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Great Britain - Food.

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1 Great Britain - Food

2 ENGLISH BREAKFAST Consists of: Eggs Bacon Sausages Tomatoes Mushrooms
Beans in tomato sauce

3 Sample lunch

4 Ploughman’s Lunch LUNCH 1 Fresh Bread Cheese Sweet Pickles

Cuts of Beef and Pork Kidneys Stewed in a Thick Sauce Crispy Pastry

6 Shepherd’s Pie LUNCH 3 Ground beef stewed with vegetables covered with a "cap" of mashed potatoes

7 Sunday lunch Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding Spicy cake baked in the oven
Horseradish sauce Baked potatoes Beef

8 Dinner Sample dinner in England Fish and chips Kebab

9 Yorkshire pudding English meal of unknown origin, consumed throughout the UK.

10 Cupcake It is a small cake designed for one person, usually in a small paper mold.

11 Supper Supper in England is a hot meal, except that there are no specific foods associated with the meal.

12 Tea Tea is a popular beverage, administered in England with milk, sometimes with the addition of sugar. They usually drink it a five o’clock in the afternoon.

13 Christmas food

14 Christmas pudding Traditional English Christmas variety pudding dish.

15 Turkey with chestnuts 1 small turkey or turkey Canned chestnuts Honey Oil Garlic Salt

16 Gingerbread Gingerbread is usually in the form of smaller and larger cakes with raisins, marmalade sandwiched in the middle, ground walnut or marzipan.

17 Authors: Nikola Suchan Sylwia Styczeń
Thank you for watching Authors: Nikola Suchan Sylwia Styczeń

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