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MIS Developed by :Ms.Sapna Yadav, Sr.Lecturer, SCERT.

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1 MIS Developed by :Ms.Sapna Yadav, Sr.Lecturer, SCERT

2 What is MIS ? Management Information System

3 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM  A Management information system (MIS) provides information that organizations require to manage themselves efficiently and effectively.  Five Primary Components of MIS : Computer systems for managing 1)Hardware 2)Software 3) Data (information for decision making), 4) Procedures (design, development and documentation), and 5) People (individuals, groups, or organizations).  Management information systems are distinct from other information systems because they are used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities.


5 Total 54,000 employees working in more than different field units (1008 schools, 29 zones, 13 districts, 5 Regions and various Branches at HQ ) In such a huge setup, timely communication with the field units dissemination of information to field units compilation of data from field units and effective monitoring of the functioning of the units becomes the most challenging tasks transparency and accountability in the system is often a casualty if the traditional system of governance is followed. In fact, maintaining proper information about the 50,000 employees, More than 17 lakh students in the manual system would be herculean task prone to errors and transmission losses. Need of MIS

6 Achievements of Awards By E-Governance The Department has won awards for e-governance from the ministry of Information and Technology as under In 2005,it got Golden icon award In 2006,it got Bronze icon award In 2007,it got two awards Golden Icon award, Silver icon award In 2008, it got Indian Express award

7 MIS has led to :-  Effective, reliable and faster means of communication and information dissemination  Effective means of information and data complication from schools with no transmission loss/error.  Transparent means of posting and transfer of teachers which keeps need of the students at top most priority.  Comprehensive database of 17 lakh students with facility for updating their status (Promotion/Marksheet/drop-out/NSO) which can be used for multiple purposes like allocation of budget to schools, Post- fixation, existing requirement of furniture etc.

8  Allocation of budget to and in monitoring of expenditure incurred by almost 1000 DDOs in the Directorate.  Monitoring of court cases and ensuring that requisite action is taken in time.  Monitoring of more than 1000 EORs being carried out in the schools.  Facilitating and streamlining the process of admissions of children from MCD schools to Directorate of Education Schools as also direct admission.  Increased transparency all activities of the directorate and accountability of all officers of directorate.

9 Self Enforcement Mechanism  Every Module has an Enforcement Mechanism to ensure Universal compliance. For most of the modules, some mandatory form serves as an Enforcement Mechanism. However, in some cases, an entirely new form has been devised for the soul purpose of serving as Monitoring Mechanism.

10  For Example, Employee Module has Payroll generation as Enforcement Mechanism so that Payroll of an employee can be generated if all the particulars including Name, Date of Birth, Place of Posting, Post etc. are correctly filled.  For Finance Module, Sanction Order has been devised as an Enforcement Mechanism.  For Court Module, issue of Online BTF serves as an Enforcement Mechanism.  For Student Module, issuance of Mark sheet by Online generation only is the Enforcement Mechanism.


12 Online Modules implemented Online Attendance (Employee and Student) Post Fixation Finance Payroll File Track Court Cases Vigilance APAR Estate Student Online Admissions MIS Mail VKS DISE PERSONAL(EIS) MDM

13 Online Modules implemented SSA Sanitary Napkins ACR Guest Teacher Student Welfare Scheme (post metric SC/OBC/Minority) SSA Intervention SSA Recruitments Promotion OF PGT/TGT Authentication Module SMC School Inspection Fee Review Committee EWS Health Module Link Paper Track AERU

14 S.No.Module NameDescription 1 Employee Information System(EIS) Employee Information System (EIS) is concern to all points that are counted in directorate of Education’s Employee service life. These points can be like Joining, Relieving, Transfer, Promotion, Demotion, Retirement and monitors the track of service life of employee 2Payroll The module maintains all type of activities of Student like Student Admission through Plan and Non Plan admission, Allocation of School, Student Attendance, Student SLC, Co-Curricular Activities, Online marks entry including Unit Test and Term end exam, Online Term end Result etc 3School Plant The Module Keeps the information of files originate at various Branches/Districts and also handles dispatch, receive, search, part file, merging of files, generate File slip whole dispatch track of file and close files. Dispatch file moves from one branch to another branch

15 S.No.Module NameDescription 4Finance Subhead Creation, Head Creation, Scheme Creation, Budget Allocation by Authorized Branch (Planning and Budget Branch), Fund Allocation, Sanction order, Disbursal order Finance Module includes budget allocation for every financial year for various available schemes 5Payroll Payroll System is involved in making various salary/other bills of all the employees whose salary are drawn from Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT, Delhi. Payroll is available at different logins: Director, Branch, District, Estate, Zone, and all the government schools. 6School Plant School Plant contains the information about PFC,SHERU and other various school information. 7EOR Its work relating to the Extra Ordinary maintenance/repairs of school buildings and surrounding areas etc. where schools submit their maintenance/repairs request to PWD/DSIIDC. 8ACR Annual confidential report is meant for the Principal,Vice principal,Teachers, Assistant teachers, Librarians, Lab assistants work report.

16 S.No.Module NameDescription 9Court The Module keeps the information of files regarding the developments of all the court cases of Directorate of Education Delhi. All the entries like Branch name, Case No., Nature of Court, Pairy officer, case type, Petitioner, judge, Respondent names could be entered. 10Vigilance The Module keeps the information of files regarding the vigilance complaints on the employee of Directorate of Education. 11AERU This Module basically use to take Recognitions of New School (belongs to Society) from Directorate of Education their Shifting Upgrading for this purpose avail different level ie. District,Zone,RD,ACT Branch and Director 12Library Library Module manages all information regarding Books available in a particular school library. 13Mid Day Meal In this Module, we manages the information regarding Free-meals which is given to all student of Government schools.

17 S.No. Module NameDescription 14DISE This module contains each and every detail like student enrollment, teacher post, student result, school Building detail etc of all registered school in Delhi 15VKS This Module contain the information of all Delhi Govt. school's allotted funds to Head of school then how it wil be distributed. 16CEP With this module, we maintain and possess the data regarding 'Implementation of COMPUTER EDUCATION PROJECT' in all schools. 17MIS Mail MIS Mail System, as the name pronounces, is about the mailing system of our Education Department through which all school and branches communicate online. 18Attendance In this module, attendance information of all Ministerial-staff is maintained. 19 Student Attendance In this module, we contain the information regarding attendance of all students for our Government schools.

18 S.No.Module NameDescription 20Paper Track Through which this module, all the paper work which includes Diary-dispatch work as well as all manual paper work, is maintained. 21 Transfer- Posting Time to time Transfer and posting in between Government schools of all staff for the Department is processed and maintained there in this module. 22SSA Through which this module, all the work status related to UEE-Mission is maintained. 23SEMIS This module contain the information of all schools having secondary & higher secondary using a structured DATA CAPTURE FORMAT. 248th Survey Data entry for SIF-1,SIF-2,VIF at Dist Level 25 School Inspection School inspection in all govt. School. 26GIS GIS programming is basically comprises of location and plotting of all Directorate schools, RD’s office, DD’s office and all other concern department on MAP. 27PFC In this module post creation of all govt school teacher.

19 IMPORTANT POINTS TO BE TAKEN CARE : Always open the MIS through Internet Explorer When you entered the school please check first: ◦Circular ◦Order ◦Mail ◦SMS

20 IMPORTANT POINTS TO BE TAKEN CARE : For composing any mail required Employee id and Password. Please change your password Frequently For Employee data correction link is available at school login

21 THANKS Special thanks to MIS Lab for Data

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