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Introduction This is my PowerPoint about my day at Gordano school. By Megan.

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1 Introduction This is my PowerPoint about my day at Gordano school. By Megan

2 Getting up I get up very early (when its still dark outside!). I usually have cereal for breakfast, my sister hazel comes down a bit later then me (because she doesnt have an alarm clock). Hazel usually has cheerio's for breakfast. After breakfast I get dressed into my Gordano uniform, I get my coat and bag and walk to the bus stop which is across the road from my house.

3 Going To School When I arrive at the bus stop I have to wait awhile for the bus to come. The bus doesnt look that nice (tickets are £3) and most year 10/11 are swearing, playing music on there phones or causing mayhem. I dont like the bus.

4 Tutor Time When the bus arrives at school I go to tutor time ( sometimes I have to run ) our tutor room is MA9 which is a maths classroom. Miss Michelle is our tutor. In tutor time everyone gets out their books and starts reading.

5 1 st Period – French French is kind of confusing, there are loads of different ways just to say one thing. Our teacher speaks French most of the time and I sometimes dont understand what she is saying.

6 2 nd Period – Ict In ict we are making power points (actually its this PowerPoint) I like ict its fun and we get to play about with making power points.

7 Break time At break time me and Brandon usually walk to where our next lesson would be. Brandon normally eats a roll thing I dont know what it is called but Brandon likes it.

8 3 rd and 4 th Period – R.E Double R.E is okay I dont like it as much as some lessons. One of the reasons I dont like R.E is because I hate religions which is all R.E is about. We had an R.E test the other day.

9 Lunch Me and Brandon have packed lunch but because Brandon always brings money and goes to the canteen to buy a fruitina.

10 5 th Period – P.E I hate P.E its so annoying I cant even hit a ball with a racquet and everyone else is better than me even Brandon!!

11 6 th Period – English English is funny sometimes, something really happened one English lesson but Mr. Grimmet said we are not aloud to tell anyone else what happened!

12 Going home Going home on that bus again! Fortunately Avon mouth is the first stop after I get off I walk the rest of the way home.

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