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Foreign Language Immersion Programs Bilingual Education Programs.

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1 Foreign Language Immersion Programs Bilingual Education Programs

2 Rationale for Immersion n Majority language speakers need to learn minority language. n Children are the best language learners. n They learn best through content. n They need exposure to the language throughout the day. n Accuracy develops without grammar instruction.

3 Immersion Models n Canadian immersion programs n Early immersion n Delayed immersion n Late immersion n U. S. foreign language immersion programs n Dual immersion programs

4 Research on Immersion n High functional proficiency. n Listen and speaking usually better in early immersion. n Literacy better in later immersion. n Some forms not acquired. n Classroom dialect develops. n Older children begin avoiding using the language. n Focus on product - process ignored.

5 Immersion Programs to Visit n Dual Immersion – Arlington County Key School and DC Oyster School. n Fairfax and Montgomery Counties – Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish.

6 Rationale for Bilingual Education n Conceptual development in L1 n Time needed for L2 academic language proficiency n Transfer of concepts and skills n Social and affective needs n Societal needs n Equity and human rights

7 Elementary Bilingual Program Models n Transitional/early-exit n Maintenance/late-exit n Two-way or dual immersion; enrichment/developmental

8 Secondary Bilingual Program Models n Transitional n Maintenance n Content-based ESL with L1 class n Sheltered content in English with L1 class n Choice of one or more L1 content classes

9 Bilingual Instructional Approaches - 1 n Alternate days or half-days n By content subject n Gradual transition from L1 to L2 n Concurrent translation or code- switching n Team-teaching

10 Bilingual Instructional Approaches - 2 n Language alternation by activity n L1 preview and review; presentation in L2 n Instruction in L2 with student responses in L1 n Native language support in ESL class

11 Comparing Bilingual and Dual Immersion Programs n Bilingual – All students of same language group; Instruction transitions from L1 to L2 (English). n Dual Immersion – Class is half L1 speakers and half L2 (English); Instruction maintains both languages.

12 Research on Bilingual Education n Problems of definition. n Late exit programs better than early exit. n Dual immersion most effective. n Major factor predicting success in English is L1 development. n Older children with good schooling in L1 are most successful.

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