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18 April 2012 Company presentation Vienna Insurance Group.

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1 18 April 2012 Company presentation Vienna Insurance Group

2 2 Vienna Insurance Group at one glance active in 25 countries of Europe operates about 50 insurance companies Rating: A+ with a stable outlook (Standard and Poor's) listed on the stock exchange in Vienna and Prague approx. 25,000 employees working for VIG groupwide headquartered in Vienna, Ringturm

3 3

4 4 About 190 years in Austria and over 20 years in CEE 4 Two important steps in corporate history: Czechoslovakia Success beyond borders Austria 1824: Foundation of the first insurer that is part of today's Group 1990: VIG was one the first Western European insurance companies to venture into Central and Eastern Europe 1 2 1 2

5 5 Market entries Focus on Central and Eastern Europe Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia Hungary, Poland, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Italy Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia Belarus Slovenia, Ukraine Georgia, Russia Albania, Macedonia, Turkey Baltic States, Acquisition of Erste Group insurance operations Montenegro Bosnia and Herzegovina 1996-99 2001/02 2004 2006 2007 1990 2008 2010 2011

6 6 Core markets Further VIG markets Top market positions in Austria and CEE Top 1Top 5Top 10 AustriaPoland Bosnia and Herzegovina Czech Republic SerbiaHungary SlovakiaCroatia RomaniaUkraine BulgariaMacedonia GeorgiaAlbania

7 7 Business objectives The VIG is aimed to achieve long-term continuous growth in premiums and earnings Objectives of the Vienna Insurance Group Keeping the top position in Austria Steady expansion of insurance activities in CEE

8 8 Management principles The five cornerstones of corporate strategy

9 9 Long-term growth potential in CEE Insurance density 2010 in EUR Insurance density in the VIG core markets excl. Austria 1 (~ EUR 207) far below the Western European level Huge convergence potential of the CEE- countries in the life and non-life segment Growth rates of insurance markets in CEE are significantly higher than those in Western Europe Life Non-life Source: In-house calculations based on publications by national insurance supervisory authorities and associations, the IMF and Swiss Re (Sigma) 1 weighted average: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine

10 10 Multi-channel distribution The variety of distribution channels ensures optimum access to customers in every market. Established channels of distribution are the key for building the Group's position. The importance of the individual sales channels varies from company to company, depending upon the countrys legal framework as well as the level of development of its insurance sector and the specific business model Bancassurance partner: Erste Group Strong customer orientation Effective distribution with multiple distribution channels Salaried field staff and exclusive agents Non-exclusive agents Brokers Others (car dealers, direct sales,…) Bank distribution

11 11 local brand = first name (individuality, local identity) It helps to maintain the loyalty and commitment of local employees and managers. Allows established, well known brands that already enjoy good customer recognition to be retained. Established distribution relationships are also easier to continue. …significantly differentiates VIG from other market participants Vienna Insurance Group = family name (security, strength, internationality) The multi-brand policy… MANY BRANDS ONE GROUP

12 Group result 2011

13 13 Development 2011 13 Excellent development in difficult economic environment Best result in company history EUR 8.9 billion premium income (+3.4%) despite fluctuation in CEE-currencies PBT: Excellent increase of 10.1% to EUR 559.01 million (yoy) Combined Ratio at 96.8% (-1.6%p)

14 14 Business development 2007-2011 14 IFRS, in EUR million Premiums writtenProfit before taxes +10% yoy

15 15 Premium income Vienna Insurance Group with solid growth Premiums written by lines of business, IFRS in EUR million 20112010+/- in % Property/Casualty4,579.304,350.045.3% Life3,944.223,904.811.0% Health360.15338.166.5% Vienna Insurance Group8,883.678,593.013.4%

16 Thank you for your attention!


18 18 General Secretariat Group- Controlling Internal Audit Investor Relations Enterprise Risk Management (Solvency II) Actuarial Department Country responsibilities * Tasks performed by order of the principal shareholder Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige (Mr. Geyer / Mr. Fink); Responsible VIG: Mr. Kosyna - Management of the VIG-Group - Strategic questions - Public relations - Marketing / Sponsoring* - Law - Human resources - International corporate and large customer business - Vienna International Underwriters (VIU) - Reinsurance - Performance management personal insurance - Asset management - Asset risk management - Subsidiaries department - Finance and accounting - Performance management motor vehicle insurance - Project Internal capital model (Project Solvency II) - Cost structure of the Group - VIG RE - Group IT / Back office - SAP Smile Solutions Organisational structure (status as of April 2012) Managing Board Members of the Extended Executive Board (Advisory function): -Rudolf Ertl -Karl Fink -Hans Raumauf Deputy members of the Managing Board: -Martin Diviš -Roland Gröll -Judit Havasi General Manager Günter Geyer Deputy General Manager Peter Hagen Member of the Managing Board Franz Fuchs Member of the Managing Board Peter Höfinger Member of the Managing Board Franz Kosyna Member of the Managing Board, CFO Martin Simhandl

19 19 Positive development of the CEE region Premium income Premiums written by region, IFRS * Remaining markets include: Albania (incl. Kosovo), Baltic States, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine in EUR million 20112010+/- in % Austria4,042.224,041.140.0% Czech Republic1,848.861,756.545.3% Slovakia678.83647.874.8% Poland954.07747.6927.6% Romania502.87528.05-4.8% Remaining markets*856.82871.72-1.7% Vienna Insurance Group8,883.678,593.013.4% CEE4,625.724,295.627.7%

20 20 Premium income % share by region% share by lines of business 2011 (2010) Figures for 2010 in brackets Non-CEE 47.9% (50.0%) CEE 52.1% (50.0%) Property/Casualty 51.5% (50.6%) Life 44.4% (45.5%) Health 4.1% (3.9%)

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