curricular materials SMARTER CLASSROOM: Lotus, Sakai CLE, Moodle

17 Global Education Industry 17 IBM helps education reduce energy costs, meet legal requirements, develop new processes that offer a new portfolio of green services and products. IBM helps education bring together deep analytics with advanced technology and research to create new insights and guide decisions. IBM helps education work smarter supported through open applications and flexible processes. Smart Work Green & Beyond New Intelligence Dynamic Infrastructure IBM helps education create an intelligent infrastructure that drives down cost and is dynamic and secure. Improved outcomes for students, education and society Personalized learning resources for students and teachers Responsible investments delivering results Flexible systems to respond to changing environments Smarter Classroom from IBM

18 Global Education Industry Thank You IBM Corporation I 3/13/08

19 Global Education Industry Backup IBM Corporation I 3/13/08

20 Global Education Industry Physical 1:1Virtualized Shared Services Client Application Client Application Client Application PC Servers keyboard, mouse, display, network connect Client OS / App Image Client OS / App Image Client OS / App Image Supports multiple operating systems on a single blade (10-12 desktop images per blade) Requires minimal adaptation for the user to the new desktop experience Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Supports users in a shared application environment on a single blade Requires the user to adapt to the new desktop experience Terminal Services Each user has a unique PC or server assigned on a 1-1 basis Thin device on the desktop Streaming operating system and applications Linux or Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Users can own operating system Inexpensive thin clients Linux or Windows terminal services Scales inexpensively Users share operating system No user administrator rights Inexpensive thin clients Windows Streaming Offering Optimized for graphics and video Requires lower powered server infrastructure Requires powerful thin client SMARTER CLASSROOM: Three Consolidation Models for desktop virtualization from IBM Blades or Traditional Servers

21 Global Education Industry SMARTER CLASSROOM: Virtual Computing Initiative for Cloud Computing WFU NCA&T OC12 (622 Mbps Circuit) OC48 (2.4 Gbps Circuit) DWDM (10 Gbps Ethernet) + NC Community College System + NC K-12 school districts... And Growing Across North Carolina

22 Global Education Industry Value of the Smarter Classroom Puts data and insights to use in the classroom –Leverage data analytics and online tools to provide teachers and faculty insights into student performance –Shift from Does technology help learning to using technology to answer the question What is this student learning, and where can I help? Uses open learning tools to harness a community of resources –Teachers and faculty can focus on learning outcomes –Tools built by educators, for educators Reduces costs –Simplified maintenance of centralized devices –Software updates logistically simplified –Nearly eliminate desk-side support requirements Increases reliability, availability & productivity –Ability to run the newest applications –Controlled, secure, centralized location –Seamless swap to spare device upon failure –Instructors dont struggle with IT issues

23 Global Education Industry Financing with IBM Global Financing Access to funding and cash to enable transformation in tight credit market –An alternative capital / funding source –Allows clients to preserve cash and credit lines for other core business needs Cash Flow Management –Predictable and known costs over a fixed term with structures such as long term financing up to 6 years and shorter term billing deferrals. –Custom structuring to match payments to solution benefits - a better alignment between the return on investment and the actual expenditure Management of the entire technology lifecycle –Leasing eliminates up front investment costs, keeps assets off balance sheet and mitigates the asset lifecycle management headache –Asset recovery solutions can free up cash, protect data and help the environment Reduced costs –Used equipment provides access to reliable IBM technology at lower price points An extra dimension to IBM –Sales professionals with finance and leasing experience are a free resource to support and financially structure your opportunities –Financial re-engineering can reduce initial investment hurdle and shorten the payback period

24 Global Education Industry IBM: Bringing together a Smarter Classroom Student Computing for the 21st Century Consumer IT Devices IBM Lotus Software Suite Remote access to legacy apps Campus Computer Labs Replace with Thin Clients Access to legacy PC apps Campus or cross institutional shared services Virtualized Server Based Computing Customer Value Drivers Lower cost to manage Improve Security Extend lifetime for end point Green computing Improve service levels Increase access Faculty/Teachers Consumer IT Devices Thin clients Administrators Thin clients Lower cost, Green Mobile Higher Ed Students Primary School Students Desktop or wireless Thin Clients Reduce costs, enable 1:1 Why IBM? Customizable approaches Device agnostic Enterprise data center enablement Open client software stack Leader in Education community IBM Capabilities and Offerings Virtual Infrastructure Access Virtual Client Solution Virtual Computing Initiative Cognos Business Intelligence Lotus Open Client and LotusLive Financing Services Key Partners Devon IT, Wyse, Lenovo Cisco MoodleRooms, Sakai Mainline …many others

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