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Traditional English cuisine

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1 Traditional English cuisine

2 Why English cuisine is special?
English cuisine is shaped by the temperate climate, geography and history of the country. Not only English cuisine consists of ingredients homemade, but also of ingridients imported from other countries as well, like North America, China and India. The traditional food of the country is flavored strongly.

3 Is English cuisine as bad as its reputation?
Abroad, English food has been the whipping boy for foodies. In England, some citizens rank their cuisine among the world's best.

4 English people’s main meals:
Breakfast - between 7:00 and 9:00, Lunch - between 12:00 and 1:30 p.m. Dinner (sometimes replaced by Supper or Tea) - The main meal. Eaten anytime between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. (Evening meal)

5 Typical English Breakfast
Most people around the world seem to think a typical English breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, mushrooms and baked beans all washed down with a cup of coffee. Nowadays, however, a typical English breakfast is more likely to be a bowl of cereals, a slice of toast, orange juice and a cup of coffee.

6 ‘Full English’ Breakfast (or ‘Fry Up’)
The traditional English breakfast is rarely eaten these days, however it is always served in hotels and guest houses around Britain. My extra movie on the last slide: Preparation of ‘Full English’ Coooming soon!

7 Typical English Lunch Many children at school and adults at work will have a 'packed lunch'. This typically consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink. The 'packed lunch' is kept in a plastic container. Sandwiches are also known as a 'butty' or 'sarnie' in some parts of the UK.

8 Typical English Dinner
A typical British meal for dinner is "meat and two veg". They put hot brown gravy on the meat and usually the vegetables. One of the vegetables is almost always potatoes (like in Poland, though).

9 The Sunday Roast Dinner
Sunday lunch time is a typical time to eat the traditional Sunday Roast. It consists of roast meat, two different kinds of vegetables and potatoes with a Yorkshire pudding. The most common joints are beef, lamb or pork; chicken is also popular. Beef is eaten with hot white horseradish sauce, pork with sweet apple sauce and lamb with green mint sauce.

10 These are some of traditional English dishes

11 Yorkshire Pudding

12 Cottage Pie

13 Cumberland Sausage

14 Ploughman's Lunch

15 Black Pudding (Blood Pudding)

16 Toad-in-the-Hole Mini version

17 Bangers and Mash

18 And last of the list but definitely not least!
Fish Chips and

19 And for the very good end! ‘Full English’ movie!

20 Thanks for your attention! Hope you enjoyed!
Made and presented by: Patryk Cużytek

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