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There are over 200 Language Immersion Programs in California.

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2 There are over 200 Language Immersion Programs in California

3 Existing San Mateo County Spanish Two-Way Immersion Programs AdelanteRedwood City Estb 1993 Manuel F. Cunha Redwood City Fiesta Gardens San Mateo Half Moon Bay High Half Moon Bay Hatch Elementary Half Moon Bay Mckinley ElementaryBurlingameEstb 2007 Encinal School Menlo ParkEstb 2008

4 There are more than 17 Language Immersion programs in San Francisco

5 Existing San Francisco County Spanish Two-Way Immersion Schools*: Alvarado ElementaryK-5 Buena Vista ElementaryPre-K-5 Fairmount Elementary K-5 Flynn (Leonard R.) Elementary K-1 Herbert Hoover Middle 6-8 James Lick Middle San Francisco 6-8 Marshall ElementaryK-5 Mission High 9-10 Monroe Elementary K-5 Revere (Paul) Elementary K-1 *This is not a complete list

6 Existing San Francisco County Other Language Immersion Schools: Galileo Academy of Science &Technology 9-11 Cantonese/Mandarin Herbert Hoover Middle 6-8 Cantonese Lilienthal (Claire B.) K-5 Korean Marina Middle 6-8 Cantonese Starr King Elementary K Mandarin West Portal Elementary K-5 Cantonese Yu (Alice Fong) Elementary K-8 Cantonese

7 Existing Santa Clara County Language Immersion Programs Escondido Elementary Palo Alto Spanish Castro Elementary Mountain View Spanish River Glen School San Jose Spanish Sanders San JoseSpanish Voices College BoundSan JoseSpanish Gardner Academy San Jose Spanish Ida Jew Intermediate San JoseSpanish Lawson Middle School CupertinoMandarin Meyerholz Elementary CupertinoMandarin Sherman Oaks Charter Campbell Spanish Las Animas Elementary Gilroy Spanish

8 Bay Area Private Language Immersion Schools Marin Preparatory SF Spanish Infusion $18-20,000/yr Interntl School…Peninsula, Palo Alto French, Chinese $18,250/yr Escuela Bilingue InterclOaklandSpanish $14,100/yr German Interntl SchoolMt. ViewGerman $1290/month Public Language Immersion Elementary Schools Free

9 Language Learning Window of Opportunity In language development there is a window of opportunity before age 7 in which the child learns that first language normally. After this period, the brain becomes slowly less plastic and by the time the child reaches adolescence, the brain cannot develop "richly and normally any real cognitive system, including language." -Dr. Susan Curtiss, Professor of Linguistics at UCLA

10 The four- or five-year old learning a second language is a "perfect model for the idea of the critical period." -Dr. Susan Curtiss, Professor of Linguistics at UCLA

11 English Learners in Public Schools, by Top 10 Languages Spoken, San Mateo County: 2008 Spanish 74.4% Filipino (Pilipino or Tagalog) 7.0% Cantonese 3.1% Tongan 2.2% Arabic 2.2% Mandarin (Putonghua) 1.9% Hindi 1.1% Japanese 0.9% Portuguese 0.9% Korean 0.7%

12 Two Way Immersion vs One Way Immersion Two-way immersion programs integrate English learners and English speakers in order to develop their bilingualism and biliteracy in English and another language. In two-way programs, the model selected generally prescribes the amount of time spent in the target (non English) language. One way immersion programs, aka foreign language immersion, are programs in which the goal is to immerse a population of English speaking students in a foreign language

13 lmontes, 2003 Both Two Way and One Way Immersion can be implemented using the 90:10 Model

14 Among people at least five years old living in San Mateo County in 2003: 43 percent spoke a language other than English at home. Of those speaking a language other than English at home, 40 percent spoke Spanish

15 The benefits of knowing multiple languages are: – Educational – Cognitive – Socio-cultural – Economic

16 Educational Benefits Multiple longitudinal studies show: Students in immersion programs acquire the same proficiency in English and achieve the same levels of competence in their academic subjects as comparable English-speaking students who attend all-English programs AND, at the same time, they acquire advance levels of proficiency in a second language.

17 Cognitive Benefits Research has shown that bilingual students perform better than monolingual students on tasks that call for divergent thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving.

18 Socio-cultural Benefits The world we live in has become increasingly smaller and people of different languages and cultures are being brought ever closer under the forces of globalization Knowing other languages can lead to greater intercultural understanding, tolerance, appreciation and respect.

19 Economic Benefits A primary reason why English-speaking parents send their children to second language immersion programs is the hope that knowing multiple languages will enhance their childs future employment opportunities.

20 Join us in advocating for language immersion programs in San Carlos, Belmont, and Redwood Shores Our yahoogroup: Our blog:

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