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Location Western Africa Bordering the Gulf of Guinea Between Benin and Cameroon Nigeria.

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2 Location Western Africa Bordering the Gulf of Guinea Between Benin and Cameroon Nigeria

3 Nigeria Happiest Country in the World According to the 1999-2001 World Values Survey Family-life and culture are more important than material wealth

4 Nigerian Marriage Introduction to Nigerian Marriage Introduction to Parents/Engagement Party Traditional Marriage Life after Marriage

5 Introduction to Nigerian Marriage Types Civil marriage Religious marriage Christian: white wedding Muslim: polygamy acceptable Traditional marriage Stages

6 Stages of Traditional Marriage Dating and Courtship Western dating and courtship not common Customs and norms Family involvement Arranged marriages Teenage women marrying older men Introduction to parents/engagement party The wooing process Traditional Marriage Customs varies from group to group Dancing and music are common

7 Introduction to Parents/ Engagement Party Introduction Confirmation from daughter Bride price Entertainment Costume

8 Introduction A ceremony that introduces the brides family to the grooms family Takes place a few days before wedding

9 Confirmation from the daughter The bride gives her decision to accept or decline marriage

10 Bride price Presented to brides family after confirmation

11 Introduction to Parents/ Engagement Party (contd.) Entertainment The families come together & become formally acquainted The grooms family presents gifts to the brides family Assorted foods & drinks Costume

12 Traditional Marriage Introduction of the Costume Stages/Significance of Ceremony Entertainment The Search Presentation of the Bride & Groom1 st dance Marriage Blessing by Parents Gifts

13 Introduction of the Costume Gele - a popular and indispensable headdress, an item of Nigerian identity Glamorous Colorful Big Tying can be very tricky & frustrating If improperly tied, Gele can make a day miserable No mistakes, must have the best style for Traditional Wedding Tied a day or two in advanced Who ties the Gele ? Friend or Family member Local Market for a fee Proud is the Head that Carries the Gele

14 Stages & Significance of the Traditional Marriage Ceremony Significance Celebrated and observed before the arrival of the Europeans Observed in the village setting, so that all the members can celebrate with the couple and their respective families Stages No dating, but an investigation The knocking of the door The asking Liquor to open the mouth of the soon-to-be father-in-law Grooms family leaves with a wedding list, including the bride price Wedding date set Before the wedding All items on the wedding list should be fulfilled On the wedding day Blocked by teenage boys Blocked by women of village Groom arrives at brides house

15 Entertainment Food & drinks Offered to grooms family & friends, upon arrival Also, offered to the entire audience Comedian/MC and dancers Keep crowd alive Dancers showcased to potential suitors

16 The Search After refreshments The brides family asks, Why is the grooms family there? The brides family brings out different women

17 Presentation of the Bride & Groomthe 1 st dance The bride is found The bride and groom accepts and drink They dance The audience sprays them with money

18 Marriage Blessing by Parents Both the bride and grooms parents bless marriage by drinking all of the wine that was given to them by the couple

19 Gifts The new couple are presented with gifts They dance together again

20 Nigerian Traditional Marriage Video WTAKDY WTAKDY

21 Life after Marriage Children Work Polygamy Divorce

22 Children Having many children is fashionable & is a status symbol Most families consist of 10 or more children Female Children Socialized to serve & be subordinate to males (patriarchal authority)

23 Polygamy Women dependent upon each other Relationships without the emotional elements

24 Work Females Take care of children and home (housewives) Mostly farmers & traders Most females work now, before 80% stayed home

25 Work (contd.) Males Providers

26 Divorce Not common Women are condemned

27 Conclusion Diffusion model Adopt Nigerian practices to better our society Emphasize: Family Culture Sharing Unity Over material wealth

28 Sources /2/hi/africa/3157570.stm /nigerian.html ?id=1555598%3ABlogPost%3A46450


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