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Planning a Presentation Advice on what to do before you start using PowerPoint.

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2 Planning a Presentation Advice on what to do before you start using PowerPoint

3 Planning a Presentation Do I need PowerPoint? What are the objectives of the Presentation? What will be interesting to them? Create a verbal structure first Distil and trim Time your presentation Check your venue

4 How to Present a Presentation Advice on how to perform during a presentation

5 How to Present a Presentation Create a calm, relaxed atmosphere Try to enjoy it You are in charge Interruptions Crisp and Clear Try not to “err”

6 Advice on delivering presentations Make your objectives clear Don’t read from a script Move around, gesture Dynamic voice pitch Eye Contact and Smile

7 When showing a new slide –Gesture toward text –Then simplify or elaborate Face your audience Invite discussion Advice on delivering presentations

8 Your audience wants you to succeed Don’t Pretend – own up! "There is nothing wrong with stomach butterflies! You just have to get them to fly in formation!” Corny? Try not to fill slides with Useless info like this…

9 Planning : Do I need PowerPoint? “It can actually impede attention. Military analysts conjecture that recent appropriations from Capitol Hill have stalled because Congress cannot decipher the Army’s complex and tedious slides(WSJ, April 26, 2000)” Steve Kaminski Great visual/audio aid

10 Planning : What are the Objectives of your Presentation? Plan your objectives –Write down a list of keywords –What knowledge do you want them to take away What will you include in your presentation? –Research material? Diagrams/Pictures? Quotations? Key Concepts?

11 Planning : Create a verbal/written structure first Create a written draft structure first! –Using PowerPoint to create a structure could influence your natural flow! Stick to this structure while creating and ordering your slides Memorise the structure

12 Planning : What will be interesting to them? Real life scenarios –Scenarios which relate directly to the topic Humour Eye catching Visuals/Sounds Use Clipart Include key dates and deadlines (if applicable)

13 Planning : Distil and Trim After creating your structure: –Trim any unessential information –Distil phrases –Create a natural flow by linking topics –All the above is dependent on subject matter!

14 Planning : The Venue Room size and layout What equipment is provided? Is the PC connected to the Internet? Bringing your own laptop Lighting Speakers for Video?

15 Tips and advice on slide creation How to create an effective presentation using PowerPoint

16 Designing Slides – Font Size Make your text large! Titles should be around 36 – 40 point or more (this is 40 point). Body text should be about 24 point or more (this is 32 point). This is 24 point. This text is 18 text that is smaller than 24 point is TOO SMALL!

17 Designing Slides - Fonts Choose a sans serif font like Arial Use a colour format that gives good contrast between background and text Do not mix fonts Remember 9% of the population are colour blind

18 Opposite colours are called complements. Complements contrast well and create a dynamic effect If it makes you wince don’t use it! Designing Slides - Colour

19 Give yourself a Cue Know when a slide has ended Put a marker: –Coloured letter –Different Fon t –Small picture This is the last paragraph

20 Background check…

21 Use of Punctuation Slides

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