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1 With a partner near you…
On a sheet of paper in your notes, come up with what you think defines a mineral. Make a list of properties. What makes a mineral different from a rock?

2 What is a Mineral?

3 What is a mineral? Solid Not liquid, gas, or plasma

4 What is a mineral? Naturally-occurring Not man-made

5 What is a mineral? Inorganic Never alive

6 What is a mineral? Fixed chemical composition: an element or a compound

7 What is a mineral? Crystal structure: atoms or molecules in an orderly pattern

8 Examples of minerals Halite (rock salt) Mica Quartz

9 Not minerals

10 Most minerals are compounds
Quartz: silicon and oxygen SiO2 Most abundant in earth’s crust Halite: sodium and chloride NaCl

11 Native Minerals Made up of single elements Gold Copper Silver Sulfur

12 Important Mineral Facts…
There are more than 2,000 kinds of minerals, but fewer than 20 are common minerals that form rock 10 minerals make up 90% of the earth’s crust Ex. Quartz, feldspar, mica, calcite

13 2 Main Groups of Minerals
Silicates Non-Silicates

14 Silicates They contain atoms of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O).
Forms a tetrahedron (see drawing) Many contain one or more kind of atom Ex. Feldspar – silicon and oxygen with potassium SiO2 - Quartz *96% of the crust is made of silicates

15 Non-silicates 6 Groups

16 #1 Native Elements One type of atom

17 #2 Halides K, Na, or Ca cation, with a Cl or F anion Halite (NaCl)

18 #3 Sulfides Contains S atom Pyrite (FeS2)

19 #4 Carbonates Contains CO3 as part of the compound

20 #5 Sulfates Contains SO4 as part of the compound Gypsum (CaSO42H2O )

21 Gypsum Caves Largest Crystals in the World are found in Northern Mexico in the Cave of Crystals Cave of Crystals Video

22 Oxides Contains O atom except for silicates, carbonates, and sulfates.
Hematite (Fe2O3 )

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