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© 2010 IBM Corporation IBM Sensor Solutions When Physical meets Digital.

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1 © 2010 IBM Corporation IBM Sensor Solutions When Physical meets Digital

2 2 The explosion of new information, when integrated, analyzed, and acted upon using new types of intelligence, enables the solutions that … help build a Smarter Planet Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent The world is changing and becoming more…

3 3 Smarter Planet Solutions have a common pattern of value creation Sensors and Metering Event Processing + Real Real Time + Historical Data Real Time + Historical Data Smarter Business DataModeling+ Analytics DataModeling+ Analytics Visualization & Decisions Visualization & Decisions Sensors and Metering Event Processing + Real Time Data Integration Real Time + Historical Data Predictive + Historical Business Analytics New Data New Insights Process Innovation DataModeling+ Analytics Visualization & Decisions Visualization, Rules & Collaboration New, Optimized Business and Lifecycle Processes Our world is becoming INSTRUMENTED Our world is becoming INTERCONNECTED All things becoming INTELLIGENT

4 IBM Sensor Solutions Core Value Proposition A fully integrated suite of capabilities to develop and deliver RFID and sensor based solutions For business line executives in operations, production, logistics, and industry specific functions such as WIP optimization, inventory and materials management, and facility maintenance. Optimize their business in response to real world events captured by sensor technologies IBM is a unique business partner to provide an end-to-end solution for data collection, event processing, information integration, and business optimization & process integration. Dedicated team of RFID and sensor professionals across R&D, consulting, integration, solution development and deployment. Delivers comprehensive, flexible, standards based solutions that adapt to evolving requirements Broad partner ecosystem to support end-to end solutions including hardware, software, and services. For: Who need to: IBM provides: Transform supply chains by providing end-to-end visibility of goods and inventory Track individual objects to enable effective resource management and location awareness Trace the life cycle of individual objects from raw materials to end users Monitor the state, condition, and utilization of assets and improve asset usage

5 IBM has established 11 Sensor Solutions (RFID) Centers to provide customers with real, hands-on exposure to RFID La Gaude, France - RFID and Industry Solution Center specializes in demonstrating the business value of multiple industry solutions using end-to-end live prototypes, with deep architecture skills on hand to discuss technical implications. The facility showcases a variety of RFID business and technical scenarios that show the importance of an end-to-end RFID architecture and the critical role of IBM RFID middleware. The center is designed to help clients understand the value and implications of major technologies on their customers and to demonstrate IBM RFID deployment capabilities.

6 6 Solutions Toolkit Built using a toolbox of capabilities that leverage new data to derive new insights and orchestrate the best course of action using multiple types of intelligence New Process Models, Runtime & Adapters Event Pattern Identification Device Interfaces Sensor Event Services Asset & Service Lifecycle Management Embedded Analytics & Reporting KPIs & Dashboards Business Rules & Optimization Tools ESB Communication & Collaboration

7 Customer cases examples RETURNABLE ASSET MGMT. Managing returnable containers - reusable assets in a company and across the supply chain REAL-TIME ASSET OPTIMIZATION Managing critical resources – people and equipment – through real-time visibility PRODUCT TRACEABILITY Track & trace products across the supply chain (e.g. drug, food) SUPPLY CHAIN VISIBILITY Tracking parts, components and goods, both in-house and across a supply chain … … Physical Meets Digital Asset OptimizationSupply Chain

8 8 Asset Optimization Extend full lifecycle asset management through real-time visibility, optimization and traceability Leverage industry information for asset design and process optimization Production Process Optimization Supply Chain Optimization Extend supply chain visibility, analytics and collaboration to transform supply chain operations Focus on smarter buildings, smarter water management, smarter grids, etc. Physical Infrastructure Different categories of “physical meets digital” solutions

9 9 Multiple business issues are addressed by each category Asset Optimization Returnable Asset Management Returnable Asset Management Real-Time Asset Location Real-Time Asset Location Performance Monitoring Optimization Performance Monitoring Optimization Capital Planning Capital Planning Asset Lifecycle Optimization Asset Lifecycle Optimization Asset Optimization Analytics Asset Optimization Analytics … Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Performance Management Sales & Operations Planning End to end Inventory Optimization Product Traceability Reusable Container Optimization Production & Distribution Optimization Production & Distribution Optimization … “Where are my assets?” “What is the cause of my container loss?” “Which assets require maintenance this month?” “How does my demand plan relate to my supply plan?” “Why are so many of my customer deliveries late?” “How fresh are my perishable goods on delivery to my customers?” “How can I minimize the impact to production from asset maintenance?” Production Process Optimization … Physical Infrastructure … “How do I manage the health of multiple operational sub- systems at the same time?”

10 10 Physical meets digital solution examples Real Time Asset Location Location Returnable Asset Mgmt Identification Asset Optimization Physical Infrastructure Physical Infrastructure Optimization Condition Industrial Process Optimization Production Process Optimization Supply Chain Shipment Verification Location Identification Location Condition Perishable Goods Supply Chain Supply Chain Optimization

11 11 Real Time Asset Location Solution Optimize Asset Management with Location Integration Solution Benefits Solution Capability Managing critical resources (people and equipment) through real-time visibility Improve asset utilization and employee productivity by providing the location of resources Prevent asset shortages and improve audit & compliance capabilities Minimize downtime by optimizing preventative maintenance and repair Monitor the state, condition, and utilization of assets to improve asset usage Automated, Real-Time Asset Location EAM integration for inventory management, procurement and repair Analytics increase visibility and utilization Real-Time Visibility Location Management Real Time Location Services Location Management Real Time Location Services Reporting & AnalyticsAuto-ID 433Mhz WirelessUltra Wide BandUltrasoundInfraredWi-FiBarcodePassive RFID Shared Business Events Asset Management Asset TrackingResource TrackingAsset Visibility

12 12 Returnable Asset Management Solution Optimize utilization of returnable assets Warehouse Area Warehouse Area Tier 1 Supplier Empty Containers are received Shipment of full containers Full Containers are received Empty Containers are shipped Empty Containers are received from plant Primary Read Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 Manufacturing Plant Manufacturing Plant Secondary Read Points Empty Containers are shipped Sample Flow at an Auto Manufacturer Solution Benefits Reduce capital investments by eliminating unnecessary safety stocks Identify and correct sources of loss and theft Reduce operating expenses related to one-way packaging and expedited shipping costs Solution Capability Automated asset tracking and tracing ERP and EAM integration for inventory management, procurement and repair New and replacement procurement Analytics increase visibility to inventory, utilization and exception metrics Dwell Time HistoryCurrent Asset InventoryAsset Inventory History Aged Asset Inventory

13 IBMSept 2010 Your contacts  Marc de FREMINVILLE - Sales Leader IBM Sensor Solutions France - Tel: +33 (0)1 5875 1474 or GSM: +33 (0)6 8986 3763  Laurence REDON - Sales IBM Sensor Solutions France - Tel: +33 (0)1 58 75 37 19 or GSM +33 (0)6 8481 1685 Thanks

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